Not so many fashion houses have so much суперуспешных flavors like Dior. But even less fragrances, which combine in themselves the success with historical for perfumery significance. And, which appeared in 1988, Dior Fahrenheit refers specifically to them. 


Created by perfumer Jean-Louis Сюизаком as the opposite of what existed back then on the market, Fahrenheit instantly found success and defined the line of development for the whole of men’s fragrances. Combination of softness flower into powdery, watery notes of violet and honeysuckle rudeness, leather and wood base was so avant-garde of their time, that still Fahrenheit lost neither fresh nor in force. Bottle of fragrance with the famous gradient accidentally caused due to an error in the workplace, is an example of timeless design.

Notes: bergamot, honeysuckle, nutmeg, sandalwood, violet leaves, cedar, Tonka bean, patchouli.

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