Сухие цифрыGuide to diving models hours with the price of 30 thousand roubles. The holiday season is, perhaps, the most suitable time to check their wristwatch for compliance of all stated in the data sheet specifications. Before прохлаждавшиеся under a cuff shirts, summer chronographs experience along with the owner all the charm of activities including dust, heat and water. 0 Water resistance is something taken for granted only if we are talking about the soul or the pool. When it comes to this dive will take effect very different requirements, sustain which could not every chronograph.   Hexa K500 Diver 0 In 14,75-millimeter stainless steel case diameter is 44 millimeters Japanese automatic movement Sii NE15/Seiko 6R15, the crown of which is located outside of between 10 and 11 hours. In the name of K500 Diver hidden maximum depth to which the clock not afraid to dive, and the letter «K» is on behalf of the Kraken, deep-sea monster, now, literally, tamed diver.   Seiko SKX781 0 The code name for these hours «Orange monster» is given to them because of the color of the dial, which marked fluorescent hour indexes. Minute designation Latin digits on the dial plate and on the rotating bezel with a triangle marker at 12 hours. Material of the case and bracelet are stainless steel. Automatic mechanism подзаводится head on the 4-hour and has the aperture of the month and the number for 3 hours. Seiko SKX781, perhaps, the most affordable watches capable of withstanding the pressure at the 200-meter depth. Bright design, reminiscent of the depth of the sunlight, in everyday life is quite suitable to the style of «without a tie», transparently hinted at the passion of the owner.   Marathon Jumbo Search and Rescue (JSAR) 0 A significant portion of 160 grams of weight to the steel case the 17 mm thickness, whose diameter is 46.6 millimeters and hides quartz movement. Opposite characteristics of water resistant and on the dial appears a figure of 300, this is not the limit. Tight as a drum revolver bezel and a rubber strap military-style makes JSAR resemble the equipment of special forces. The black dial of the watch indexes signed twice-in 24-hour format, and, of course, have a luminescent coating.   Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver (Ecozilla) 0 In the design of these hours can feel the impact of steampunk, one need only look at the massive bezel, reminding simultaneously the tiny window of the submarine and the mask of the first deep-water costumes. Rotates the large arrow and aperture date quartz movement Citizen Eco-Drive with elements of solar recharging with 180-day power reserve and a 3-day warning system. Polyurethane strap and the figure of 300 on the dial is emphasized with the purpose of these wristwatch while staying on the land.   Anstead Oceanis 0 The founder of these truly man’s watch had served his time in the Navy, and put into the design Oceanis all our ideas about patriotism, courage and honor. First of all commands attention jagged 60-end bezel, strongly resmbling the order. Faced with a sapphire crystal hides black dial with white keys and indexes, and aperture month-date at 3 hours. If other divers ‘ models are trying to slightly shift the head wound, this instance of the conservative left, frankly, a lot of шайбочку opposite the 3-hour mark. Power reserve automatic mechanism Seiko NH36a – 40 hours, and the supply tightness of 300 metres. Own hours, and especially brown leather strap, will-to-face with people, for 35-40 years and would be ideally combined with the clothing worn skin.   Halios Laguna 0 Steel unpolished the case of the model with a diameter of 43 mm reminds flange details of the mechanism, and a seemingly invisible element, as the frame aperture date, the same as housing, color says about the integrity of the design. Concave bezel, large мечеобразные arrows, massive head wound and time settings on the side – all together creates the retro style. It makes you appreciate more if you know that this beauty will stand the pressure of 500 meters of water over himself.   Casio Frogman G-Shock GWF-1000 0 What a great family of G-Shock acquired a deep model is not very unexpected event. But what GWF-1000 allows to use them as a mandatory diving equipment is already deserves special attention. Tightness at a depth of 200 meters is a real breakthrough in the series and corporate convex design merit of continuity. The watch is equipped with the technology to recharge from sunlight and also system synchronization with atomic суперточными hours. In everyday life Frogman G-Shock is a win-win sports style, kind, Rolex electronic clock. Internet resources: the Dry figures

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