Электронная кладьSummer gentleman set of compact gadgets for travel. During any trip ratio of weight to the functions of the electronic devices, perhaps, is the main criterion of their usefulness. If the computer as light as possible, if the camera, it is desirable compact. This applies to everything that gets in your hand Luggage. We also decided to prepare for trips and collected guide devices that can claim perfect gadget for travel. Sony Xperia Tablet Z 0 The tablet-PC from Sony represents the ideal marching variant of the home PC or laptop. Compact dimensions do not occupy much space in the cabin, but will entertain and on Board the aircraft, and during recreation. Ultra screen with a diagonal of 25.6 inches and body with protection from moisture – just a godsend for fans of active rest. Tablet Z is not afraid of even 30 minutes under the water, not to mention accidentally spilled on the case of a Cup of coffee. Average price: 26 000 rubles Weight: 495 g JBL Charge 0  This portable wireless column will provide first-class music in any trip, and when necessary can recharge sat battery your phone or other device with a USB. Аудиоконнект the Charge is carried out through any Bluetooth device, and the small size does not tally with the sound that might come from this column. JBL Charge is equipped with a convenient cover, that can protect a column from all marching surprises. Average price: 6 500 rubles Weight: 470 g 
The Hero3 0 At the moment the most extreme camera, which we without hesitation to recommend as a must have any feild set, is the action camera The Hero3. The third generation evolved up to 4K video with the speed of shooting at 15 frames per second. For less demanding to the picture clarity is available classic 1080p or 12-megapixel photo mode, with the speed measuring 30 frames per second. Divers ‘ ability camera also improved – creators Hero3 ensure efficiency to a depth of 60 metres. Average price: 13 000 rubles Weight: 74 g Nikon Coolpix p310 0  It will not be superfluous and redundant «Registrar events», such as compact Coolpix p310. a 4.2-fold optical zoom (24-100 millimeters) and aperture f/1.8 is more than can be required of such crumbs. To quickly change the most often used settings on the housing has a special soft key. With it you can remove running on your path of the beast faster than fire the gun. Don’t forget, in which part of the bags is this camera. Average price: 8 500 roubles Weight: 194 g Stick-N-Find 0 So nothing is lost, and if something quickly was recommended to set up a label Stick-N-Find and download a special application on your smartphone. All the devices that are small (4 mm thick) round labels will be displayed on the kind of radar in the Annex. With this device you can find a needle in a haystack. The main thing to know in advance what you definitely don’t want to lose and to fix on it Stick-N-Find. Average price: us $ 50. Weight: 4.5 g Aficionado 10 Count Cigar Caddy 0 Those who like to smoke a warm evening on the nature of a good cigar, will appreciate the benefits of this feild humidor 10 cigars. Spanish quality will keep inside shockproof housing cigar as you put there. Carry handle makes transportation easy, and will allow to keep the humidifier cigar so much, how many will require your vacation. Average price: 2 350 rubles Weight: 390 g Victorinox Tomo 0 Almost a classic Swiss army knife Victorinox, but in a bright wrap from Japanese designer Казума Yamaguchi. A small 5,8-centimetre blade, scissors, nail file in this model hides bright plastic housing, the color of which can be selected from 7 options available. In traditional Victorinox Classic color was red and white. However, unlike other members of our guide, Toro have to put in your Luggage. Average price: 1000 rubles Weight: 28G Louis Vuitton Waterproof Keepall 55 0 Classic Luggage Louis Vuitton easily contain all of the above. Comfortable rounded handle and adjustable carrying strap on his shoulder make this bag for almost weightless. As the name implies, Waterproof Keepall 55 is not afraid of water, and keep in working order anything you put inside. Average price: 2 300 dollars. Size: 55х31х24 see
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