Summer is the best time to go to the light and healthy food. And if the winter we find many excuses abuse of junk food and going to a fast food, didn’t take advantage of the summer, when and shelves, and dacha bushes literally bursting with fruit and berries, it is a crime. The more that it is not necessary to absorb the «empty» fruit handful – you can add them in yogurt, muesli or desserts – everywhere that had the imagination and ingenuity. chose some of the most useful of summer fruit from the usual BlackBerry to the exotic guava.



Traditional summer berry is considered strawberries, but in spring meeting everywhere, from cocktails to desserts, she had time to get bored. It’s time to pay attention to the BlackBerry – and she has something to offer us. This berry is very rich in fiber: just one Cup of blackberries it contains as much as 8 grams. She also serves as a source of vitamin C, vitamin K plays a role in prostate cancer prevention, and lutein responsible for the health of the eye. Also BlackBerry useful in diabetes mellitus.



The symbol of summer – of course, watermelon. Its key mission is to help maintain the water balance in the heat: because watermelon on 90 % consists of water. In addition, it can be a good source of vitamin C (25 % of the daily norm in a Cup of juice or two pieces), vitamin A – eagle’s view, vitamin B6 and B1 – for density and beauty “lion’s mane”, as well potassium and magnesium.

Papaya 0

This is a picturesque and exotic fruit literally stuffed useful properties and works on several fronts. Papaya is very useful in diseases of the digestive tract and liver, vitamins A and E, and reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, and a unique enzyme papain helps draw from all of food consumed a maximum quantity of useful substances. Besides, papaya is an ideal choice for a diet: 100 grams contains only 39 calories, and the delicate flesh papaya fits perfectly into salads and low-calorie yoghurt.



Even if pineapples you often meet in pizza is never too late to bring them closer acquaintance. Pineapple has a number of useful properties: first, it stimulates digestion, therefore, abundant feasts in restaurants or at banquets good to eat and a slice of pineapple. Secondly, it lowers blood pressure, thins the blood, preventing problems with blood clots, and increases immunity. And thirdly, it contained the enzyme bromelain actively helps to reduce the beer belly and rejuvenation of your body.


This fruit is similar to the knotty apples with bright pink stuffed – real bomb with vitamin C, which contains several times more than in oranges. Therefore, guava copes with the increase of immunity, the protection of organism from free radicals and the destruction of bacteria. Guava can safely eat together with bones and skin – it improves digestion. Besides, guava raises potency – and even just for this you should invite her to the summer table.

The fruit, which became a symbol of New Zealand, is also extremely rich in vitamin C – just one kiwi fruit in day will provide almost all the daily norm of this important vitamin. In traditional medicine kiwi used for the prevention of rheumatic diseases, to prevent the formation of kidney stones, reduce anxiety, and prevention of premature greying and the appearance of a bald patches.

Do not forget about the usual apples, oranges and bananas. Competently миксуя them with seasonal and exotic fellows, you can ensure a balanced and healthy summer diet.

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