Garmin Heads-Up DisplayA new word in the automotive navigation from Garmin. In the new Navigator from Garmin used technology similar to that used in jet fighters when displaying flight information occurs on the windshield or the pilot’s helmet. Setting a Heads-Up Display in your car, you can no longer take his eyes off of the road, as all the necessary information – speed, route, signs and distance before the turn – will be visible on the glass right in front of the driver. 0 The system consists of a projector, a special film, which should be affixed on the glass, and the navigation application (StreetPilot or Navigon) for smartphone. Download program to specify a route or by connecting via Bluetooth to the projector, the driver will see all the way at the bottom of the windshield. However, in order to make adjustments still need to escape and take a mobile device. 00 Heads-Up Display in the end of summer will be available at the manufacturer’s website for $ 130. Internet resources: Garmin Heads-Up Display

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