Зеленый NikeThe company has released an application, высчитывающее environmental materials. An application called Making will help designers and fashion designers to assess the impact on the environment and create things of safer materials. This is possible thanks to the information included in the index of ecological compatibility of materials, which takes into account the amount of water and energy consumed in manufacturing, as well as the quantity of waste production. 00 The application provides the user with detailed information on 22 materials, among which wool, viscose, went and other. All these textures are sorted by 4 parameters: quantity of used water and energy, chemical materials and production waste. It enables to understand how materials are combined among themselves, but also to create graphics. Video from Nike, explaining why the application Making it so important to create his own line of clothing. Application from Nike – free and available in the App Store. In addition, the company has promised to soon release a special program guide on materials for tailoring footwear. Internet resources: Green Nike

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