Лунка моей мечтыA guide to the best Golf fields of the world,
where comfort makes sport a pleasure. It is not a secret that Golf is headed by rating the most prestigious sports for summer leisure. Annually around the world celebrities and ordinary citizens lining up for a card in Golf clubs. Fortunately, the modern entertainment industry holes courses exist in a completely different price categories. While the season is in full swing Trendymen.ru chosen the most comfortable and clubs for those who have not had time to enjoy the sports passion on the well-kept lawns. Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia 00 The appearance of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club stores the austere spirit of Scotland since was founded in 1891 by the settlers of the mountain state. According to experts and players, complex relief and clever bunkers RMGC interesting new clubs, as they require a serious effort to complete each of the 18 Melbourne holes on the Western and Eastern fields. Dar Es Salam Royal Golf Club, Morocco 00 In terms of quality Golf in Morocco – «Royal» sport, because the king Hassan the Second was a player of international class. One of the best in the country is the club of Dar Es Salam, which often hosts international tournaments. The club is more reminiscent of oasis with cypress trees, eucalyptus trees and well-groomed grass than the place of sport fighting. However, on its territory there are 3 playgrounds and 45 holes of varying complexity. Old Head Golf Links, Ireland 00 Кинсейлское field Old Head Golf Links on a steep rock has only 18-hole, but it слихвой compensated by breathtaking views. In this place the game ceases to be competition and becomes a leisurely walk on the lawn on a cliff. Perhaps the best place for newbies to find. Besides, it can often be a welcome tourists golfers who prefer sometimes workout in a relaxed atmosphere. Yas Links, UAE 00 In the course of rapid development and construction Arab Emirates do not forget about Golf. And certainly not spare money: with the help of Kyle Phillips, the famous designer, specializing in Golf courses, Yas Links became one of the main points on the Golf world map. Medieval game, ульра-modern panorama Dubai – what could be more contrast and fascinating? World Woods, USA 00 The location of the Golf complex is fully justifies its name: the field of play are lost among the well-kept pine and вязовых groves, which is famous for the countryside. Small bars, fresh air, good infrastructure – all to spend time with advantage and pleasure. World Woods is considered one of the best Golf courses in the USA. Kingsbarns Golf Links, Scotland 00 In the homeland of course for this game are treated with special respect. New life in a little-known abandoned court on the farm war breathed designer Kyle Phillips: now is a place with views of the ocean and artificial dunes attracts many Golf fans from all over the world. Mission Hills, China 00 Mission Hills in China is a network of two outstanding Golf complexes, one of which is located in Guangdong province, and the other on the island of Hainan. Complex in Guangdong filled with the atmosphere of a classic Golf heritage: the design of the 12 fields developed with the participation of the greatest golfers in the world. Хайнанский more modern complex, which allows him to make the world championship in Golf. For those who are not very involved with the topic of Golf clubs and holes in Mission Hills the whole resort with swimming pools, hotels and Spa treatments.
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