Как правильно выбрать плавки по форме телаNice day at the beach doesn’t require much — just a pair of shorts or swimming trunks, sunglasses and sun cream. It seems very simple, but can quickly and easily ruin the rest from the fact that the shorts don’t sit on your custom body. Look funny on the beach everyone can, unless you’ve spent the last couple of years in the gym. The rest have to resort to subterfuge, including by appropriately chosen bottoms. From heats (quality, workmanship, material, correct size) depends on how comfortable you will feel in the water, how free will movement. Stylish, properly fitted, and bottoms still emphasize the attractiveness of its owner. Men’s swimming trunks are not so long history. Classic models heats came from the sport at the beginning of the last century. The design of men’s swimming trunks is very diverse and in order to make the right choice, you first need to determine the purpose of buying this accessory. You are going to beat the world records in swimming, just a lot and often train in the pool, or maybe You want to pick bottoms in a new bathing season, in order to impress the beautiful ladies on the world’s leading resorts? You love not only to swim and to bask in the sun, but also move actively on the beach, play volleyball, do water sports? Given Your preferences and the type of shape, you can choose the best option.

  • Classic swimming trunks (briefs and panties)

    This is the most popular and common model heats. The classical melting of a universal, moderately open, convenient, comfortable sit and allow a man to feel confident. Among these heats there are as tight, more loose, thick and thin light fabric. The height of the waist classic bottoms (denoted as the length of the side seam) may be normal (bikini style), low (mid) and ultra-low (low). Briefs briefs are different from more narrow and slinky side. Melting-slips attach the legs and buttocks sporty texture. It is a classic swimming trunks, made of special fabrics, often choose to swim in the pool.

  • Swimming trunks boxers

    Trunks-boxers represent tight swimming trunks in men’s shorts. Trunks-boxers can vary in length. Boxers shorts – more hidden option – they are longer and the boxers briefs accordingly shorter. Trunks-boxers allow to emphasize the dignity of the figure, these swim trunks are very comfortable, suitable for beach and pool. This model often has a decorative finish, for example, tuck, extra seams, pockets, appliques. Trunks-boxers (both short and longer) it is very common to see swimmers in the pool. Of course, the fabric of these trunks will be different from the composition of the fabric of swimming trunks for a beach holiday.

  • Bermuda

    Bermuda – wide surround for swimming trunks, reaching to the knees. These bottoms are bright colors, often provided with decorative details (appliques, pockets) and fit men with different body type. Men’s shorts help to hide such details of the figures, as the full tummy and buttocks. Swimming shorts inside the pants usually have a mesh that provides a good fit, ventilation and comfortable wearing. Bermuda shorts perfect for active beach holiday and swimming in the ponds, in such short, wearing a t-shirt, to go to the city or beach cafes, but also for swimming in the pool are not. In shorter shorts (above the knee) you can swim in the pool.

  • Shorts for surfing

    Loose-fitting shorts designed to be worn on a beach holiday, and unlike boxers, not tight tight figure. For these bottoms, the producers choose bright, colorful coloring, often vegetative, floral and Hawaiian motifs. The convenience of these heats is provided with internal mesh panties. In these versatile trunks you can sunbathe, go swimming, play active games on the beach, walk along the coast. In addition, they will help to hide not physical enough, or full legs. For training in the pool bottoms boxy fit, unless, of course, it’s not an outdoor resort pool.

  • Hydrocorti

    Start melting or hydrocorti is designed for swimmers-professionals. In them the athlete moves faster, they provide a higher position of the body relative to the surface of the water, optimal compression of the muscles. Usually hydrocorti made from neoprene.

  • Brake shorts

    Brake shorts or swimming trunks with an inhibitory effect also in need of a professional athlete. These shorts unlike the start, on the contrary, increase the water resistance. Creating an additional burden on training, brake shorts help an athlete to develop strength and endurance. After classes in the brake shorts, swimmer, exerting the same force, but in a sports suit, will swim faster. Melting-brakes usually wear over race.

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