Мороженое повышает настроениеScientifically proven that ice-cream can improve the mood.
In the experiment, the scientists of the research Institute of London offered volunteers to eat the same portion of ice-cream. While participants enjoyed dessert, scientists observed the brains of volunteers through MRI. As it turned out, cold delicacy of activate areas of the brain, which are responsible for the emergence of a sense of joy. And what’s interesting, to trigger this reaction, a spoonful of ice cream was good enough.
Such conclusions only confirm the fact that ice cream makes a man happy. However, to this dessert should be treated with caution, especially in hot weather, when a refreshing something holodnenkim. Because переусердствовав with ice cream, you can easily earn a sore throat. Therefore, eat this delicacy is purely for pleasure, and quench your thirst with a cool, but not cold drinks.
By the way, that according to scientists, almost everyone eats about 12 kg of ice cream per year.
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