Instant Lab by The Impossible ProjectPrinter for instant printing from your smartphone will soon go on sale. As is now often the case, to run the project Instant Lab company Impossible Project collected money on Kickstarter. In the end the fans snapshot for the year contributed approximately 560 thousand dollars that went into the embodiment of the concept of the printer into reality and start of serial production. 0 The principle of action of the gadget easier than you might think. To get retro-photo only need to make the frame smartphone, put it on a retractable dock Instant Lab and click «Print». In fact, the device simply photographed image on the screen, and then prints in the format полароидной» card. It is noteworthy that the printer is suitable not only for original cartridges Impossible Project, but cassette Polaroid. 0 The only minus of the printer that is in some ways and a camera is the size of the dock, in which you can place a smartphone, not exceeding the parameters of the iPhone. 0 Official sales of Instant Lab will start on August 29, however, we can already send a request to buy a printer for $ 299. Internet resources: Instant Lab by The Impossible Project

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