Стало известно, как защитить печень от губительного воздействия алкоголяResearchers from South Korea managed to learn how to protect the liver from the damaging effects of alcohol.
As is known, alcohol, getting into the blood, activates the production of active oxygen, damaging the liver and the provocative cirrhosis and hepatitis. But more recently, doctors have too meager information about how is the formation of active oxygen. For this reason, scientists have launched a number of studies.
As the results of experiments immediately after receipt of alcohol in the blood, it produces nuclear hormone receptors ERRy, which, in turn, provoke the production of active oxygen.
Scientists have proven that by suppressing the production of these hormones can be significantly reduced, and even completely prevent the risk of ruinous influence of alcohol on the liver.
Internet resources: it Became known as protect the liver from the disastrous effects of alcohol

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