Длительный сон по выходным дням полезен для здоровьяAlready for a long time dream to spend your weekend, not getting out of bed? Then no time and take care of it for the next weekend! 
Previously, scientists were of the opinion that a weekend spent on the couch, can harm a person, violating his daily rhythms. Specialists recommended and weekends to adhere to the usual rhythm: the rise arrange as usual p.m. during working days, and go to bed on time. But now, doctors have discovered that the prolonged sleep on the weekends, which can reduce the risk of diabetes of the 2nd type. 
Scientists within 5 years were monitoring the 19 healthy male, age 29. The duration of their night sleep for a week on the average of 6 hours. At the weekend they slept for a couple of hours more. Study participants were tested on the level of insulin in the body. 
As the results of tests, the level of this hormone is much less varied in the first half of the week.
Researchers believe that their experiment was able to show that increasing the duration of sleep can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, due to the fact that the body begins to better produce insulin.
Scientists from Australia argue that their research will help improve the health of people who do not get enough sleep during the working week.
So отсыпайся health!
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