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Лунный паркThe us will turn the place Apollo landing on the moon in the national Park. Democrats have made in the us Congress a bill on the opening of the moon National historical Park, which will be located in the area of the landing site of Apollo 11». On this place in 1969 commander Neil Armstrong made one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind».   0Фотохраника mission, about which there is a whole theory of «Lunar conspiracy»   Congressmen call on the Minister of internal Affairs to submit an application on the landing site of Apollo on the world heritage list of UNESCO. In addition, the authors of the bill Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act offer protect areas of the landing and artifacts of the space mission – the footprints of astronauts, the traces of the chassis and remains of the apparatus – from the influence of commercial companies, as well as other States. However, specify that access to the tourist sights will be opened.   00   In case of adoption of the law, part of the surface of the Earth satellite will be called sovereign, and then within a year erected Park. Internet resources: Lunar Park

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