Управление монстрамиLessons management from the Studio Pixar. Studio Pixar always consistent. Movies of their production to repeatedly turn for the better, that is in the soul of a child or an adult. And, of course, once again achieve impressive cash charges. The last child of the company was not an exception. The cartoon «Monsters University» earned $ 82 million for the first weekend in worldwide box office, and Russia became a leader of the box office this week. Впечатлившись similar achievements, Trendymen decided to tell about how in the Pixar manage creative groups and make decisions. 0   Management is When the head of the cheerleading is an excellent «черлидером», the team will not only saves enthusiasm throughout the workflow, but tries to perform the duties as best you can. The Pixar films shows that in the company there is such a person is the founder of the Studio, animator and Director John Lasseter. Of course, when you create a tape happen «black bars», as in any business, however Lasseter always finds time for приободрения colleagues. Even if only a reminder of pleasant excitement with which people are taken on a new project. Importantly, such an easy motivation has a serious impact and help workers move to the target. 0 In the process of creation of the cartoon «Monsters University», on which work began in 2008, it became clear that the scenario of the matured monsters is not good and need to start over – invent a new story. This time the role of «черлидера» tried Director Dan Scanlon, who also worked at «Wheelbarrows» and «History of toys, 3». «Conversation with the team turned in my work. Had to make sure all feel inspired, and therefore we are on the right way,» said Scanlon. No meetings could unlike the well-known principle of «Divide and rule», which still use in large firms, management of the new generation is based on communication between departments. So, on the release of the «University Monsters», employed 13 sections, each of which had their own tasks, schedules and deadlines. Although the number of staff in each sector was negligible, all employees were many. Therefore, the management organized a meeting, where you can see fragments of the movie and talk to between employees avoid misunderstandings. 0 «I’m trying to make sure that meetings of people discuss the film and the production process. After all, every day in the picture changes and all should have time to adapt. The most important thing in small details, which give an idea about why some Department asks for postponement. Of course, departments easier not to communicate and do not understand the problems of others, but the inclusion of each of these provides the General positive result», – explains Measles ray, the producer of the film. Cooperation is communication ultimately, this statement corresponds with the plot, «the University of the Monsters.» Subtleties we will not reveal, because not all looked the picture. Let’s just say that if one door opportunities closes in, you need to open another. And, as usual, in this we help other people. Therefore, communication and exchange of ideas in the working environment are very important, whether it is a bakery or a film set. 0 Dan Scanlon and Measles Rey Especially it concerns the relations between the Director and producer. On the one hand, every day of the Director filled with creativity, even when he’s just visit departments to move things in the right direction. On the other hand, producer engaged in the management and tries not to miss not one part of the process that could suddenly get out of control and become for the movie fatal. According to Dan Скэнлона and Measles Rey, they try to meet at work, at least in the end of the day and were talking to a «passion for the movie» choked voice of reason. Demonstration of dedication helps on the career ladder no matter How trivial, but as a person perceive colleagues, is not only in the walls of the Studio Pixar. If an employee works even in his spare time, night or on the weekends it is a clear sign that he knows his stuff and sees the ultimate goal. 0 So it was with Dan Скэнлоном, when he made a short film with actors in the breaks between shooting the cartoons. This passion was noticed by John Lasseter and began to watch the employee, soon, to give a chance to his career. I mean let a sequel to the cash of the cartoon «Monsters». Assume that You don’t know something is normally the Main idea is that subordinates often notice more than the bosses. This process is not always conscious, people simply feel that there is some problem. Likely, attempt to solve it «our own» and do not bring the desired result, however, the Manager must try to change the situation, even if not quite understand the reason for alarm. 0   «My job is to explain to the employee that you need to do to succeed, it was intended. But because each of them is a professional, then tell them how to work, I will not. Of course, I know more details of the history, which we are trying to translate on the screen, but the picture we create together,» explains Scanlon.   Not less important is the way in which the important decisions. If mistakes are made, it should be publicly admit to try to fix, or at least minimize the damage. Typical excuses «I did not know that did» or «I my case I know, and I don’t care what you think» will not help. Internet resources: Management of monsters

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