Мужчины чаще испытывают любовь с первого взглядаAs the research showed, the main part of the representatives of the strong half of humanity enters the network of love much more often than women.
Previously it was thought that the weaker sex with more sensitivity, much more susceptible to romantic feelings. But recent studies have proven that men, unlike women, lose much easier, are more romantic and often fall in love with the very first glance.
A survey was conducted, during which 25 % of the men confessed that they can fall in love instantly. 29 % of respondents told that they experience strong feelings for newly-girlfriend already after the first date.
Women have shown great restraint in matters of love. Of all the respondents, only 20 % of the ladies (every fifth) have admitted that can experience love at first sight. But on a first date can fall in love every third woman.
According to experts, the cause of all that feelings of love activates different areas of the brain of men and women. Men tend to “love one’s eyes”, perceive partner visually, because love comes at them faster. But women often long appreciate inner world of a newly made Chevalier.
On the first date, a favorite topic were talk about travel – they are happy to talk, and men and women. Also in the favorites were selected discuss music, work, favorite TV shows and movies.
Internet resources: Men are more likely to experience love at first sight

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