If you have a feeling of deja vu when looking at the new iOs 7 and Os X Mavericks, don’t be surprised: for this you have at least five reasons. Apple has borrowed something from other innovators, with a minor improvement. 0 Recently held conference WWDC showed many new, however, after it became clear: it is impossible to look at the latest software from Apple, not realizing the impact of Windows, Android, and even Chromebook. However, once said Steve jobs, quoting Picasso, «a good artist copies genius – stealing. We are never ashamed steal brilliant ideas from others.» Well, let’s see what ideas inspired engineers Apple at this time.   Transparency

Source: Windows Aero 0 Transparency in Windows, the First thing that catches your eye in the new iOs 7 is that it has become «flat». No more glossy icons and bubbles with text messages. Next, notice that even a novice user «Apple» products – transparency. 0 Transparency in iOs 7 Menus look like they are printed directly on the glass, while the Desk as if recedes, being washed away, but didn’t vanish. This «feature» we have already seen in Windows Vista, it was called Aero. However, there is also a difference in the performance: Microsoft took transparency to create a 3D effect, while Apple applied it to give some depth to his new «flat» design.   Live Wallpapers

Source: Android
When Android first appeared on the market, it was not enough attractive. The exception was one innovation, known as the live Wallpaper. This is a good design decision, however, was absolutely devastating to the battery, scouring it for some hours. In the result, the majority of users, played, in a week have established background usual picture, which was much more cost-effective for the battery. 0 The same technology applied in Apple’s iOs 7: now on the desktop you can install animated Wallpaper, and they will respond to the location of the phone in space. If you turn the iPhone in hand, you can literally look under the icons.   Synchronization with the «clouds»

Source: Google Chromebook
Releasing your own laptop, Google actually first used it a hybrid operating system and browser. Everything the user does on the Sign in automatically stored in the cloud. 0 In OS X Mavericks Apple used a similar principle. Now the application type iWork placed in браузероподобную system, in which every action is stored in the «cloud». You can even open iWork on the PC and continue to work away from his beloved Mac. Through this technology, Apple tried to solve one of his main problems: syncing applications between your desktop computer and your mobile gadgets.   Multitasking

Source: Palm Pre
About your device, the Palm Pre in Russia, few people know, but he was one of the first mobile gadgets, which was fully implemented the technology of multitasking. Suffice it to say that this smartphone can support simultaneous active in more than 30 applications. 0 To the right – the Palm Pre Finally multitasking appeared and the iPhone. For each running application now you can open the image with its status. Svaypami you can navigate between running applications, selecting the right.   Tags

Source: Twitter
Tags – simple, but very convenient solution популяризированное service Twitter, which made it easy to classify and sort the information. 0 Adding the ability to associate tags to any file in the Finder, Apple made it easier orientation in a huge number of files on the computer. Furthermore, the updated search engine also got the opportunity to create tab, in the likeness of Internet browsers.

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