Одна скорость на сезонBest single-speed bicycles for the residents of the city. Created to go beautifully, one-speed bikes again returned to fashion after sports boom covering this type of transport. Although they are useless in a mountainous area, but for a city dweller unpretentious in service and simple in operation bike – this is what you need.   SE Draft 0 The main competitive advantage of this bike – simplicity and durability. In the basic configuration is not even provide additional brakes, except заднеступичных Shimano are driven by reverse movement of the pedals. As, in fact, a shorter version of the track bike, SE Draft is still reminiscent of a sporty model tilting the plug and seat. Not the easiest weight will provide a good inertia of motion and strength of the frame will ride with the wind one of the seats. For those who doubt in choosing exactly this bike, SE Draft hidden ACE in the hole, or rather under the saddle, – opener for beer bottles. What you need for an evening of a day off!   Fuji Track Classic 0 A classic in every sense of Fuji bike Track Classic is the best option for those who only begin their acquaintance with fixed gear in Baikov. That Dating is not too late to start at any age, hints wide range of ростовок for cyclists from 160 to 190 centimeters. Depending on the selected way of driving Fuji Track Classic easily transforms from a fixed gear bike in the usual one-speed Bicycle rear flip flop sleeve.   Worksman LGB 0 Being without exaggeration among truck rental Worksman LGB, judging by the experience of half a century experience of American boys feeders Newspapers, easily take your purchases even from far supermarket. The trip will seem easy thanks to a specially reduced radius of the front wheel, making the light turns of the wheel, though in a basket, and there is no cargo. For the same purpose, and following the classical canons of production Worksman LGB, handlebars curved not worse «wheels» some чоперов. The built-in frame Parking mechanism, perhaps, never be applied, provides stable position of the bike during the loading and unloading.   Strida 00 Its remarkable design in the form of letter «A» of this model is obliged to the constructor, which is not without reason decided that people who struggle every day to make lots direct from one mode of transport to another, just need a folding bike. Indeed, a trip to the Strida over 5-7 kilometers becomes willpower, but for short «rush» he was what we needed. In this context, one speed perfectly rational technical solution, although there are models with 2-speed planetary hubs. Bicycle chain here replaced by unpretentious drive belt which is uncovered. A huge advantage over other other folding bikes consists in the possibility of roll, and not pull almost 10-pound Strida side in the assembled state.   Bowery Lane Broncks 0 Model wears the name of the upper district of new York, the first inhabitants of which were Dutch immigrants, and also has all the charm of a provincial charm of their historical homeland. Appearing in detail handmade – cork handle, leather saddle open spring shock absorbing mechanism and, of course, wooden box – this Bicycle definitely has personality. This created specially for a leisurely outing with a set of picnic in a wooden trunk, the bike just don’t need more than one transfer.   Surly Steamroller 0 The company Surly have long decided that simplicity and reliability – this is their hobby, and production of one-speed bikes with no frills – their main activities. Model Steamroller created to simply ride, but to go a long time without any refusal by a two-wheeled friend. In the tracking form of steering and tilt steering Cup hints that having a couple and strongest of the lower extremities is possible to develop a decent speed. So it all depends on the person sitting in the saddle.   Cinelli Mash Histogram 0  While remaining technically racing bike with a fixed gear, this bike is created for fast driving. Adjustable seat post, comfortable saddle and sports stem utmost to intensive педалированию. Cinelli Mash Histogram will be an ideal transport for those who can not tolerate the slow ride and not used to working in a relaxed way, even when it comes to the rotation of the pedals.   Trek District 00 Murderous appearance of this bike from the largest manufacturer and stunning technical characteristics make the Trek District real sports car Cycling world. Aluminium housing, антипрокольный bus and belt drive provide the opportunity to ride tirelessly on the «surly» roads, completely forgetting that such maintenance.   Ahearne Cycles 0 Those who are not fully decided how did he still need a one-speed bike, perhaps we should go into the Studio Ahearne Cycles. Made according to your individual order custom bike exactly be what you need, if, of course, for 12-15 months of waiting, your preference will not change.   Brompton S1E-X 00 Once folding bike, but this time a much more traditional form offers English company Brompton. Comfortable and light bikes of this brand are very popular among mobile people all over the world. This model can even take with you on vacation to another country! Producing only around 20,000 bikes in the year, the company sells all of them still in production, as it operates a well-coordinated system of pre-orders and quotas. For Russia, for example, the number of rental is limited to only 300 copies. 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