Всего пять порций фруктов в день могут защитить от ракаAfter conducting research, the experts came to the conclusion that the daily consumption of five servings of a variety of fruit can become a reliable protection against cancer.
To such conclusion experts of the company YouGov, who conducted the study on behalf of the Fund cancer research.
Scientists have found that it is cellulose is the most effective and capable to protect from cancer. Daily intake of five portions of fruit, which are also not very expensive and everyone can afford it, give the body the necessary quantity of useful substances. 
Many people claim that due to financial difficulties, cannot regularly eat fruit. However, experts insist that a serving of fruit will bring much more benefit than products of semi-finished products or red meat. Moreover, the use of semi-finished products can be not only useful but also very harmful.
Internet resources: a Total of five servings of vegetables a day may protect against cancer

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