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Beard dramatically changing the face of men, but gradually you get used to it. But the shave is getting close to a real shock, and many just don’t recognize their friends on the streets. Before you pictures of the guys before and after shaving is really hard to believe that it’s the same people!

  • This guy believes that now his face looks childish. Not seen it yet, baby-face
  • So real baby, out of competition. A pacifier to him now!
  • Harold shaved so people could see his new tatuirovka
  • Joe Silva decided to experiment with the filing of his girlfriend. After a week, the couple broke up: “You stopped being masculine,” said windy beauty
  • A beard is wild and brutal, without a beard — perfectly normal
  • If this guy decided to Rob a Bank and then shave — it would simply be no one would know
  • But Harley Mornstein from Norway transformation happy. He really don’t need a beard
  • Roy lost his beard to a friend and now he was sorry. Of course!
  • Brad had raised a beard for three years and shaved a half hour. Upset? Even as

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Censorship is a way of limiting freedom, and when the censored works of art, it smells like revolution. If someone thinks that bans on display of artistic paintings — the case of the Imperial past, it is not quite true. Then do often impose restrictions on a demonstration of some of the paintings. But history repeats itself, and here are a few testimonies to this fact.

  • Rural procession on Easter

    Vasily Perov
    The Church — then and now the chief censor, who believes that art can prevent anybody to believe in God. This picture was forbidden to display and reproduce in 1862 for immorality.

  • The Palestinian series

    Vasily Vereshchagin
    The realistic manner with which Christ is depicted in the paintings of this series, could not leave indifferent the censors. Therefore, it is forbidden to bring in and exhibit in Russia.

  • The mystery of the 20th century

    Ilya Glazunov
    Glazunov — opportunistic artist, but he managed to run into a censorship ban. In the seventies he tried to expel for this canvas. However, if he had replaced the image of Solzhenitsyn, Brezhnev, all would be done. But the master did not agree with this requirement.

  • Forbidden art

    Erofeev and Samodurov
    In 2007 in the public centre.Sakharov exhibited paintings, which caused the so-called religious hatred. At least so thought the court of the city of Tarusa, and forbade the reproduction of paintings in the media. So just look at the “Black square”, and the picture can Google.

  • Dreamer

    Arseniy Zhilyaev
    This sculpture was exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery and was banned because of excessive realism. By order of the Director, it was withdrawn from the show because she supposedly haunts. According to the authors, the figure of a sleeping man needs to Wake up one day and lead the people to revolution.

  • The last supper

    Nikolai GE
    The triumph of materialism and nihilism had the censorship Board in this painting in 1863. That is why it is forbidden to reproduce in copies. However, it was bought for the private collection of Russian Emperor.

  • Khodynka

    Vladimir Makovsky
    The revolutionary spirit and sympathy towards the Bolsheviks played with the artist Makovsky cruel joke. This spirit has been imbued his painting “the ice Palace”, which for a long time were not allowed to demonstrate and reproduce in Czarist Russia.

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The pursuit of jewels can lead to serious illness greed, and with it, as you know, to live is not very nice. Gold fever is treated with great difficulty, so we offer you ten commercially viable alternatives to gold.

Postage stamps

Once bond market guru bill gross said that it would be better to invest the money in rare stamps, because with them, certainly nothing will happen. Nevertheless, he continued to trade in the stock market, losing a total of about $ 100 million and earning even more. Over the past six years the market dynamics of collecting is growing at an unprecedented rate. Special indexes GB30 show the growth dynamics of prices for postage stamps of 74%. So do not rush to give the stamp album to his nephew — it is possible that in the closet collecting dust your wealth. Лист британских почтовых марок, 1840 год.

Chinese ceramics

Here is a couple of thousand years China is the leading supplier of ceramic art. Those who managed to get himself a pair of Chinese vases from the Ming dynasty, there is a great chance to capitalize on the rising prices of Asian ceramics. Analysts predict increase in the value of art come from ancient China by 45% over the next five years. Just a couple of months ago, a porcelain Cup with a cock of the Ming dynasty was sold for $ 36 million at Christie’s auction. So do not be lazy to visit the nearest antique shop. Пиала времен династии Мин, приблизительно 1368 год.


The rising prices of vintage wines exceeds dynamics of growth of cost of gold and oil. On this occasion in the UK even created a specialized Fund focused on investing in wines from Bordeaux Chateaux, producing a strictly limited quantity. Вино с годами не только улучшает вкус, но и растет в цене.


Old posters with the autographs of dead rock stars, things owned by celebrities can cost a fortune and is able to enrich its owners. But even if you own such a thing solely for the love of art, do not be afraid to lose in price — the cost of these things is growing every year. Гитара Элвиса Пресли была продана за 4 миллиона долларов—рекордная цена, для музыкального инструмента принадлежавшего знаменитости.

Old cars

The indices show that over the last 10 years, the investment value of classic cars has increased by almost 500 percent. Rare cars, released over thirty years ago, with proper care, and the state can bring its owners a lot of money, provided that they manage to sell. So, for example, recently a vintage Ferrari 250 GT was sold for 8.8 million dollars(despite the fact that it was purchased in 2011 for 5 million). Aston Martin Lagonda 1970 — объект охоты коллекционеров по всему миру. Цена на хорошо сохранившийся экземпляр начинается от 300 тысяч долларов.

Wrist watch

Growing demand, limited supply and low cost of maintenance — you have every reason to invest in a luxury watch. For example, collectibles, Rolex or Patek Phillipe not only do not lose in value, but will increase, making you a happy owner of rather big percent.


“Diamonds are forever” — sung in the famous song, and price indices confirm this. Buying diamonds — the lesson is more difficult than selling gold, but can bring much more profit with the right approach. The diamond market is one of the most stable in the world and shake it unless the opening of the unseen fields that is unlikely to happen in the near future. Определить «чистоту» алмаза гораздо сложнее, чем пробу золота.

Rare coins

Private and independent stock indices numismatic market can become a place of battle for untold riches in modern currency. Rising prices for rare coins is 220 percent over the past two years and continues to grow.


To make money on autographs — not a new idea, but it is working today. For the painting of Elvis today it is possible to obtain a five-digit amount. And if you wait another five to ten years, the figure will only increase. Buying autographs are not only collectors, but also major museums and foundations with the aim of preserving the undeniable cultural value of the signature historical figures.


Пит Мондриан, «Красное дерево», 1910
Experts call for investment works of art meaningful version of gold. And it’s not just that works of art are more interesting to watch than the bars of filthy lucre. The rising prices of art objects is growing steadily and adds every year. The undoubted commercial benefits of art says at least the fact that 76% of transactions in the art market are made primarily for the purpose of resale. Read More →

When it comes to male hormones, it becomes immediately clear that we will talk about the testosterone. However, testosterone is only one of many products and activities of androgens — chemical control system of the body, which is responsible for muscle mass, hair, low voice and all those signs that are called men. But how exactly do these invisible controllers of men’s health.

  • Testosterone

    Developed muscles, confidence, and sexual activity all have a direct dependence on the concentration of testosterone in the blood. However, many men lack this wonderful hormone. It is associated with unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits: Smoking, fascination with alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep and physical activity. And nature has decreed that, after 30 years, any man begins a slow decline in the level of testosterone in the blood. Appear health problems, lowering the tone and many of the problems associated with the content of testosterone and regulation of life processes.

  • Androstenedione

    Androstenedione is the main androgen secreted in the body. This hormone is weaker than testosterone, however, can become a strong natural steroid when needed. At the same time, when excess adipose tissue is converted to estrogen — the hormones, which are called “feminine.” Thus, roughly speaking, Androstenedione is able to help athletes and harm to the deniers of the sport, that in itself is consistent with the male character.

  • Insulin

    Insulin is required by our body to transport glucose into the cells for energy. Insulin is produced in both men and women, but in combination with a set of purely male hormones, it is incredibly important for recovery after stress. Meals with a high glycemic index so that the pancreas begins to produce extra insulin. If this happens regularly, the body develops resistance to insulin and, as a result, diabetes occurs. Legumes, vegetables rich in fiber and whole grains helps to reduce blood sugar levels. But it is best to increase the amount of physical exercise: muscle tissue is the largest consumer of sugar in the body.

  • Dihydrotestosterone

    Dihydrotestosterone is the most active form of testosterone that is responsible for all manifestations of samavati — from hairy body to the large pores of the skin and increased discharge of subcutaneous fat. In addition, the hormone responsible for hair loss the follicles of hair react to him as a strong toxin that kills hair follicles.

  • Adrenaline

    Adrenaline is a catabolic hormone and affects virtually all types of metabolism. Under his influence is the increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood and increased tissue metabolism. Adrenaline stimulates nerve fibers that runs an increased stimulation of all internal organs. Hormone improves the functional capacity of skeletal muscles (especially when severe fatigue). This effect is one of the mechanisms of organism adaptation to long-term chronic stress and increased physical activity. It enhances wakefulness, mental energy and activity, causes mental mobilization, the reaction of orientation and the feeling of anxiety, worry or tension. Epinephrine works in conjunction with the rest of male hormones and can become a powerful stimulant.

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Nice day at the beach doesn’t require much — just a pair of shorts or swimming trunks, sunglasses and sun cream. It seems very simple, but can quickly and easily ruin the rest from the fact that the shorts don’t sit on your custom body. Look funny on the beach everyone can, unless you’ve spent the last couple of years in the gym. The rest have to resort to subterfuge, including by appropriately chosen bottoms. From heats (quality, workmanship, material, correct size) depends on how comfortable you will feel in the water, how free will movement. Stylish, properly fitted, and bottoms still emphasize the attractiveness of its owner. Men’s swimming trunks are not so long history. Classic models heats came from the sport at the beginning of the last century. The design of men’s swimming trunks is very diverse and in order to make the right choice, you first need to determine the purpose of buying this accessory. You are going to beat the world records in swimming, just a lot and often train in the pool, or maybe You want to pick bottoms in a new bathing season, in order to impress the beautiful ladies on the world’s leading resorts? You love not only to swim and to bask in the sun, but also move actively on the beach, play volleyball, do water sports? Given Your preferences and the type of shape, you can choose the best option.

  • Classic swimming trunks (briefs and panties)

    This is the most popular and common model heats. The classical melting of a universal, moderately open, convenient, comfortable sit and allow a man to feel confident. Among these heats there are as tight, more loose, thick and thin light fabric. The height of the waist classic bottoms (denoted as the length of the side seam) may be normal (bikini style), low (mid) and ultra-low (low). Briefs briefs are different from more narrow and slinky side. Melting-slips attach the legs and buttocks sporty texture. It is a classic swimming trunks, made of special fabrics, often choose to swim in the pool.

  • Swimming trunks boxers

    Trunks-boxers represent tight swimming trunks in men’s shorts. Trunks-boxers can vary in length. Boxers shorts – more hidden option – they are longer and the boxers briefs accordingly shorter. Trunks-boxers allow to emphasize the dignity of the figure, these swim trunks are very comfortable, suitable for beach and pool. This model often has a decorative finish, for example, tuck, extra seams, pockets, appliques. Trunks-boxers (both short and longer) it is very common to see swimmers in the pool. Of course, the fabric of these trunks will be different from the composition of the fabric of swimming trunks for a beach holiday.

  • Bermuda

    Bermuda – wide surround for swimming trunks, reaching to the knees. These bottoms are bright colors, often provided with decorative details (appliques, pockets) and fit men with different body type. Men’s shorts help to hide such details of the figures, as the full tummy and buttocks. Swimming shorts inside the pants usually have a mesh that provides a good fit, ventilation and comfortable wearing. Bermuda shorts perfect for active beach holiday and swimming in the ponds, in such short, wearing a t-shirt, to go to the city or beach cafes, but also for swimming in the pool are not. In shorter shorts (above the knee) you can swim in the pool.

  • Shorts for surfing

    Loose-fitting shorts designed to be worn on a beach holiday, and unlike boxers, not tight tight figure. For these bottoms, the producers choose bright, colorful coloring, often vegetative, floral and Hawaiian motifs. The convenience of these heats is provided with internal mesh panties. In these versatile trunks you can sunbathe, go swimming, play active games on the beach, walk along the coast. In addition, they will help to hide not physical enough, or full legs. For training in the pool bottoms boxy fit, unless, of course, it’s not an outdoor resort pool.

  • Hydrocorti

    Start melting or hydrocorti is designed for swimmers-professionals. In them the athlete moves faster, they provide a higher position of the body relative to the surface of the water, optimal compression of the muscles. Usually hydrocorti made from neoprene.

  • Brake shorts

    Brake shorts or swimming trunks with an inhibitory effect also in need of a professional athlete. These shorts unlike the start, on the contrary, increase the water resistance. Creating an additional burden on training, brake shorts help an athlete to develop strength and endurance. After classes in the brake shorts, swimmer, exerting the same force, but in a sports suit, will swim faster. Melting-brakes usually wear over race.

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Another technical drain occurred at Microsoft. On the official account of the company in Bilibili Chinese network appeared information about the new mysterious gadget called Mobile Surface.
Most likely, this long-promised supersmart business level, on the development of which was rumored some time ago. Now the information has already been removed, but users managed to save screenshots.
Judging by the blurry description, the gadget will get the Qualcomm Snpadragon, a stylus, a kickstand and built in projector “is able to turn any surface into an extra screen”. Read More →

In a recently published study by Dr. Angela Hassiotis have demonstrated that people with a high level of intelligence happier than those who abandoned self-development.
The researchers analyzed data from 7,000 people to find that people with lower IQ (70-99) were less happy compared to people with high IQs (120-129).
Scientists have found that IQ is associated with the identity of the person. Simply put, the smarter you are the easier it is for you to realize the simple pleasures of life, respectively, experience less stress and spend more time on self-development, and not on an empty reflection. Read More →

Nobody argues with the fact that China is one of the largest manufacturers of counterfeit products. This dubious leadership of the country no one take away is that China itself will be a competition. Indeed, in his talent of copying China has reached unprecedented heights, and now play at their site some European capital for her is worth nothing. Not more money, at least. Only some billion dollars of investment and now a neighborhood in Alpine style meets those who wish to relax in five star Spa hotels. We easily counted a dozen kitaiskih cities that are virtually indistinguishable from the known settlements on the other side of the world.

  • Florentine village near Tianjin

    The Italian architects who designed this fake Italian village near the port city of Tianjin, did not forget any of the channels with fountains, nor of the traditional mosaic with nearly these boutiques of Gucci and Prada. The goods for the latter is, apparently, somewhere nearby.

  • Paris hundreds of miles away from Shanghai

    A clone of the French capital in China is called Tianducheng, a is the area just a few hours away from Shanghai. The main decoration of the residential area, it is targeted approximately 10 000 inhabitants, is a 108-meter replica of the Eiffel tower, however, the same fit of enthusiasm among tourists for some reason it does not matter.

  • Hallstatt in Guangdong province

    940 million dollars — that’s how long it took in order to precisely reproduce on the Chinese land, the Austrian commune of Hallstatt, by the way, one of the objects of the world heritage list of UNESCO.

  • Interlaken adjacent to the Hong Kong Bank

    Theme Park for ecotourists called Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT), which copies the Swiss community of Interlaken, grew up on the banks of the river flowing through the territory of Hong Kong island. There is a five-star resort and Spa, Golf course, and an imitation of the Chapel, covered wooden bridge in Lucerne.

  • Bar street in the Swiss style in the heart of Beijing

    Particle Interlaken there in the center of Beijing. This small street in a Swiss style had become a fixture in bars and restaurants, which residents could attend after work, but something apparently went wrong. Now here hardly find a couple of the restaurants.

  • Manhattan on the site of a former fishing village

    Ambitious plan to rebuild on the site of an ancient fishing village, the new financial center of the world, looks like a Manhattan, while suspended in the air. Construction, completion scheduled for 2019, is currently suspended, making the city skyscrapers like a Ghost.

  • English town near Shanghai

    The district has come to the attention of the project for the resettlement of people from crowded Shanghai in the area, with the result that there began the construction of the city, whose architecture is copied from the settlements which can be found on the banks of the Thames. Victorian houses and corner pubs are quite convey the atmosphere of the English countryside that it becomes a tempting offer for those who always wanted to live in Europe without leaving China.

  • Holland in Pudong

    20-year-old Pudong district, considered the financial and business center of China, has one of the most successful pastiches of Amsterdam. The most typical elements of Dutch architecture, like canals and windmills are complemented here exact copies of buildings such as the Maritime Museum or Department store Bijenkorf Amsterdam.

  • Swedish Sigtuna near Shanghai

    Sweden also appeared in the already known Chinese project for the unloading of Shanghai under the name of 1 City and 9 Towns. Outstanding representatives of the atmosphere of Northern Europe in a foreign land was the building of the Icelandic Parliament, an artificial lake mälaren and the Scandinavian motifs in the architecture.

  • Italian district outside Shanghai

    At the moment, many attempts to reproduce unusual for China, European urban style can not find a proper enthusiasm in the souls of the indigenous population. No hurry to leave the crowded cities and move to new areas. Here and little Italy, designed by architects from Breeza Citta di Pujiang, still empty, Recalling the sterile area after the invasion of the deadly virus.

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Snoop Dogg has developed her own clothing brand Joyrich, and then insisted to conduct the entire show. The festival Made LA will be remembered by visitors for a long time: on the podium, among the chic velour suits and red “caddy” proudly paced in fashion outfit own grandfather the notorious rapper.
The whole podium was more like a reincarnation of the Golden age of hip-hop from the West coast.
Snoop (often telling about his past successful pimp) came on the scene in the company of naked Babes and put himself behind the DJ stand.
Is the same perfect models in the video released on the podium of people of different nationalities and different ages. The star, of course, to the very end was the grandfather of the singer. Read More →

Area 51 is a military air complex of the United States located in the state of Nevada. The object and the area long shrouded in mystery, and nobody knows what is really going on. All military experiments was kept a secret for years. Actually, the CIA only a few years ago acknowledged that Area 51 even exists. There are actually people disappear, and recently about a secret base there are some new information.

  • Confession Boyd Bushman

    In 2014, a research scientist Boyd Bushman literally on his deathbed, spoke about the Association of the US government with aliens. According to Bushman, the aliens look like tall people and are able to communicate telepathically.

  • Your club

    Have you ever heard of “Roadrunners Internationale”? Unlikely. A member of this exclusive club may be the only one who worked at Area 51. Information about this club there’s not a lot that is completely understandable as the participants are forced to observe a strict secrecy.

  • Radioactive waste

    In the 1970-ies and 1980-ies the area was used by the government for the dumping of radioactive waste. In those days even tried such a waste to burn — Robert frost, the chief engineer of the project was on trial for it.

  • Moon hoax

    According to statistics, approximately 65% of Americans believe that the moon landing is just a fake. According to the writer-researcher bill Kisinga, NASA scientists back in 1960 found that cosmic radiation will kill the astronaut on the surface of earth’s satellite. But the Apollo program was launched for the USA, its abolition would be a serious blow to the reputation. Therefore, all the survey held directly at the base at Area 51.

  • The arrest of BBC

    In 2012, the film crew of Bi-bi-si have tried to get into Area 51. Tried — true definition: just over the border of the territory of the entire crew laid face down and she kept them for three hours. All the equipment was confiscated.

  • Lazarus alien

    The first “alien” shock expect the American public in 1987. Robert Lazarus, a famous engineer, made on national TV with a statement that for several years working on the alien technology of the engineer-of the Rev.. Lazarus was employed for reprogramming technologies of alien ships for use in military vehicles of the United States. The engineer claimed to have discovered a “Element 15” — the fuel of UFOs.

  • Obama 51

    Barack Obama became the first President of the United States, which is generally referred to Area 51 at the official level. It’s really nothing special, he said, but many fans of conspiracy theories enough and this.

  • Secret underground tunnels

    Recently it was found that under Area 51 is a secret network of underground tunnels linking the base to other cities where Metro-2. Journalists from the Daily News claim that they were able to find informants among the employee base, which confirmed the presence of such underground structures.

  • Even the name is classified

    Area 51 — the name is not official. CIA secret facility calls the airport Free and lake Moody. A major of engineers to work on the U-2 Spy Plane generally lured on Paradise Ranch.

  • Tests UFO

    Actually, officially, of course, no flying UFO is not. However, residents of the area are not even surprised seeing a strange flying object in the house. The last time the military had to pick up a strange drone (later adopted this model came under the label D21), at all similar to the existing analogues.

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