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What Russian does not love fast driving and all-inclusive Turkish hotel! Unfortunately, the last item in the list of our favorite pastimes is gradually disappearing: the Turks began to penalize our tourists for being too greedy.
The administration of one of the hotels introduced a new rule: those who do not eat up dialed on the buffet, will be forced to pay a fine. For the fulfillment of the requirements see the waiters.
Honestly, this rule seems quite reasonable. Daily garbage is thrown out lots of food just because someone got greedy and piled his plate all at once. Read More →

What Russian does not love fast driving and all-inclusive Turkish hotel! Unfortunately, the last item in the list of our favorite pastimes is gradually disappearing: the Turks began to penalize our tourists for being too greedy.
The administration of one of the hotels introduced a new rule: those who do not eat up dialed on the buffet, will be forced to pay a fine. For the fulfillment of the requirements see the waiters.
Honestly, this rule seems quite reasonable. Daily garbage is thrown out lots of food just because someone got greedy and piled his plate all at once. Read More →

Nothing says refined musical taste and clarity audiophile is a decent collection of vinyl discs and the appropriate hardware to play them. That has swept the world the next wave of vinyl mania, despite the widespread use of compact audio formats. The inability to get a turntable to enjoy with friends all the depth of its sound — that’s one of the reasons that hindered many people to fall in love with records. But this problem did not, when a U.S. company ION Audio has started to produce a vinyl record players including Vinyl Motion. Test drive this device came to our newsroom to taste, especially because every house is found a couple of records that we have not looked to hear.

With dimensions of 343x254x114 mm device weighs only 2.7 kg. now compare with what a few dozen years ago, I had to play vinyl!

Black case — it’s not hipster backpack, everything here is major, serious, stylish.
Practically Packed in a vintage case, the player folded looks really stylish. Is to say a special thank you to the designers who managed to reproduce the charm of the 50-ies of the last century in the appearance of the suitcase.
Come with a picnic, you can see how the smile on the faces of the friends gives way to delight when they realize what is inside. And not only for a picnic, by the way! Stylish vinyl party automatically occurs where there is ION Motion Vinyl, and it will last at least 4 hours — just enough enough of a charge to the internal battery in Autonomous mode.
Two built-in stereo speakers perfectly meet the main purpose of the device, but if you want to strengthen or, on the contrary, to concentrate the sound, then USB port connect to computer speakers, RCA output to your home stereo and standard stereo to the headphones.
It does not prevent the player to play recordings with records of different diameter. Provided support for speeds of rotation of the disk 33 1/3, 45 and 78 Rev/min also.

Another purpose and advantage of having a USB port is the ability to quickly digitize any records. Simply by connecting the ION Vinyl Motion to the computer, you can easily transfer the recording to digital format with automatic breakdown on the tracks. This process is own unique software ION EZ Vinyl/Tape converter.
Not a cherry, and a real pineapple on the cake stands retail price for the device — a total of 6990 rubles in the official online store IONAUDIO.RU so even with a 15% discount on promo code ION15 within 14 days from the date of publication. We tried, but to find the money for anything like a close analogue vinyl player from known and reliable manufacturer we failed. ION Vinyl Motion will provide the perfect introduction to vintage audio recording format without spending extra on buying a dedicated device and additional equipment for thousands of dollars. Well, of course, it’s just a very stylish accessory, not occupying much space, but the caller invariably warm experience with each use. Read More →

Choosing clothes, we always pay attention to her style, and rarely on the composition of the material from which it is made. Meanwhile, different fabrics can cause skin irritation and allergies. And it’s not just about artificial turf. Natural fabrics are often subjected to chemical treatment in which they are less crumple or better repel moisture. So next time when buying in a store, for example, a new shirt, it is better to check the fabric composition. In order not to harm their health, some of the material at all should be avoided.

  • Acetate

    Acetate is the preferred lining material for hats, coats, coats and jackets. He almost did not electrified, but can cause more severe irritation than from polyester. Therefore, the composition of the lining fabric is also worth paying attention to.

  • Wool

    Wool belongs to the natural materials with high environmental safety. But here lies the catch. To protect wool from moths, manufacturers process it that for pyrethroids, which can harm the human nervous system. Therefore, you should not wear on a naked body even a favorite wool sweater.

  • Acrylic and polyester

    Acrylic is often used as a synthetic replacement for wool. But unlike wool it worse and lets air in an intense wear can produce harmful substances. The same sins and polyester. Frequent skin contact with these materials may cause irritation.

  • Bamboo

    Clothes made of bamboo fabric are often called the most environmentally friendly. Besides, bamboo fabric is inexpensive and holds its shape. But in order to of hard bamboo to make the cloth, it is treated with sodium hydroxide, carbon disulfide and even sulfuric acid. So if you have sensitive skin – about bamboo is better to forget.

  • Viscose

    The first artificial material, man-made is viscose. She has a lot of positive qualities: it is well ventilated and even has antibacterial properties. But with all its advantages, remains viscose synthetic fabric and contains residues of chemicals. It also has a charge, prolonged exposure to which is harmful to health and may even cause insomnia.

  • Nylon

    In the same way as viscose, nylon accumulate static electricity. In addition, this material does not let air through, and when heated or under the influence of sunlight and does begin to produce toxins.

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Italian Countess Virginia Di Castiglione, became the world’s first fashion model. It is difficult to imagine a profession in the days of the rather puritanical morals!
At the age of 16 VA popped up married to an Italian nobleman, who in 1855 he decided to move to Paris.
A beautiful and intelligent woman got from her husband the job: to persuade the Emperor Napoleon III to the unification of Italy. If she is to do something like that? Ha!
Young beauty in a matter of days turned the Emperor’s head, and soon received the status of Royal mistress.
A year later, the VA left of the Emperor, and along with her husband divorced. She began a new novel, this time with art.
By 1856, she became the main model of the Imperial photographer Pierre-Louis Pierson.
The images selected creative tandem, stunned high society. Risque poses, bare legs, the horror!
The rest of your life Virginia Di Castiglione dedicated modeling career. Of course, she is not content with the position of the “dummy” for the filming, and she thought the whole photographic projects, at times very bold. Read More →

Progress does not stand still – the company is rapidly developing and inventing many things that make our life easier. Outdated household items useless forgotten. After some time looking at old stuff, hard to guess what they meant. But once they were at the peak of popularity. Many of these things were indispensable in everyday life, and without some of them even could not appear in polite society.

  • Traps for fleas

    In XV-XVI centuries the hygiene standards were very different from today. People bathed rarely – it was considered harmful to health. As a result, the human body and in his clothing fleas. So were in fashion a special box-belogolovkin, inside which the bait was placed pieces of cloth, soaked with honey or blood. Among the gentlemen were considered particularly chic to keep as a memory of fleas caught on the body of the beloved ladies.

  • Travel suitcase for men

    The bag was a travel suitcase, which men take with you on trips. It accommodates all the toiletries – means for hair care, nail care, cosmetics, various perfumes and colognes, as well as thread, buttons, which could be necessary in the road.

  • Lachrymal

    Such small bubbles with a narrow neck appeared more than three thousand years ago. With their help it was possible to collect and store tears. For example, in Ancient Persia, the warriors, returning from long trips, required wives to submit them to the lachrymal , to understand how much the couple missed them.

  • Set to hunt a vampire

    Despite the fact that this awesome briefcase that looks more like a prop from a movie about van Helsing, it is quite real. Such sets were popular in the XIX century and contain all necessary for hunting vampires – aspen Cola and hammers, Bible, crucifix, mirrors, guns with silver bullets, daggers, candles, bottles with opium, garlic and silver nitrate.

  • Tokens for brothels of the Wild West

    In the nineteenth century in the brothels of the Wild West for sexual services, it was possible to pay only by special tokens. So customers get a guarantee that prostitutes will not make too much of the price, and the owners of institutions were confident that the girls do not keep part of the money.

  • Protective ring

    To protect yourself from robbers on the night streets of Victorian England, people wore rings with “surprise”. Click the button pop out a sharp blade that was supposed to scare the fans to profiteer at the expense of others and give the advantage in a street fight.

  • Artificial leech

    To reduce the number of leeches used for medical purposes in the mid-nineteenth century invented such a device. Artificial leech was more sterile and the effect of it was much better. But apparently because of its frightening appearance, the device is not stuck.

  • Cup for mustachioed men

    A century ago, mustaches were very popular, but required care. Drink a Cup of tea or coffee so that whiskers are not lost form, was very difficult. Therefore, to whiskered gentlemen invented a Cup with a special “shelves”.

  • Suit for hunting bear

    A couple of centuries ago while hunting for bear for lack of a better protection of the people wore a very unusual outfit. To move in it was not very convenient, but if necessary, he is well protected hunters from the bites and blows of the paws of a bear.

  • Extractor bullets

    In times of military conflicts and numerous duels extractor bullets was necessary. The device was a hollow tube with a special mechanism inside, with which you can pull the bullet from the wound. However, at that time there was no anaesthetic, no disinfectant, so the extraction process is a bullet many of the wounded had died from a painful shock, and after that from a blood infection.

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Maybe you will find it hard to believe that in this world there are cars that cost more than a small island, but they exist. However, money is not even important: most of the following models are selling out before they even make their debut at motor shows.

  • Koenigsegg Regera

    Cost: 1,9 $ million Limited edition Regera was presented at the Geneva motor show in 2015. Over-the-top price one not particularly impressed: all 80 copies sold like hot cakes. By the way, recently the Swedish automaker admitted that the waiting list for Koenigsegg Regera has now stretched into 4 years.

  • Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

    Cost: 2,1 $ million Although Ferrari LaFerrari Coupe debuted at the Geneva motor show in 2013, convertible Aperta didn’t show up until the last year. Perhaps to buy this machine will be the most difficult: anonymous private broker as some have stated, that is taken to get that baby over 3.9 million dollars, when in fact Bloomberg says more real (in another world) to 2.1 million. The reality is much tougher — the car sold out even before its official debut.

  • Pagani Huayra

    Cost: of $ 2.6 million The Pagani Huayra made its debut last year at the Geneva motor show where was the real star of the show. Sorry, buy it is unlikely to succeed, because the producers stopped the circulation of 20 copies.

  • Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

    Cost: $ 3 million Only some three million evergreen you will be one of the proud owners of six Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio — more of these cars simply do not exist in nature. In fact, the car is a seriously reworked version of the Ferrari 458 Spider.

  • The Aston Martin Valkyrie

    Cost: 3,2 $ million Although the Aston Martin is not officially announced the price of its hypercar Valkyrie, but according to insider information, the cost of the machine will range from $ 3.2 million. The British plan to release one hundred and fifty cars, and deliveries will begin this year.

  • Lykan Hypersport

    Cost: 3,4 $ million The machine came to us straight from the screen of the “fast & Furious 7”, where it could play a major role. Incidentally, the car worth in three and a half million dollars, the Abu Dhabi police use as a patrol.

  • Bugatti Veyron

    Cost: of $ 3.5 million This is not only one of the fastest cars in the world, but also one of the most expensive. The carbon fiber body, led headlights, updated interior newly assembled grille. Maximum speed reaches an incredible 400 km/h — and this baby is really capable of such feats.

  • Lamborghini Veneno

    Cost: 4,8 $ million To hundreds this beauty accelerates in just 2.9 seconds. Appearance? Well, from the Lamborghini Veneno looks a bit like the spacecraft of the aliens, who decided to pass the time on the earthly roads.

  • Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

    Cost: 4,8 $ million Luxury supercar fully justifies this astounding amount. The vehicle body is completely covered with a special paint that was made from carbon fiber impregnated with diamond dust. Under the extravagant brilliance lies the real power: the engine of 4.8 liter capacity of 1,004 HP In the world there are only three such vehicles.

  • Rolls-Royce Sweptail

    Cost: the$ 13 million The basis for this exclusive car was the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe c 6.75-litre V12 engine. The Brits made a car for three years — all custom made anonymous, and of course very rich connoisseur of speed.

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According to recent sociological research in St.-Petersburg lives most single men. They are often other trying to find a soul mate on Dating sites and social networks.
As much as 8% polite Petersburgers spend the evening refreshing the page and their profiles on different Dating services. Next comes the Crimea, where the same fun fond of 7.43% of young men and Lipetsk oblast — 7,16 %. Read More →

The first real multifunctional tools were, of course, the stones. The first splinters of rock, adapted for practical tasks, was discovered in Tanzania and dated 1850000 years BC. In the stone age it was the main multitool, which was carried out a huge number of tasks — from chopping food to digging wells and building huts. Today, the stone caveman is our smartphone. No, we don’t use our smartphones for the same tasks, but they are just as vital to us.

As our needs and desires is more complicated and also changed the nature and number of our tools. Just think: millions of years ago, people were happy with a handful of stones and sticks. A huge number of objects today, people use for different tasks, but the very existence of the instrument is no surprise.

Камень—первый из известных историкам инструментов. Археологические находки показывают, что их использовали еще два миллиона лет назад.
Perhaps the best place to appreciate the scale of the human tools is the third floor of the Cooper Hewitt Museum in new York. At the exhibition “Tools: continuing our hands” presents, as auxiliary items have come a long way from a pointed stone to the iPhone. The exhibition consists of pieces from the vaults of the Smithsonian Museum, and includes 175 objects that best demonstrate that the tools meant for a person throughout its history. Солнечные очки, используемые эскимосами Аляски, позволяли предохранить глаза от солнечных лучей, отраженных от снежной поверхности.

The essence of the tool

In the broadest sense, a tool is anything that helps us in performing a particular task. Using this definition, it is possible to sign up under tool everything from our internal organs to the bus. But historians tend to narrow the meaning of the definition to the following thesis — the tool is a thing that is made by man in order to survive. Ванна для созревания пенициллина навсегда изменила фармацевтику.
A perfect example of a tool — ceramic bath for the production of penicillin, which was established in 1940. At the end of the 1930-ies scientists from Oxford University have learned to use purified penicillin as an antibiotic. But they had problems with the manufacturing process of the drug. So Norman Heatley, one of the scientists invented a shallow container that could be to remain in an upright position during sterilization in the horizontal and in the process of incubation. Glass was the preferred material, but it was wartime, so it was decided to make the vessel their ceramics, which were cheaper and much easier to use. Японские женщины имели настоящие «клубки судьбы» — своеобразные дневники, в которых отмечены важные события.
Of course, tools are not purely utilitarian object. For example, the Japanese women in the 19th century used the balls of hemp yarns as diaries. Nodules were marking important events, days of the week, glass balls of death or birth, wound hair wedding. This simple device was so important to the hosts that they were buried together with this tangle of fate. Compare this with a fitness tracker, a modern tool for tracking life. These tools allow you to track not only the values of the people who use them, they are also an indicator that it is technically possible.

We create things not only to survive but to carry out the dirty work or some way to Express yourself

Era multi-tool

Another interesting point of our time — multitools. Universal tools that acquire such number of values, how many did not even tools of the last century. Watchband with 22 screwdriver or knife, in which as many functions as in the whole box of tools — a clear proof. Humanity embarked on the path of combining functions and this is another step in the evolution of tools. Read More →

Better 32 teeth that do not require a visit to the dentist, can only be a healthy and WHITE smile. To achieve such a result Blend-a-Med has introduced innovative teeth whitening system, consisting of two new products. First — toothpaste Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe “Perfection”, which removes up to 100% of surface enamel Tartar in three days. The second Booster whitening Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe, increasing the whitening effect. We all know how difficult it would be to combine white smile with pleasure from your favorite drinks, food and activities. Well, Blend-a-Med offers a simple way to really overcome the disadvantages and to protect the whiteness of your teeth in any situation: at a party, on the beach or in a cafe with friends. And this is the whitening system Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe “Perfection”!
Step 1. Start with innovative toothpaste Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe “Perfection” with special microgranules that works like an exfoliating tool, removing up to 100% of surface enamel Tartar in three days, strengthening the enamel and protecting against cavities. With this toothpaste smile brighter and whiter.
In addition to whitening ingredients toothpaste Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe “Perfection” contains soluble sodium fluoride, which strengthens enamel and helps prevent tooth decay, making your smile healthy, white and dazzling.
Step 2. Complete the process by applying the whitening Booster Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe. Its effect can be compared with the action of the sun moisturizers. Just as it protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, the amplifier whitening protects teeth from plaque formation within 24 hours1.
The technology of whitening booster Blend-a-Med 3D White Luxe — the polyphosphates in the form of soluble micro granules that eliminate the surface darkening of the enamel and forming a stable protective layer, preventing the formation of a new darkening up to 24 hours. You can enjoy coffee, wine and other staining products without worrying about what your smile will lose its white! Read More →