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All adherents of healthy lifestyle simply adore fruits and vegetables. It is understandable – they are practically no calories, but many nutrients. So why not go completely on a diet to shed a few extra pounds. Especially within two weeks to indulge in milk and meat and nuts and fish is not so difficult. It is important to know what will happen in the end. Besides living somehow vegans on this diet all the time, and look quite fit and healthy. At least some of them.

  • Is slow metabolism

    A diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables, and definitely will be extremely low in terms of calorie content. A diet that involves the consumption of less than 1,200 calories for women and 1800 calories for men, is a dangerous test, and here’s why. A sharp transition to a fruit-vegetable diet may shock your body and it will start to save power. Your metabolism in two weeks time to adjust to the new diet and begin to slowly drain your energy. To reverse this process much more difficult than to run, so you will be surprised after two weeks as quickly began to be weight.

  • There will be problems with digestion

    Fruits and vegetables are the best source of fiber. But if within two weeks your body excess will enter the fiber, which actually used to better digest other compounds, that can’t be good. The load on the digestive tract will increase so that you will have to face the traditional problems of bowel disorders. This is another reason to move gradually to vegetarianism, to body time to adapt.

  • Will little nutrients

    High fiber content and strength of the body, which are spent on processing will lead to the fact that the body there will be no resources to absorb from the fruits and vegetables nutrients. Excess fiber may even cause conflicts with other medicines that you take. So nutritionists do not recommend to switch to fruits and vegetables, even for two weeks, without consulting a doctor.

  • There will be problems with the skin

    In fruits and vegetables simply do not have a significant number of chemical elements and compounds that we need for a normal life. For example, the same protein, fats, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins D, zinc, iron, calcium, chromium and many others. First and foremost, the lack of them will affect your skin. If you prolong such a diet for a longer period have to experience its impact on eye health and brain function.

  • You will lose muscle

    Protein deficiency, even within such a short time as 2 weeks, to have an immediate effect on muscle mass. In addition, you will feel worse delayed scrapes and heal any wounds on the skin. Hair and bone will not have time to suffer for two weeks, but if you do not compensate for the lack of animal protein at least a vegetable, you may experience hair loss and lack of the necessary hormones in the blood.

  • There will be positive effect

    Not so bad if you suddenly decided 2 weeks become not just a vegan, and eat vegetables and fruits without the ability to compensate with vegetable proteins. In itself, this diet is inferior, but if you take vitamins B-12 and D, the most serious losses will be avoided.

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It is fashionable today to take pictures at the correct angle and post them to instagram, to go with her daughter at the same age. These are Hollywood stars and entertain the fans with pictures of the grown offspring. But really there is no better doppelgangers of celebrities than their own children, because genetics is still too peremptory thing. And since they are public people, no one better to demonstrate the main advantage of parenthood is the opportunity to see his traits in the other person, the person you brought into the world.

  • Goldie hawn and Kate Hudson

    It is difficult to understand which of the two more famous film star, however, what is the secret of their celebrity, can be seen. It is not only in acting talent and charming appearance.

  • Tish and Miley Cyrus

    Wear black clothes caller to Tish and you’ll see another Miley. However, in different clothes family resemblance is undeniable.

  • Reese Witherspoon and Ava Philippe

    The daughter of Reese Witherspoon and almost forgotten actor Ryan Philippe combines the best features of both parents. However, the unusual charm of the mother manifested in her daughter in a special way.

  • Kate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William

    Members of the Royal family, it seems, gave birth to the perfect heir. From his parents he took only the best, but family genes do not give in to doubt that before us is the Prince of Wales.

  • Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

    Perhaps in this pair of relatives, the family resemblance is concealed by the similarity of styles. But it is a very flattering photo, especially for demi, who looks as young as her daughter.

  • Bruce Willis and Rumer Willis

    But here it all falls into place – Rumer actually looks like daddy. So much that it would be better it there were more maternal traits.

  • Katie Holmes and Suri cruise

    Baby Cruz is the spitting image of your beauty-mother and father Tom cruise in it, it seems that it does nothing. A little more and Katie will be able to put instagram photos in the style of “we’re twins”.

  • Angelina Jolie and Shiloh Jolie-pitt

    Despite the fact that this child of the famous couple have not yet decided in his gender identity, family identity doesn’t leave doubts.

  • Kanye West and Nord West

    If the exterior of the little Nord had inherited fully from his father, that proud posture inherited from the mother, Kim Kardashian.

  • Britney Spears and sons

    Boys Britney is a mini – copy of his stellar and extravagant mother. The better for them because in the past few years, Spears is really killing me.

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This summer on the beaches is not only hot, but scary. The company Belovedshirts released Monokini print of the male breast and swimsuit already enjoys a rabid demand.
Feminists at the sight of this strange leotard only shrug. It is unclear what gender is hurt more.
Now the Monokini can be purchased only on the website Belovedshirts. It is an unusual swimsuit, about 3500 rubles. Read More →

Relaxed the abundance of fitness centers, people forget that the easiest way to get in shape will help your own body weight. No expensive subscriptions, no extra time in the schedule: got up in the morning, quickly completed the training and go enjoy yourself. Well, that is for work, of course, what sort of Hiking. Try to start to get myself right with this simple workout from one exercise — believe me, the results will please you on the second week.

  • What you need to know

    More than three times a week to not do. The muscles need a recovery day or two if you are a beginner, less — if a no sports experience already. Breaks between sets should not exceed 40 seconds — and Yes, to abide by this pace will be difficult. Do not despair and beat yourself up if in the first days the normal push UPS will fail. Make up for more — most importantly, do not throw the case halfway.

  • Monday

    Start simple — on the first day only 25 push-UPS. Okay, this is just a ploy to work a lot more. The system is designed to reduce the number of reps (-1) with each approach. That is the first time I pressed 25 times, rest, wring out 24 times and so on until the end. Try to reduce interruptions every approach.

  • Environment

    Almost the same, but in the other direction. Start with 20 repetitions, adding one to each of the following approach. Need to reach to 45 — believe me, this is not as easy as it looks at first glance.

  • Friday

    Connected to the fingers and hand. Why? To include the muscles of the forearms. Beginners will be difficult, so right off the bat to tear is not worth it. In the first week start with one repetition, adding one more to 7-10. In the second week the number of repetitions can be gradually increased. Finished the pushups on your toes, relax, and go to the brushes — the principle is the same.

  • Diamond push UPS

    No need to start doing these push-UPS until you learn to do push-UPS at least 20 times normal grip. Place the brush so that the chest they form a rhombus. During a push-up ensure that the back remains flat, and chest press was constantly tense. Two approaches “diamond” push-UPS can be added to a regular program on the second or third week of classes.

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Despite all the lessons of history, books and documentaries our information about historical figures, events and entities is extremely inaccurate. Repeatedly retold the exaggeration and false information no one has refuted, making our world view is very distorted. In the end, the story ceases to be different from the scandalous gossip, and the effect of deformation and distortion obey even the most proven facts. But let’s not forget that history is a science, not a narrative of “the Lord of the rings” and learn at last the truth.

  • The Vikings

    It is believed that the Vikings were brutal barbarians Norse, who wore horned helmets. They allegedly terrorised vast areas and spread the terrible glory of himself. However, in reality these guys were not heinous murderers, they can even be called meterosexuality. They are carefully cared for long hair, plucked eyebrows and cut his beard in accordance with his status. Appearance was so important to maintain the status that the Vikings carried a purse. By the way, no helmets with horns have them there – they are extremely inefficient in combat.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo’s inventions are not subject to doubt, but his bright image requires adjustment. We used to introduce him to a wise old man with grey hair and a hunched back. Why the hell no we are not says that Da Vinci was a great figure, the muscles that he constantly coached, and attractive appearance? Contemporaries considered him to be handsome and a Jock, and some of them he showed the trick with the extension of the horseshoe with his bare hands.

  • Velociraptors

    “Jurassic Park” has taught us that those fast and carnivorous dinosaurs were ancient killing machines. And when you say “dinosaur”, you are exactly the VelociRaptor. But in fact, this creature can be called only prehistoric unfriendly chicken. Much to the dismay of filmmakers and eight-year-olds were significantly less than we used to think, and covered with feathers. This here is a miracle in feathers the size of a dog – scientists for sure proven.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Poor Napoleon has undergone already a lot of bullying, although he earned them for his failed attempt to take over Earth. The main joke is based on his height. All for some reason consider him evil dwarf whose small stature contributed to the megalomania. In fact, he was normal-sized, like all men of that time – 169 cm, But the manner to surround yourself with the high and big men, as well as an error with the translation of the French units in English played a role.

  • The Roman army

    ‘ve all seen the pictures of the Roman legions in silver armor going into battle. Nothing makes you doubt that it was an invincible army of superbly trained soldiers. She’s conquered the world. The truth is that the latter can be considered a miracle. Because the Roman army is a chaotically moving crowd of non-professional fighters. Foreign players who really knew the military was quite small, and with the expansion of the Roman Empire grew and the army – at the expense of anybody.

  • Pyramid

    A fascinating achievement of the Egyptians – the pyramids – that’s probably the first thing we are told in history class. In fact, these monuments of human meaningless toil looked quite different during the time when their construction was just completed. It was shapeless blocks, faced with blocks of white limestone, visible from a distance of many kilometers. Bright outer layer over the millennia were lost, leaving only the base of the Sandstone.

  • A medieval battle

    The movies idealize the ancient of war and make us think that a beautiful knight in armor with spears and swords won their victory. In fact the medieval military conflicts were more like picnics. Epic battles that we see in the movies, were extremely rare. Soldiers were expensive, and the commanders were not risky guys. So they would rather have a slow siege of the fortresses and not to engage in open fights. A military camp was just waiting for the enemy will be quite hungry and weak that he could take everything without a fight.

  • Ancient Greek sculpture

    We are all accustomed to the cold, noble marble in ancient Greek sculptures. They are beautiful in their perfection and is absolutely not cause suspicion that once looked different. However, it appeared that not only the ancient Greek sculptors, but time and weather – the real creators of these statues. Before the latter put their efforts, the statue had bright colouring. And not just bright, almost acidic, to be seen from afar.

  • Gladiators

    Error in the portrayal of the Gladiator is not accidental. We present them as strong and brutal murderers, whose purpose was to combat the enemy. But no. The purpose of them was quite another to entertain the audience. So they don’t have to kill each other too soon. With this goal in gladiators chose fat and clumsy guys. Such will not be able to inflict too severe wounds and will sustain more injuries. So the show lasted much longer. And it was funnier.

  • Samurai

    Samurai we used to imagine with a huge sharp swords as skilled fencers. In fact, their main weapon was bow and arrows. The sword that they also carried with him, but hated to use it, resorting to these weapons only as a last resort. If the samurai took the sword meant that he is absolutely incompetent in the art of ranged combat, and therefore useless.

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To lose weight difficult. Whatever wrote fashion magazines, quickly get in shape will not work from the word in any way. Devon Golem (doctor of philosophy, Director of the Didactic program in dietetics at the University of new Mexico) says that we are talking about changing mindset, changing behavior and changing the environment — without it all over again the week suffering, and the triumphant return of the chocolate pie in the fridge. Sounds daunting, Yes? Believe me, it is absolutely real. You just need a clear, reliable plan — act according to set point and sooner or later will come to the end.

  • Be realistic

    Serious weight loss will not happen instantly. Tune in to work — seriously, this may seem a trifle, but without the mental support all your efforts are guaranteed to go down the drain. In some days the weight will decline, in others you will find yourself on a plateau — not to lose motivation, even when progress is not visible.

  • Sleep more

    Sleep, exercise and stress are interconnected. An overwhelming amount of research shows that sub-optimal sleep (less than 7 hours), causes a person to overeat. The results will appear only when you eliminate the entire imbalance in life.

  • At full speed

    Do not attempt overnight to create 18 new habits. It will destroy your will power to the ground. Start simple: drink coffee without sugar, next week, enter the rule liters of water a day, then eliminate from the diet one harmful dish — slow but sure is better than fast and in any way.

  • Counting calories

    Buy a kitchen scale for products. Accept the fact that the next few months your life will be subject to the rigid rules and calculations. Try reducing calories to 1800 — comfortable? Reduce a little more.

  • Change the garbage for food

    Eat consciously. You want something, most likely — the sweet candy? Nonsense. Candy wants a greedy brain, which is much easier to get the glucose that way. The body are “gifts” to anything. Pause before reaching for sweets. Drink a glass of water. Do this each time and you will be surprised how much easier it will be to refuse the temptations.

  • Sensible portions

    Nutritionists like to say the obvious (at first glance) things. Why? Maybe because most people ignore the most simple ways to get in shape. Remember: the amount of food is as important as the quality. A reasonable reduction of portions will be crucial in the fight for a good figure.

  • Give up

    No one is going through a serious weight loss without a few pieces of pizza. It is very important that you not let these small failures to derail all the progress. Each of us has bad days when you simply need to maintain the body something harmful, but tasty. Don’t punish and don’t beat yourself up — I did, as this went on.

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Summer is vacation time. If you haven’t decided where to spend a well deserved vacation, it’s time to think about it. Especially because, according to many experts, this summer is expected to fall in the price of tickets. To save the trip, you just need to devote some time to planning the trip. And if you approach the choice of destination country wisely – can be limited to a modest budget. Because there are many cheap areas, where for little money you can get the thrills.

  • Vietnam

    Affordable housing, tasty and inexpensive food, beaches and many attractions make Vietnam an ideal place for a budget trip. Many local residents rent housing to tourists at reasonable prices (10-15 dollars). You can find more modest accommodation in hostels or dormitories. Accommodation near the Chinese border in the North of Vietnam would be even cheaper, and rented a moped or motorcycle will help to reduce on transport costs. Vietnamese dishes are priced from 50 cents to 2-3 dollars, so that can be plenty to taste ethnic food and enjoy the local flavor.

  • South Africa

    Journey to South Africa is tempting, primarily due to the favorable exchange rate. In addition, this direction will enjoy developed tourist infrastructure. For example, in Cape town can actively moving around the city, spend the day just $ 20 for transport. Food prices also affordable: a glass of one of the best varieties of local wine will cost less than a can of soda in your country. Inexpensive and comfortable hotels and apartments, rented through Airbnb, make it easier to find budget accommodation. During the low season (our summer) the overnight cost even less.

  • Chile

    Chile is the best way to travel in South America in terms of price and quality. Delicious food, excellent local wine, unexplored corners – for example, the coastal town of Puerto Varas. You can hire a car and explore the surrounding waterfalls and volcano. And all of this exotic at a reasonable price.

  • Greece

    The economic crisis has made Greece one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Europe. In Athens you can book a three – or four-star hotel for $ 100. If you rent a house in the countryside, housing will be even cheaper. Beautiful nature, numerous beaches, delicious food will hardly leave anyone indifferent. The local people always welcome visitors. By the way, the Souvenirs also cost a penny.

  • Morocco

    Many tourists dream to visit Morocco, but keeps them a confidence that this trip will be very expensive. In fact it is one of the most affordable in African countries. Especially if you find a cheap flight. Housing there for every taste and budget – from budget hotels and hostels to luxurious five-star apartments. The food in Morocco will cost from 2 to 15 dollars for dinner for two: appetizers, main course and mint tea in unlimited quantities. If you are a vegetarian – then you’re in luck even more. In Morocco, vegetables are much cheaper than meat, and the fresh fruit cocktails are less than $ 1. As Souvenirs you can purchase various leather goods – they will cost from 5 to $ 60.

  • Guatemala

    Among the countries of Central America Guatemala is not as popular as neighboring Costa Rica. However, this makes it a cheaper option for travel. Villas and hotels in atitlán lake as beautiful as in similar places in Europe, and cost much less. You can go inland to visit local villages and markets and to get acquainted with the unique culture of the country.

  • Las Vegas

    If you think that the rest of Las Vegas can only wealthy people – you’re wrong. Visit the capital of gambling for quite reasonable money. Yes, luxury hotels and casinos is focused on a consistent audience, but also for tourists on a budget in Las Vegas there are many opportunities to have fun. Accommodation in two – and three-star hotels in the city center is inexpensive. Besides, most hotels offer tourists a free Shuttle service to the main street (Strip). You can save considerably, if not come in weekend rates at hotels on weekdays two times lower. Same thing with the tickets to the show – better to buy them in the middle of the week. You can eat in cheap restaurants. From free entertainment – fountains, winter gardens and an open air cinema.

  • Ecuador

    Ecuador is an affordable destination for travel, especially if you choose a route away from the popular tourist trails. Housing here is cheap, but groceries for the week cost in local markets of $ 10. While in Ecuador, there really is something to look at – coastal cities, for example, Montanita, can boast beautiful beaches, nearby volcanoes, and famous hot springs at the mouth of the Amazon and the majestic Andes. The country is easy to navigate on buses, and domestic flights are different democratic prices. If you find a volunteer program, your trip will be even cheaper.

  • Cambodia

    Maybe tickets to Cambodia are not cheap, but once you get in this country, costs will be minimal. Transport and food are worth pennies. And staying in international chain hotels here are much less than in other countries in the Asian direction. Various companies organize tourist trips along the Mekong river with a visit to the coastal villages. During this trip you can see the floating markets, beautiful rice fields and if you want to talk with Buddhist monks. And all this at affordable prices.

  • Albania

    This forgotten corner of Europe has to offer tourists an unforgettable trip along the coast with beautiful beaches, ports and fish markets. Albania gives the opportunity to tourists to enjoy the Mediterranean sea at affordable price. Accommodation here costs from $ 5. Inexpensive cost of sea fishing and boat trips to nearby Islands. To visit many historical sites are free, in other cases, the ticket will not cost more than $ 5. The medieval city of gjirokastër, the Roman ruins in Butrint make Albania a country definitely worth a visit.

  • Bali

    If you want to go to an exotic country, but not willing to throw money down the drain – go to Bali. There you can easily find a Villa with pool and views of the stunning rice fields at a price of $ 50 per day. Besides, Spa treatments and transport on Bali are much less than in other exotic countries, and the local food is very diverse and affordable prices.

  • Canada

    Canada – another budget direction. If you choose to travel to the North you can save considerably. Here you can taste the best dishes of French cuisine – oysters and pastries – great-prices, picturesque streets and enjoy the night parades and canoe races during the winter festival in January and February. If you pre-buy tickets, the trip will be inexpensive.

  • Georgia

    Georgia has become in recent years to attract many travelers. And no wonder – this country has something to offer tourists: beautiful landscapes, unique culture and traditions, unique local cuisine and hospitality. In addition, local residents claim that Georgia – cradle of wine (history of winemaking here has about 8 thousand years). Dinner for two in the Georgian restaurant will cost less than $ 30. The perfect option for travelers who want to save.

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The first fully automated mobile store will appear on the streets of Shanghai this summer. The Moby project is made by the creators of the Swedish startup Wheelys.
To get to the shop will help a special application — without it, the door just won’t open. To meet customers will be holographic virtual salesman, who can himself calculate the value of purchases and to withdraw money from the card.
Regular customers will receive an opportunity to order necessary products well in advance. It will be enough just to make the order in the app and evenings Moby will bring it especially for you. Read More →

When anyone of the actors or Actresses are asked to describe the feeling of shooting sex scenes, in all the stories is dominated by two feelings – the discomfort and awkwardness. Of course, these scenes may look sexy, but actually it is only the magic of cinema, because it is in the frame occurs most often something other than the impulses of passion and love. In other words, the sex scene is the worst, through what are actors. This is their General opinion. However, there are several celebrities who ate a dog on these episodes, and they claim that they did not feel any awkwardness or before the partner nor before the crew.

  • Ian Somerhalder

    While the ex-girlfriend of Ian and part-time co-star on “the Diary of a vampire” Nina Dobrev right and left talked about how her enraged sex scenes in this series, Ian showed the opposite reaction. He argued that such episodes are always fun to shoot, and besides it fun to play them. He also States that those who don’t like them, obviously have some problems. “With you something is wrong, if you can’t have fun in bed scene,” says Somerhalder.

  • Zac Efron

    Zach long been no stranger to sex scenes, and lately, it is constantly asked what it’s like to play sex in “Lucky”. To this he answers – it’s not a bad day on the set, and partner Taylor Schilling is so beautiful and talented that it could not be better. Also partners of Zack’s bed on the screen was Imogen Poots, Nicole Kidman and Heather Graham. Despite this abundance, the actor said that the only awkward moment in a sex scene is to talk about them in an interview.

  • Jamie Dornan

    When the first film was “50 shades of grey” Dornan and his partner Dakota Johnson told me that such explicit scenes were not very comfortable for them both. But the second film all the awkwardness, according to Jamie, is gone. Actor and part-time father of two children said: “the Best way to remove it is to just try to laugh together. My goal was to amuse Dakota, so nothing prevented us to enjoy it.”

  • Scott Eastwood

    Scott Eastwood as his great father, looks nice in a sex scene. One of the most famous scene from the movie “a long way” – almost became legendary. In Eastwood with her partner Britt Robertson bathe together in the shower. The actor claims that he enjoyed this state of Affairs, and otherwise, if you’re under warm water with a beautiful girl. Interestingly, I thought the boyfriend of the actress Dylan O’brien, when he heard such comments about his girlfriend.

  • Jon Hamm

    Most likely, a very awkward scene involving John ham in the movie “bridesmaids” was much worse to watch than to shoot. At least Sam Hamm on sex scenes says: “It’s like running in the rain – for a moment, unpleasant, and then you’re wet and you’re getting anyway. And in a sex scene – less wet I’m not going, so why not enjoy what you have”. So John is enjoying.

  • Hugh Grant

    Well, this guy ever since the scandals with prostitutes used for publicity, even in intimate terms. So it is not surprising that he’s a big fan of sexual scenes in the movie. “I like the experience that allows you to create an intimate setting in circumstances that do not have”. According to Hugh, this is the most interesting work on the site. Let’s hope his partner think the same way. However, lately he seems to emerge from the age when such scenes have to offer.

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Each of us, going on vacation, somehow pretends in mind how much money to bring, and how to relax, and once again the temptation not to succumb. Meanwhile, ordinary travellers are limited to the recommendations of friends, a large company like website to sell Hoppa tickets do their own research. So, recently they decided how much it will cost to overnight in a good hotel, a small cab ride (3 km), food and drinks in a couple dozen places on the planet. The results they brought in a ranking of 19 of the most affordable cities for tourism from the Islands of Southeast Asia to European historical centers. Such information will never be superfluous, so be sure to read it and save for the future!

  • 19. Phuket, Thailand: £121.01 ($171.01)

    Taxi: £ 1,41 ($ 1,99) Hotel: £ 83,31 ($ 117,73) Food: £ of 19.27 ($ 27,23) Pint of beer: £ 1,80 (us$ 2.54) Cup of coffee: £ 1.93 and ($ 2,73) Bottle of wine: £ 12,74 ($ 18)

  • 18. Sao Paulo, Brazil: £118.99 ($168.15)

    Taxi: £ 2,25 ($ 3.18 million) Hotel: £ 89,50 ($ 126,48) Food: £ 21,15 ($ 29,89) Pint of beer: £ 1,01 ($ 1,43) Cup of coffee: £ 1,23 (us$ 1.74) Bottle of wine: £ 7 ($ 9.89)

  • 17. Barcelona, Spain: £ 112,83 ($ 159,45)

    Taxi: £ 5,52 ($ 7,80) Hotel: £ 66,76 ($ 94,34) Food: £ of 30.44 ($ is 43.02) Pint of beer: £ 3.35 in ($ 4,73) Cup of coffee: £ 1.60 m ($ 2,26) Bottle of wine: £ 3,98 ($ 5,62)

  • 16. Toronto, Canada: £ 112,18 ($ 158,53)

    Taxi: £ 7,26 ($ of 10.26) Hotel: £ 81,74 ($ 115,51) Food: £ 35,36 ($ 49,97) Pint of beer: £ 2.98 for ($ 4,21) Cup of coffee: £ 2,24 ($ 3.17 m) Bottle of wine: £ 8,02 ($ of 11.33)

  • 15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: £ 104,85 ($ 148,17)

    Taxi: £ 3,36 ($ 4,75) Hotel: £ 82 ($ 115,88) Food: £ 21,15 ($ 29,89) Pint of beer: £ 1,20 ($ 1,70) Cup of coffee: £ 1,21 (USD 1.71) Bottle of wine: £ 6,77 ($ 9,57)

  • 14. Antalya, Turkey: £ 100,12 ($ 141,48)

    Taxi: £ 2,63 ($ 3,72) Hotel: £ 74 ($ 104,57) Food: £ 11,75 ($ 16,60) Pint of beer: £ 2,50 ($ 3,53) Cup of coffee: £ 1,88 ($ 2,66) Bottle of wine: £ 5,66 ($ 8)

  • 13. Prague, Czech Republic: £ 94,92 ($ 134,14)

    Taxi: £ 2.10 ($ 2.97) Hotel: £ 86,23 ($ 121,86) Food: £ 16,90 ($ 23,88) Pint of beer: £ 1 ($ 1.41) Cup of coffee: £ 1.49 ($ 2.11) Bottle of wine: £ 3,73 ($ 5,27)

  • 12. Gran Canaria, Spain: £ Revolution Of 88.69 ($ 125,33)

    Taxi: £ 1,47 ($ 2,08) Hotel: £ 60,80 ($ 85,92) Food: £ of 26.64 ($ 37,65) Pint of beer: £ 1,63 ($ 2,30) Cup of coffee: £ 1,44 ($ 2,03) Bottle of wine: £ 4,95 ($ 7)

  • 11. Berlin, Germany: £ 81,26 ($ 114,83)

    Taxi: £ 9,13 ($ 12,90) Hotel: £ 46,42 ($ 65,60) Food: £ of 30.44 ($ is 43.02) Pint of beer: £ 2,47 ($ 3,49) Cup of coffee: £ 2.06 to ($ to 2.91) Bottle of wine: £ 4,00 ($ 5,65)

  • 10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: £ 81,26 ($ 114,83)

    Taxi: £ 0.75 ($ 1.06) Hotel: £ 51,57 ($ 72,88) Food: £ 10,75 ($ 15,19) Pint of beer: £ 3,16 ($ 4,47) Cup of coffee: £ 2 ($ 2.83) Bottle of wine: £ 10,62 ($ 15,01)

  • 9. Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt: £ 78,86 ($ 111,44)

    Taxi: £ 1,37 ($ 1,94) Hotel: £ 43,75 ($ 61,83) Food: £ 28,52 ($ 40,30) Pint of beer: £ 2.14 ($ 3.02) Cup of coffee: £ 0,86 ($ 1,22) Bottle of wine: £ 5,12 ($ 7,24)

  • 8. Corfu, Greece: £ 78,45 ($ 110,86)

    Taxi: £ 5,38 ($ 7,60) Hotel: £ 42,47 ($ 60,02) Food: £ 20,93 ($ 29,58) Pint of beer: £ 2,37 ($ 3,35) Cup of coffee: £ 2,05 ($ 2,90) Bottle of wine: £ 8,49 ($ 12)

  • 7. Auckland, New Zealand: £ 73 ($ 103,16)

    Taxi: £ 7,17 ($ 10,13) Hotel: £ 45,37 ($ 64,11) Food: £ 38,85 ($ 54,90) Pint of beer: £ 3,49 ($ 4,93) Cup of coffee: £ 2,19 (us$ 3.09) Bottle of wine: £ 7,79 ($ of 11.01)

  • 6. Faro, Portugal: £ 67,58 ($ 95,50)

    Taxi: £ 1,05 (of 1.48) Hotel: £ 38,40 ($ of 54.26) Food: £ 22,83 ($ 32,26) Pint of beer: £ 2,68 ($ 3,79) Cup of coffee: £ 0,85 ($ 1,20) Bottle of wine: £ 3,54 ($ 5)

  • 5. Cape Town, South Africa: £ 66,02 ($ 93,30)

    Taxi: £ 5,96 ($ of 8.42) Hotel: £ 49,79 ($ 70,36) Food: £ 17,15 ($ 24,24) Pint of beer: £ 1.15 m ($ 1,63) Cup of coffee: £ 1,12 ($ 1,58) Bottle of wine: £ 3,86 ($ 5,45)

  • 4. Hanoi, Vietnam: £ 63,16 ($ 89,25)

    Taxi: £ 1,22 ($ 1,72) Hotel: £ of 41.26 ($ 58,31) Food: £ 10,78 ($ 15,23) Pint of beer: £ 0,47 ($ 0,66) Cup of coffee: £ 1,10 ($ 1,55) A glass of wine: £ 7,08 ($ 10,01)

  • 3. Bangkok, Thailand: £ 61,44 ($ 86,82)

    Taxi: £ 1,76 ($ 2,49) Hotel: £ 37,12 ($ 52,46) Food: £ of 15.42 ($ 21,79) Pint of beer: £ 1,95 ($ 2,76) Cup of coffee: £ 1,87 ($ 2,64) Bottle of wine: £ to 11.32 ($ 16)

  • 2. Tenerife, Spain: £ 58,68 ($ 82,92)

    Taxi: £ 2.91 ($ 4.11) Hotel: £ of 39.49 ($ 55,81) Food: £ of 24.74 ($ 34,96) Pint of beer: £ 1.49 ($ 2.11) Cup of coffee: £ 1,01 ($ 1,43) Bottle of wine: £ 3,60 ($ 5,09)

  • 1. Budapest, Hungary: £ 40,34 ($ 57,01)

    Taxi: £ 4,65 ($ 6,57) Hotel: £ 23,23 ($ 32,83) Food: £ 19,57 ($ of 27.66) Pint of beer: £ 1,11 ($ 1,57) Cup of coffee: £ 1,25 (USD 1.77) A glass of wine: £ 3,57 ($ 5,04)

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