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As is known, in our life there are no trifles. For human health is important to all, including the presence or absence of small, at first glance, irritating factors. For example, if you ever get nervous because of the time lost in traffic jams or worry about trouble at work, you can earn a bad stress. And this stress can manifest itself not only «hot on the trail», but 10 years later! 
This is not a myth, but the result of scientific research, which the British scientists have conducted even in the 90-ies of the last century. It turned out that the majority of respondents then 800 people continue to suffer because of the proven 10-20 years ago experiences. 
Road conflict, dissatisfaction with the boss, quarrel with the «second half» – such «trifles» will fill our days, of which consist years. It is very important not to allow small annoying moments take us over the top – need to learn to ignore them and look at the world positively. Because mental illness is not a joke, they can cause very serious damage to health. 
By the way, do you know that the car stoppers in Moscow – the longest in the world? Probably, that is why the Russian drivers were recognized as the most aggressive. Manage your own emotions! Read More →

Социализированная shell Facebook for Android, which pretends to be the first smartphone from Facebook. Rumors that Facebook is preparing to submit its own smartphone, went a long time ago. And here in the first week of April 2013, they finally embodied in the life: mark Zuckerberg officially demonstrated public Facebook. However, it became clear that from Facebook there, mainly, only the graphical shell for the operating system. 0 0 The company does not began to produce its own gadget. Under the Facebook adapted smartphone HTC, equipped with a dual-core Snapdragon processor 400, a 4.3-inch screen, Gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of internal memory and two chambers: the 5 MP and 1.6 MP. On it have installed the Android operating system 4.1 to the Facebook Home, allowing to simplify the access to all services sotsseti. 0 Facebook Home replaces the standard desktop interface Android 4.1 on the tape of the news of Facebook. Thus, there is no need to open the application to put the like, update status or upload to соцсеть new photos. Break away from the news, to read new VMS, we do not need. All new messages are opened in a small window on top of it. To view the old SMS and get an access to other applications installed on your smartphone, just click on the icon at the bottom of the screen. However, Facebook HTC First will not have the exclusive right to «socialized» interface. Platform Facebook Home it will be possible in the near future independently set for HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and S4 Galaxy. The shell is available in Google Play already on April 12. Read More →

Eye cream against wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Correction eye cream from the male line Babor is intended mainly for the struggle with the early wrinkles, but will also help with the swelling, dark circles around the eyes and skin dryness. The effect, according to the manufacturer, noticeable almost immediately. 0 Read More →

5 events and places, which are worth a visit in Moscow at the weekend: The wood and the exhibition of rocket engines, «TRANS» in the cinema festival In Czech and restaurant «Shinok».

The Wood. Britain. 1973-2012

0 Well-dressed ladies, kids at the bus stop, turn in the store, the family on the beach – this is characteristic of the subjects of the British photographer Tom wood, the exhibition which before may 12, can be seen at the Cultural Foundation «Ekaterina». Social reporting wood fully devoted to the everyday life of the United Kingdom in the last 40 years. At the exhibition, organized in the framework of the Biennale «Fashion and style in photography», will be shown only the best of them.

Strategic inheritance

0 Objects of outer engine building, recently released from the label «secret», for the first time will be shown in the Polytechnic Museum from 5 to 21 of April. In the photos – workers in industrial environments, the video – the creation of the spacecraft, among the exhibits – the rocket engine in size as artistic symbol of power of the production process. It is thus the unity of the history of the enterprise and the state demonstrates OJSC «Energomash» (the leading company of the Russian Federation on the development of rocket engines), in a joint project with the artists creative Union «Lead and Cobalt»: Sergey Сониным and Elena Самородовой.


0 The most expected premiere of the week – a detective Thriller, where the main role played James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and the rosary Dawson. The Director of the film is an Academy award-winning Danny Boyle, known to viewers of the film «On the needle», «Millionaire from the slums», as well as the show for the 2012 Olympics in London. In the center of the киноистории – art Simon, who steals a painting by Goya with the help of the gangster Frank. But after a blow to the head from accomplices Simon loses his memory. In the pursuit of invaluable production crime boss Frank employs a psychologist-hypnotherapist to search for pictures. But the more recalls Simon, the dramatic becomes the story – and it is already not clear, who exactly committed the perfect преступление.

Czech In. Festival of Czech cinema

0 The cinema «35 mm» continues the traditional festivals of the national cinema. From 5 to 9 April is scheduled showing of 6 Czech paintings, brought to Moscow for the first time – the «Tiger-graffiti», «Бутончики», «the Night too young», «Personal space», «4 the sun» and «In the shadows». The last film received a prize of the International film festival in palm springs and was awarded the «Czech lion» in several nominations. Other films shows different facets of the Czech Republic: the loneliness in a crowd, the hopelessness of the provincial existence and dreams of a better life. Each of the films selected for the festival of Czech In – worthy heir of the Czech кинотрадиции, the representatives of which including are Emir Kusturica, Milos Forman and Yang Шмидт.

Restaurant «Shynok»

0 The weekend is always a great reason to visit new places on the gastronomic map of Moscow. For example, a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine with a 15-year history, has recently survived re-branding. The changes affected not only the logo «Xinca» and a map of the dishes, but also the interior. Now the premises of the restaurant is transformed into a loft with an open kitchen. While the place was closed for repairs, cooks making the rounds of all the Ukraine in search of new recipes. In the end, your kitchen diversified assortment of bacon, chicken tobacco on the Seine, свекольное ice cream and other деликатесы. Read More →

Scientists claim that male hair loss at an early age may be a sign of serious problems related to health.
Experts believe that men who do not reaching 50 years of age, already started to lose his hair, almost in 2 times more at risk of getting a heart attack, unlike their peers not suffering from alopecia.
Also increases the risk of the development and other diseases of cardio-vascular system among the early balding males. With such men the risk increases by 22%.
The results of this study shared the Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo, after examining the data on health status and on the degree of hair loss more than 40 thousand men.
But scientists have yet to be fully elucidated the relationship between baldness and cardio-vascular diseases. Experts believe that hair loss can speak about the hidden disease that causes heart problems, for example, chronic inflammation, increased sensitivity to testosterone or resistance to insulin. Read More →

Blue as the main color of the season in the spring collection of Roberto Cavalli. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Read More →

You will be surprised, but the constant thoughts about food help to lose weight. It is the scientists ascertained the UK. 
It turns out, before sitting down at the table, need to be dream, what would you like to eat, and imagine this coveted food. Can be considered boxes and other packaging from under favorite foods. And during the meal to be thinking only about what you eat, and not be distracted by reading, watching TV or communicate in social networks.
The fact is that, by focusing on the food that you eat much less. But if absorb the delicious sandwiches or salads between business, not noticing that you are in yourself «you throw», it will be difficult to stop in time. 
One more piece of advice from scientists: try recorded in a special book of all that you eat during the day. Having analyzed their records, for example, for two weeks, you clearly see, that was distinctly odd, from which you can be dropped. This will help to make right conclusions. 
So – develop own culinary imagination, dream about food, concentrate on her! However, the research results so far are only valid for people whose weight is normal or slightly above the norm. What do those who suffer real obese, it is not yet clear. We will wait for further research. Read More →

Five of video games, which teach you to appreciate nature, to see music and speak the language of programming. There are plenty of options, as jitters after a long day of work. Someone goes to the gym, someone – in the club or bar, and some who like to relax, «zalipnuv» in any video game. Trendymen gathered five games, which, though, and can not boast of a revolutionary graphics, but can teach you something useful. For example, to get acquainted with the latest экотехнологиями, JavaScript, or possess the skill of creating music mixes.

Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior

Always wanted to learn the basics of programming, but on portrayed books like «C++ for dummies» never enough time? Developers of Kuato Studios solved this problem by releasing a game that neither more nor less teaches programming language JavaScript. 0 At the disposal of the two players, fighting with each other over a network in real-time, battle robots, the management of which is carried out with the help of input in console commands in JavaScript. Of course, become a professional programmer with the help of this game will not work, but to motivate themselves to a more detailed study of the subject is quite real. In addition to the main list of commands in the game and there are secret codes, to which users should have thought of yourself. As a result, they not only receive a special abilities for their robots, but also be able to change themselves, literally «to rewrite» the code of the game for yourself. So far Hakitzu is only available for the iPad, but developers are going to adapt it to other platforms.

Plan It Green

Game Plan It Green is focused more on the children’s audience, but it did not stop to play and adults, especially those on whose responsibility is the worsening of the ecological situation on our planet. The game can be attributed both to the category of economic simulators, as well as to the training manual, which demonstrates the benefits of green technologies. In Plan It Green, the user plays the role of the mayor of the city, the objectives of which include not only point construction (as some of the present mayors), but also care about the environment and health of the inhabitants. All of the buildings in the game can be rebuilt and put into operation of new, cleaner technologies. So, for example, can be installed on residential homes solar batteries, выкрашивать building environmentally friendly paint, improve the system of waste recycling, using alternative energy sources and many other things. The player with their own eyes can observe how each technology, which has analogues in reality, the impact on the environment.

Year Walk

Not many games can be attributed to the category of Arthouse, but the Year to Walk, without a doubt, it is one of them. The plot of a horror quest is based on the Nordic myths and legends: the player will pass various tests of spirits, to complete some mystical ritual. In the game process, the user must himself and learn how to manage, and understand the meaning of jobs, puzzles and puzzles – hints in the game are not available. Some tasks difficult to solve, if you do not write on paper. There are puzzles, which have ear for music player: for example, he offered to pick up the notes to background music. Year Walk fascinates not only play, but also the atmosphere: the player will feel the loneliness, despair and fear, facing his character. In addition, the game world and its inhabitants (or, more precisely, the mythical characters of the Scandinavian legends), are described in detail in a separate Annex-encyclopedia, which is available in the App Store for free.

Wave Trip

Game Wave Trip makes the music key element of the gameplay. The user controls the abstract глазастым triangle, which catches the «notes» and «noise». In accordance with the fact that he caught, the background music there are new sounds, the goal is to collect the most complete musical composition. However, the main feature of the game lies in the fact that the user is forced to «play» is exactly what conceived by the authors. Catching only the notes, that he wants to, you can create your own soundtrack. The game also has a built-in level editor, that is, the player can combine a variety of effects and sounds, creating your own track or a Remix.


This game still went on sale, but has already been nominated for the title of the best indie games summit in March IGF 2013. 140 – minimalistic platformer for electronic music fans, lovers of cubism and… синестетиков. Синестизм – this is the ability of some people to see sounds or music and correlate them with certain colors or images – a rare phenomenon, but confirmed and the psychologists. It also operates game 140: the world changes its color and form in accordance with background music, and the player must navigate in the abundance of paints and adjust their actions in accordance with what he sees and hears. Read More →

Nutritionists named cheddar cheese one of the most useful of the cheese. And also it is a good protection from caries. 
As experts said, cheddar cheese contains a high concentration of nutrients, necessary for people. This cheese is rich in calcium and protein. Therefore, it should include in your daily diet.
And not important, in what form this cheese will be at your Desk: whether the pasta with cheese or cheese soup benefit of the cheese will be the same. Doctors-dieticians say that this cheese stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn helps to neutralize the acid that destroys teeth.
cheddar, due to the low content of the lactose, is suitable for those people who suffer from lactose intolerance. However, this cheese has and contraindications and therefore, people suffering from headaches, it is necessary to limit consumption of cheddar cheese. All the reason in the тирамине, which is able to constrict blood vessels, as well as the influence on the processes of inhibition and the excitation of the nervous system. Read More →

School of public health at Harvard published a sensational results of their research. It turns out that in order to prolong his life for 2 years and more, you need two times a week to eat fatty fish! 
In research took part 2600 people over 65 years of age. These people were under the constant supervision of scientists, who were monitoring the state of their blood vessels and the heart. The presence in the blood of the high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, which are received into the body together with the red and the other oily fish, protecting people not only from an early death (such lovers of fish lived in the 2.2 years more than others), but also on the risk of development of many diseases. Scientists have sounded impressive figures: overall probability of dying from any of the diseases in those who regularly consume fish, reduced by 27%, and if we talk about the risk of death due to heart disease – it is in such gourmet on 35% less, than for those who are not accustomed to eating fish.
The advantages of the lovers of fish dishes were due to omega-3 fatty acids: they saturate the body and serves as a barrier to disease. An especially positive effect on the health of a red fish. However, the cheaper brands have a favorable effect – in addition to the trout, salmon and tuna, it is recommended twice a week include in the diet of sardines, mackerel, halibut, mackerel, or at least a fat herring. Read More →