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Salad, which is Packed in bags and sold in the supermarkets, may be even more dangerous than meat products. In particular because of the spread of infections Cryptosporidium. And get rid of these bacteria is possible only with the help of chemical and thermal processing of the product.
Expert bacteriology Joseph Pennington found in нарезном Packed salad bacteria, which can hardly be destroyed without heat or chemical treatment.
The Professor says: «it is Much safer to be, if a man eats a hamburger, which cannot be said about the lettuce leaves, which are inside the hamburger. After some scandals, connected with the detection of bacteria in the meat, the production of meat is amenable to a thorough check before it reaches the shelves of supermarkets. What can be said in respect of lettuce».
Salad packages can infect human Salmonella, листериями and криптоспоридиями. And the risk of infection is real and substantial. As the expert says, there is a way to disinfect products – the yield of its exposure. But it is unlikely that the public would approve of such radical measures. Therefore, the only thing that we can do is wash lettuce leaves under running water and soak for about an hour in cold water. Wash salad is necessary even when on its packaging indicates that it clean and ready to use. Read More →

Anti-theft system for the bike with a built-in accelerometer, GPS, and a connection to the smartphone. BikeSpike is intended to improve the efficiency of travel by bike and at the same time lose or defend it двухколесное vehicle from theft. The set includes the device itself, крепящееся to the bike, and an application for your smartphone or computer. 0 With the help of the latter can be assessed their success in Cycling: the speed, the distance and the most popular routes. The application also allows you to remotely close Bicycle «the castle», track, is someone trying to move it, and discover its location in case of loss. Read More →

The limited series hours Hublot, inspired by Depeche Mode. A series of Depeche Mode x Hublot Big Bang Watch – joint charitable project of the British group and the Swiss brand. Together they created a series of 250 hours, part of the funds from the sale of which will go to the provision of drinking water in developing countries. 0 The limited series is based on the model of hours Hublot Big Bang. The version of «from Depeche Mode’s» 44 mm housing is made of black ceramics with a pyramidal pattern, repeating on a leather strap, transparent back cover is decorated with the logo of Depeche Mode and Charity: water. See to them it will be possible including during the world tour of Depeche Mode, during which will be concerts in Russia. 0 The project in favor of providing drinking water to developing countries is the second collaboration of Depeche Mode and the Hublot watch. In 2010, in the framework of the campaign to combat teenage cancer, they created a limited edition series of 12 hours. The back cover of each model was decorated with the artwork of one of the 12 Studio albums Depeche Mode. Read More →

Sportcar with a touch of retro, created under the influence of the image of a Jaguar E-Type, 1961. On the map automotive England had another name. To the 50-anniversary of «the most beautiful car of all time» Jaguar E-Type company Lyonheart decided to release a limited series of ретрокаров K. Ideologically model has become the sequel of the concept Vizualtech Growler, shown to the public in 2011. 0 0 0 0 One of the main changes ретрокара in relation to the prototype became the body, which will be accessible and in купейной, and in родстерной variations. Outstanding, in all senses, the bonnet and the elegant lines of the body, half a century ago traced Malcolm Сэйером, have been delicately осовременены Bo Золландом and Robert Палмом. 0 0 0 0 0 Has become easier due to the use of aluminum body rests on the многорычажной suspension and chassis Jaguar XK. Impressive 575 horsepower gives the compressor motor V8 in volume of 5 litres, capable to accelerate the vehicle to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds. 0 0 0 Designed in the style of ретрокар is decorated with inlays of polished chrome and aluminium, as well as parts made of natural leather and wood handmade. The neck of the fuel tank located on the two rear wings, covered with lids made of stainless steel. 0 0 0 0 In spite of the proper occasion price (Lyonheart K Coupe estimated at 360 000 Euro, and Roadster Convertible to 15 thousand more expensive), almost all of the 250 copies have already found their future owners. The start of production is scheduled for the end of the year, but the manufacturer advance warning: before garages potential owners of the car gets only after one and a half-two years. Read More →

10 topical sweaters, jumpers for spring. Spring sweater differs from the winter not only warmth and the density of the material, but also the brightness of the colors and variety of prints. Still valid as pure colors, as well as unexpected combinations of materials, geometric compositions and ethnic patterns. choose the most interesting models of the season.

Ice Iceberg

Approximate price: 11 970 rubles


0 Approximate price: 4 500 rubles

Giorgio Armani

0 Approximate cost: 31 000 rubles

Raf Simons

0 Approximate price: 7320 rubles

Alexander Wang

0 Approximate price: 5 680 rubles


0 Approximate price: 13 680 rubles

Saint Laurent

0 Approximate price: 13 160 rubles

Orlear Brown

0 Approximate price: 4 640 rubles

Maison Martin Margiela

0 Approximate price: 10 320 rubles Read More →

A journey of 2 years and the price of the $ 1.5 million – British tourist office made a tour of all the main monuments of the UNESCO. The British Bureau of exclusive travel Hurlingham Travel has put on sale the most expensive and long tour around the world. The proposal, designed for two persons, it is worth 1.5 million dollars and includes a two-year cruise on 962 monuments of world heritage UNESCO. Moving from the Taj Mahal to the Forbidden City and the wooden houses of Sweden to the mounds of Illinois, a couple of tourists visit the 157 countries. All the way they will only stay in five-star hotels and fly by first – class, which to some extent explains the high cost of travel. 0 In the program of the tour included only safe list items UNESCO: that is, the monuments from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries-нарушительниц calm the tourists do not see. However, as they say in Hurlingham Travel, the content of the cruise and can be corrected in accordance with the wishes of the client. Buy (and customize) cruise you can through the Internet. The proposal of the tourist Agency posted on the site of Internet-shop VeryFirstTo, specializing in the «luxury ” products and activities, which can be adapted to a customer». Read More →

Limited reissue models дайверских hours 1970. Swiss watch company Vulcain presented Nautical Seventies – virtually identical replica of diving model, issued by the trademark in 1970. A clock face in the details repeats the original design of the 1970s. On it suffered decompression tables that can be handled by means of rotation of the inner ring. Color gamma model – white-orange-and-black, covered with white fluorescent composition of the sentries indices and arrows. 0 Housing Nautical Seventies (diameter 42 mm) made of stainless steel. Dial closes хезалитовое glass. Rear housing cover triple that allows it to perform the role of the resonance chamber, ensuring the sound of the alarm. The model is equipped with a manufactory mechanism with manual winding Vulcain Cricket V-10 to 25 stones, 42-hour reserve and working under the water alarm clock. The water resistance of the clock is 300 meters. Printing model – 300 copies. Read More →

Every bodybuilder, whether a beginner, Amateur or Pro, visiting a gym, wants to get the most out of all of the training. However, not everyone knows what to stress and what exercises to perform, to achieve the desired results. Many follow the standard programs, which were written by someone unknown and it is unclear for what purpose. The main thing that you need to do to achieve muscle growth-set a clear goal, the steps of which is to necessary training and physical exercise. However, no such program that would fit all perfectly – you have to make it for myself. What exercises in her turn – we will help.
1. Squats. This is one of the most basic exercises in bodybuilding. Squats not only shake his feet, but also make a bodybuilder really stronger. Squats are a great way to increase the overall force, to improve mobility of muscles and exercise balance. However, this exercise is one of the most complex, so when you run it you need to follow the right technique, otherwise the high risk of injury.
2. Press. The exercises on the press form a powerful torso. In addition, strong abdominal muscles will help you in the implementation of many other exercises – deadlift, squat, etc.
3. Deadlifts. This exercise is not very welcomed many fans, however, it involves a lot of muscles at once. During the deadlift you kill several birds with one stone – shake your legs, press back, and train the strength and improve balance. Deadlift is necessary for everyone who wants to achieve good results in the gym.
4. Pull-UPS. Many bodybuilders know that pull – one of the favorite exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it is not a coincidence. For those, who wants to have a strong and really impressive back, pull-UPS should be the number one exercise. If подтягиваетесь a few times, then do not despair – start with the small, and gradually you will be able to be tightened more.

5. The bench. This is unlikely to be someone does not agree. This exercise is the basis for all bodybuilders, without exception. Whatever your program, no matter what goals you would like to no set – bench press is required.
Defining for themselves the main objectives of training, you should strictly follow them, a lot of work and patience. The results never comes too quickly for him to go, paving the way then and exhausting workouts. Even if you are working with small masses, then you should not despair – permanent and regular training, during which you will be working to achieve this goal, will help you to reach the most mass and the large muscles. Read More →

Scientists from the American heart Association, warned that the carbonated soft drinks, and sports drinks and fruit juices can be deadly dangerous for health. 
According to the statistical data around the world each year from the use of non-carbonated sugar drinks kills more than 180 thousand people. And these indices are equal to the rates of death from asthma.
The experts carried out an analysis of the information, which covers 60% of the population of the planet, in order to have an idea of the amount of consumption of the drinks that contain sugar. The scientists came to the conclusion that a large percentage of people who drink sweet drinks are often overweight and obese, and other diseases that are associated with being overweight. Among the reasons for the deaths of 70% is this diabetes, while 30% share of cardio-vascular diseases and some types of cancer. 
These results were announced at a conference of the American heart Association on epidemiology and prevention, nutrition, physical activity and metabolism.
Also scientists from the USA have come to conclusion, that the uncontrolled use of sugar drinks can lead to a disease of locomotor system, as osteoarthritis.
According to the same statistical data of the low level of mortality among the residents of Japan, who are not fond of carbonated beverages. And most of all deaths from a can of soda is noted in the Caribbean region and Latin America. Read More →

Celebrities of our time and their counterparts from the great people of the past. For anybody not a secret, that every one of us somewhere on the planet there is a double. Internet users have decided to find a copy of the famous people of our time among the most significant personalities of various historical epochs. As a result of the experiment, it was discovered that mark Zuckerberg has similarities with the Spanish king Philip IV, and Alec Baldwin is similar to Millard Fillmore.

Oscar Wilde / Hugh Grant 


The king of Spain Philip IV / mark Zuckerberg


Millard Fillmore / Alec Baldwin


Paul Revere / Jack Black


Joseph Pulitzer / Dustin Diamond


Charles Darwin / George Carlin 


Monet / Keanu Reeves


Maggie Джилленхол / Rose Wilder Lant


Alexander Severus / Eminem


General George Patton / Donald Trump

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