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In the spring-summer season, 2013 designers offer us, the men, the choice is much more, than usually. This concerns, styles, and colors. 
So you don’t get lost, picking up his image for the season spring-summer of 2013, MEN’s LIFE will tell you about some rules of selection.
This spring and summer, give preference bright colors. Do not be afraid to combine in his attire several shades of light tones. 
And where are without a jacket? Where-where to? In the shop! Don’t forget to fill your wardrobe jacket in the style of casual, which then you can combine with your favorite jeans or trousers чинос.
In the season of spring-summer 2013 designers focus on a bit of a rough form of a jacket. Needn’t trouble yourself or your girl Ironing. The ease and easy помятость make your image more characteristic.

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The last tree, mirrored people and forest design hotel – ecoprojects as an art course. Technologies are developing, the city is growing, but the waste is becoming all the more. This is the neglect of the environment and the waste of natural resources has inspired many artists and designers at attracting attention to the problems of the environment. Of course, this is done in any way they can: creation of installations, performances, and art objects, United under a common definition: ecoprojects.

Forest design hotel

0 To become closer to the ground you can, paradoxically, at the height of 4-6 m from it: in one of the rooms of the complex Treehotel in the city Харадс, Sweden. Guests in it is placed in the apartments on the tree. Each of the 6 rooms decorated in a special style and equipped with all comforts: sewage, water-supply and electricity. Guests of the hotel can choose «little house on the tree» to taste: a flying saucer, «Jack», a cube with mirrored walls, futuristic appearance the cockpit or the red hut.

Without a knife cut

0 In the summer of 2011 artists Joachim Kaminsky and Mary poll walked through the forest in one of the historical provinces of Sweden. However, they came to the forest, not with empty hands, and with 15 meters foil, with the help of which and created the installation of the «Clear Cut». Artists visually «hacked» trunks in two, trying it to transmit their reflections on the life cycle of a pine forest. The average life cycle of a tree is 60 years, after which it is cut down, and in its place сажается new (if he was lucky enough to grow up in Sweden, but not in Russia). His экопроектом artists wanted to show, that in a few years, perhaps, not one of these trees will not. 

Stay alive

0 0 After two years of treatment and rehabilitation works on the coast in Japan, a victim of the strongest tsunami, the authorities have decided to perpetuate the memory of the giant pine tree is the only tree (from almost 70 000 trees), which managed to survive in the struggle with the elements. Pine height of more than 26 meters stood after the tsunami of about 18 months, but because of the high salt content in the soil still died. After that, it was replaced by a monument, which is an exact copy of the tree-hero. 

Spirits of the forest

0 The mirrored figures from acrylic glass Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland likes to stand in the green forests. From the point of view of achieving the maximum effect on the audience, which notice figures, only when confronted with them nose to nose, the place chosen very successfully. Local mushroom hunters have something to dislike Rob, because even in a prepared audience «mirror silhouettes» produce an eerie impression.

Forests in miniature

0 0 Flowers in pots on the window-sill – last century, now the plant of the house – it is rather an element of decor. James Modern brought home floriculture in the rank of art, and accounted for the amazing beauty and harmony of terrariums with plants from all over the world. At every job he goes for several months, during which he blows of glass terrarium, fills it with a certain soil and, finally, inhabits exotic plants. To each such «микромиру» supplied care instructions. Read More →

Wrong and disordered nutrition can affect your mood and even lead to depression. 
Such is the conclusion made by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, having conducted the experiment. In the scientific view of the study involved a group of students, a diet which previously consisted of useful food. They were asked for some time to refuse from the norms of proper nutrition and go to the junk food and fast food.  
After conducting this experiment, participants noticed that their mood and emotional condition worsened significantly and they began to feel depressed.
Summing up the results of the experiment, Christine Heron, an employee of the research center “Servi” (Survey)reported that malnutrition and timeliness in eating, not only lead to obesity, but may well have a negative impact on the mood of man. Read More →

5 events and places, which are worth a visit this weekend in Moscow.

Fashion and style in photography

Festival «Fashion and style in photography» will run in Moscow until may 26, but not all part of it will be going for so long. One of the first, on April 14, closes the cycle of the Dior Couture Frenchman Patrick Demarchelier, exhibited at the Manege. So these (or the following weekend is the time of its visit: to look at the photo evening dresses Dior from 1946 to our days and the celebrities in them dressed. Moreover, that among models Demarchelier such beauty, as Charlize Theron and Gisele Bundchen. 0 

Blixa Bargeld

On Sunday, 24 March with a concert in the updated Gogol-center will perform former guitarist of the cult band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Blix Баргельд. The German musician, also known as the founder of the experimental group Einstürzende Neubauten, in Moscow will arrive one, with his new solo project. The attention of the audience Blix keeps only one of his voice, familiar to even far from underground music listeners – it is brand cry woke up this morning was used for the sound of the roar of the mummy in the same horror. 0

1000 years of Inca gold. From the collection of the Museum «the Gold of Peru» 

This week in the Pushkin Museum in them. Pushkin opens a unique exhibition from the funds of the Peruvian gold Museum. Luxury gold jewelry (hats, curly suspension and plates, and decorations for the nose and ears, and numerous amulets) and ritual objects (the glasses and the vessels with the image of totem animals: Jaguar, Panther, Condor, snakes, etc., ceremonial knives for sacrifice) – all of this can be seen in the Pushkin until may 26. 0


Thriller about a maniac with Elijah wood in the main role – the most promising кинопремьера this week. Former hobbit Frodo (without the bare волосатых feet and curls, but in General not very changed) plays a major role – the owner of the shop mannequins, which at night hunts bounty of beautiful girls. Love and detective line are included. 0

Educational project «Garage» 

From March 22 to July 5, 2013 in the educational center «Garage» will read lectures on the history of contemporary Russian art, the main styles and the heroes of the Moscow underground, as well as the young stars of contemporary art. This Friday there will be held the first lecture: on the origins of the modern Russian art and the tradition of Soviet nonconformist art. The beginning at 19.30, entrance is free of charge. 0 Read More →

Air purifier on the basis of the technologies of NASA. Compact air purifier Airocide in addition to the standard mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria can neutralize the harmful evaporation paint, cleaning products, and even brought from dry-cleaning of clothes. Is it at the expense of application of a method of фотокатализа, based on the technologies used in the filters NASA. 0 Read More →

Smoking and pain in the back are directly connected among themselves, say doctors. 
Doctors conducted a survey of about 7 thousand patients who have had complaints of acute pains in the spine, the back and legs. This study shows the relationship between cigarette Smoking and pain in the back.
Among subjects aged over 55 years of dependence on cigarettes was at 8.9%and among patients younger than 55 years of age was 23.9% of smokers.
In the course of experiment the 25% of people of the senior age group quit Smoking and among the participants of the group of people aged under 55 years of cigarettes refused to 26,1%.
People, who have not abandoned pernicious habits, often complained of sharp pains in contrast, those who refused to cigarettes. Who threw smoke managed to not only find it easier to cope with pain symptoms, but also less than of their experience. 
Doctors strongly recommend that you get rid of such harmful habits as Smoking, thereby significantly improve your health. Read More →