Бассейн с историейBasins of the world, which have become tourist attractions
thanks to its interesting stories. In the pools, which are discussed, are not crowded contests wet t-shirts and are not held light show on the water, there is not even underwater sound systems. However, all this does not matter, because that would place became a cult classic, need only an interesting background. Therefore, annually attracts hundreds of tourists to these artificial oases, just to feel the special atmosphere, which from year to year is carefully preserved by the owners. Trendymen.ru found on the planet, 6 swimming pools, «biography», which is rich so entertaining facts that they could well refer to the attractions of a world scale. 0Marilyn Monroe in his first advertising photo shooting, hotel Roosevelt, 1950s   The Hollywood Roosevelt, USA 0 Around Los Angeles hotel «Roosevelt», built in 1927, still keep the spirit of the Golden era of Hollywood. Once in the Banquet hall of the hotel took place the 1st prize ceremony Oscar. It is only logical that the career of a film star Marilyn Monroe began here. First photo session a reason, but pretty Norms Jean Baker took place on the trampoline jumping in the pool at the Tropicana bar. After many years of pop art artist David Hockney decorated the bottom of the reservoir modern fresco. 0 The Hollywood Roosevelt
7000 Hollywood Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA,
Tel.: 323 466 7000 Wildflower Hall, India 0 Once the castle was the residence of the Commander of British forces in India. The new owners Wildflower Hall wished to remain interior that Lord Kitchener created according to your taste. So, outdoor pool reminds the stern of the warship, which soars above the mountains. Of course, in the days of Lord Kitchener reservoir not warmed, but the view from the hotel of the Himalayas get such as intriguing as it is now. 0 Wildflower Hall
Chharabra, Mashobra 171012,
Tel.: +91-11-2389 0606 Berkeley, England 0 5-star hotel Berkeley grew out of the diner for couriers, where you could spend the night in the rooms upstairs. Since then occupied territory grew, and the service was improved. Guide Berkeley often went on experiments, for example, first in London installing air conditioning and double glazing. The institution is trying to keep the spirit of Old England, including annually perform Ball debutantes. Soon the swimming pool will be closed for modernization, so those who wish to enjoy the atmosphere of the Foggy Albion should hurry up with booking. 0 Berkeley
Wilton Place, Knightsbridge,
London, SW1X 7RL,
England, UK
Tel.: 810 44 20 7235 6000 Audubon Cottages, USA 0 Today secluded Cottages are the oldest hotel in the French quarter. There has been visited by the famous naturalist John James Audubon and wrote ornithological work «Birds of America». Then Cottages became the first place in New Orleans, where the pool was located in the inner courtyard. Now Audubon Cottages is a place of pilgrimage birdwatcher, because in this urban oasis is still rare birds fly. 0 Audubon Cottages
509 Dauphine Street,
New Orleans, LA 70112
Tel.: 810 1 504-561-5858 Masseria Torre Maizza, Italy 0 Before restoration pool of the hotel Masseria Torre Maizza was just ruins of the ancient baths of the coast. After the restoration of the hotel and harmonization of the interior to the Mediterranean style, this place became popular among the fans of antiquity. Here you can swim in the pool, make the algae mask according to the old recipe and taste the dish caught fish – where people a century ago. 0 Masseria Torre Maizza
C.da Coccaro, 72015
Savelletri, Fasano, Puglia,
Tel.: 810 39 080 482 7838 Hotel 1898, Spain 0 The space that is now occupied by the heated pool at the hotel 1898», survived through many incarnations. Coal storage, a hiding place for smugglers, Bank, store cigarettes Philippine General tobacco company – each of historic milestones reflected in the interior of the hotel. Now «1898» has become a respectable hotel in the centre of Barcelona, but who knows what awaits him in the future. 0 Hotel 1898
La Rambla, 109,
08002, Barcelona
Tel.: +34 935 529 552
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