Artists, which were ahead of their time, have always existed. History shows that from their creativity critics and the public most often remained in shock and disgust – and only then, after a time, these works suddenly found themselves masterpieces of world art. For example, cubic experiments Picasso, which the authors of the art-book «Pretty Ugly: Visual Rebellion in Design» cited as one of the main examples.


Album, released in the light of famous publishing house Gestalten, explores the impact of such subversive inconsistent with the generally accepted ideas about the beautiful and aesthetic, experiences in modern design, illustration and photography. The authors believe that it is a violation of the rules and moves art forward. No one argues: it is enough to flip through the popular Western magazines миксующие fashion and modern art (such as i-D, Pop, Dazed and Confused) – to ensure that such tinkering, bright and geometric style already transformed into an independent school of polygraphic design.


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