Отжимания: мощные тренировки одного упражненияRelaxed the abundance of fitness centers, people forget that the easiest way to get in shape will help your own body weight. No expensive subscriptions, no extra time in the schedule: got up in the morning, quickly completed the training and go enjoy yourself. Well, that is for work, of course, what sort of Hiking. Try to start to get myself right with this simple workout from one exercise — believe me, the results will please you on the second week.

  • What you need to know

    More than three times a week to not do. The muscles need a recovery day or two if you are a beginner, less — if a no sports experience already. Breaks between sets should not exceed 40 seconds — and Yes, to abide by this pace will be difficult. Do not despair and beat yourself up if in the first days the normal push UPS will fail. Make up for more — most importantly, do not throw the case halfway.

  • Monday

    Start simple — on the first day only 25 push-UPS. Okay, this is just a ploy to work a lot more. The system is designed to reduce the number of reps (-1) with each approach. That is the first time I pressed 25 times, rest, wring out 24 times and so on until the end. Try to reduce interruptions every approach.

  • Environment

    Almost the same, but in the other direction. Start with 20 repetitions, adding one to each of the following approach. Need to reach to 45 — believe me, this is not as easy as it looks at first glance.

  • Friday

    Connected to the fingers and hand. Why? To include the muscles of the forearms. Beginners will be difficult, so right off the bat to tear is not worth it. In the first week start with one repetition, adding one more to 7-10. In the second week the number of repetitions can be gradually increased. Finished the pushups on your toes, relax, and go to the brushes — the principle is the same.

  • Diamond push UPS

    No need to start doing these push-UPS until you learn to do push-UPS at least 20 times normal grip. Place the brush so that the chest they form a rhombus. During a push-up ensure that the back remains flat, and chest press was constantly tense. Two approaches “diamond” push-UPS can be added to a regular program on the second or third week of classes.

Resources on the Internet: Pushups: powerful workout one exercise

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