Сними это немедленно: известные женщины о вещах, которые портят мужской образMen, fortunately, do not attach such importance to external appearance as women. However, we have to admit — we dress up with some eye on the opposite sex. That’s just doing it based on their own ideas about beauty, which are often important only to ourselves. We have collected the statements Actresses, fashion designers and beautiful girls about the disgusting things that allow themselves to wear men. Take note.


Eva Longoria


“Don’t need to use too much Cologne. And knitted sweaters — are you Hemingway? Or a sailor? Neither one nor the other? So remove your sweater!”


Emilia Fox


“Sandals. That’s really a horrible thing. And some manage to combine them with socks, thanks to the latest shows of Louis Vuitton and Adidas. Are you in the mirror and not see myself?”

Vivien Westwood


“With rare exception, I don’t like tattoos. Usually a man, making a couple of tattoos, and immediately begins to brag. Goes shirtless and the like. Yet, I don’t like it when a man wears a dress shirt not tucked in. Sometimes, Yes, it looks stylish. But, for the most part, like the baby-overgrown”


Laura Craik

Fashion editor The Times

“You know what really sucks? When the elastic band of your boxers visible logo. I don’t care your attitude to the creation of Calvin Klein and what do you think — is it worth it to advertise someone else with your genitals? Looks like, at least, stupid”



Carla Bruni


“The bow tie looks great at a dinner party at Downton Abbey, that’s where. It is a wonderful item, if it is combined with Butler who suits you, and Bank, which pays all the bills. A shirt with short sleeves and a butterfly, you don’t look fashionable. You look like a complete idiot”


Catherine Hayward

Editor, fashion Department, Esquire

“Sweater with V-neck. Or Mike. Or at least something. Looks like a complete misery, especially with a hairy chest… And pointy shoes, especially cheap. The combination of both — a great idea for the Italian outfit on Halloween”


Lena Heady


“Too tight pants. No one needs to see the man so — strapped, that is… dress for size, not fashion”

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