Регулярные занятия сексом продлевают молодость на 7 летScientists have proven that frequent lovemaking prolong a young man. Owing to sex, the body can rejuvenate your biological age of approximately 7 years.
Scottish Dr. David wicks, former head of the Department of psychology of the elderly at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, and several of his colleagues conducted a study demonstrated the dependence of rejuvenation from the regularity of sex. Maintaining the activity lovemaking, both men and women from the group of middle age in the end looked at 5-7 years younger than originally showed their biological age. By the way, scientists from Britain recently concluded that regular sexual activity reduces the risk of dying prematurely.
According to Dr. Уикса, people of all ages need to know what are the benefits of a healthy sexual life. Researchers have studied the issue for more than 10 years. The results showed that all participants of the survey aged 40-50 years, had sex twice регулярней (approximately 3 lovemaking in week 2 against), had a more youthful appearance.
Dr. sure that pleasure during sex, and there is a reason for the deceleration of aging. Important in this matter and biology, because during sexual intercourse blood are thrown out “hormones of pleasure endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. They minimize the anxiety of the body and make it easier to fall asleep.
Also lovemaking activate blood circulation, positively affects the skin and heart. During sex in the body is thrown and human growth hormone that supports the elasticity of the skin and slows the formation of wrinkles. And even sexual intercourse helps burn excess fat and strengthen the immune system.
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