Спасти АмерикуMovies about how the security of America is under threat. Independence day of the USA Trendymen.ru recalls movies about terrorists, aliens, and invaders, threatening the security of the state. And, of course, about brave heroes saving the country, and at the same time the whole world. Patriot 0 Is the year 1776 – bloody war for independence of the USA. Hero Mel Gibson, Mirny planter and a father of seven children, decides to stay away from her – but after the murder of the son of the British became commander of the most dangerous of the detachment of the rebels. «Patriot» is an ideal military-historical drama: here in moderation and intelligent Paphos, and battle scenes, and brilliant acting, and humor. The Fall Of Olympus 0 Director Antoine Fuqua managed to remove the tight and strong action in the best traditions of such classics of the genre as «die hard» and «Rambo». A textbook story about the terrorist threat to America, the capture of the White House and the President meets with the current trends of today’s terrorists are originally from North Korea, the fact that the script was written a year ago. Cast at a height of: the main role of the defender and a Savior of the USA takes the Gerard Butler, captured the President plays Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman speaks in her signature role of a wise old man. Independence day 0 The film, 1996 sudden alien threat, literally hanging over the Ground, immediately turned into a cult and has adopted a very 34th place in the ranking of highest-grossing American films. In кинофантастике 1990s «independence Day» developed motive fiction mid-century – notably the «War of the worlds» Orson wells, caused in its time a real panic among the population. Aliens from «independence Day» have nothing human and relentlessly hostile – so the whole world, forgetting strife, merged into a single impulse and the brave Americans save the Earth from destruction. Oh, and the fact that to an alien computer hardly been able to connect to the TCP/IP, you can close your eyes. The President’s Plane 0 The film has collected together all the stamps and cliches typical Pro-American militants: «Board number one», the plane of the President of the United States, hijacked-Communists of Russia, a brave President, patriot and hero of Vietnam, fighting for his life and safety of her family, team and country. The level of pathos in the film raised to such exorbitant levels, that in some moments the tape begins to resemble a thin political satire or a farce. The only thing that does not cause problems – the brilliant cast tandem Harrison Ford as President and Gary Oldman in the image of impulsive and ill-villain-terrorist. The prophet 0 Science fiction film based on the story of the famous science-fiction writer Philip dick «Golden man». Hero Nicolas cage has the ability to foresee the future, which poisons his life. He tries not to attract attention, there it was: the security Department of the United States receives a message about the impending explosion which will destroy Los Angeles. The hero will have a difficult choice… «Prophet» is a pretty interesting twisted science-fiction Thriller, the main feature of which is storytelling, developing simultaneously in two possible lines. A similar technique was used in the film «run, Lola, Run!». Avengers 0 Dream team of the most popular heroes of Marvel comics saves mankind – Hulk, Iron man, Hawkeye, Captain America oppose evil plans Loki. «The Avengers» perfectly illustrate the Hollywood trend to the collection of the most popular actors and characters on the same screen, started Undeterred». Directed by Joss Уидон copes with such a crowd of heroes, and with different storylines, and from the balance of dialogues and special effects spent $ 220 million. War of the worlds 0 In 2005, Steven Spielberg took up a free adaptation of the famous novel «War of the worlds» Orson Welles about the attack on humanity unforgiving aliens. In the center of events – simple crane performed by Tom cruise, who need to simultaneously manage to settle the problems with the former wife and children, and to save mankind. He is torn between these two objectives, and as a result, half of screen time given to the scenes in the spirit of family drama, but all the rest of the massacre organized by aliens, looks really scary. Internet resources: Save America

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