Ученые создали уникальный спрей от всех бактерийIn Israel was invented universal spray that bacteria on any surface.
Researchers have synthesized antibacterial the “miracle solution” on the basis of peptides. Scientists from the Hebrew University claim that the spray creates on the surfaces of protective coating like Teflon, which repels microbes.
The developers are confident that their know-how will be used in hospitals to help fight superbugs, on which antibiotics do not act. This spray can be used for disinfection of premises and all that’s in: pens, tables and door jambs.
Also a means to ensure protection of places of public accommodation, if breaks out any epidemic. Spray is suitable for offices, where protects from bacteria tables, computer mouse and keyboard. And it will become an irreplaceable in the shipping industry, not giving днищам vessels grow microorganisms.
Of course, the demand for novelty should appear in stores: for example, the products are wrapped in cling film coated data spray, will be stored for much longer.
Internet resources: Scientists have created a unique spray from all bacteria

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