Полноценный сон сохраняет здоровье сердцуScientists from the Netherlands conducted a study, which showed that the quality of sleep gives a healthy lifestyle more efficiency.
A study involving 14 thousand volunteers lasted for 10 years. Doctors managed to prove that sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The person who refused from Smoking, alcohol and malnutrition, and sleeping least seven hours a day, will be able to avoid many diseases. For example, the risk of diseases of blood vessels and the heart is reduced by 65%and to die from stroke or heart disease by as much as 83%.
But those who lead a healthy life, but occasionally not getting enough sleep, at great risk to their health. According to estimates, the risk of diseases of vessels and hearts of these people has gone down to less – only 57%, and the possibility of death from these ailments by 67%.
A little earlier American scientists came to the conclusion that regular sleep-deprived incredibly dangerous for women with heart diseases. As it turned out, those who sleep less than 6 hours a day and gets up early, doubles the amount of inflammation in the body is for women with coronary heart disease. Also psychologists believe that the ladies than men, more likely to experience sleep problems because of the more intense responses to stress.
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