Умный багажElectronic tags from British Airways will help save time at the airport. From July on flights British Airways begins a 3-month trial period for the introduction of «smart» baggage tags is reusable. These tags will speed the check-in Luggage of one of the last tests when boarding the plane, which is not yet automated. 0 The technology has been developed by the Agency Designworks more than a year. As a result – new tag, unlike the paper, is a small device, which contains information on the destination, and the passenger. The gadget has 2 screens on each side, which show the barcode with the customer data and destination. To delete the information about the last flight will need to click on the gadget a couple of buttons. 0 Of course, the passenger will still have to answer the question about who had Packed his bag and stand in line. However, with the advent of e-tags process is much easier, because you need only come to the front and put the Luggage, and the scanner will do the rest. Then the data on registration sent to the same tag using the smartphone’s owner. E-tag will be expensive, because it can be used many times. Its service life will be about 5 years», – says Lewis Freeman, a designer of industrial products of the company Designworks, which developed a concept of electronic tags. If the tests are successful, the first electronic tags will go on sale in 2014. The technology will be available exclusively on flights with British Airways. Internet resources: Smart baggage

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