Non-alcoholic cocktails, able to compete with Mojito and Sex on the beach. Once on the street 35, instead of Daiquiri and gin with tonic want to drink any alcohol. In this case Trendymen chose 7 recipes refreshing cocktails, in which not a single gram of alcohol. 0   Canary 0 Ingredients:
50 ml pineapple juice
50 ml of orange juice
50 ml of fresh lemon juice
20 ml banana syrup
20 ml vanilla syrup
How to prepare:
All components shake vigorously and strain into the glass. Decorate with a slice of orange.   Mojito Hibiscus 0 Ingredients:
50 ml of syrup Hibiscus from P&H Soda Company
30 ml lime juice
200 ml soda without glucose
vanilla sugar
How to prepare:
Mix the syrup and juice with a pinch of vanilla sugar. Pour over ice cubes in a glass. Add mint leaves and pour the syrup of hibiscus.   Float 0 Ingredients:
500 ml soda, Coca-cola or Pepsi
200 ml of black coffee
200 ml of ice cream
How to prepare:
In a tall glass pour coffee, then add soda. Top omit ball of ice cream. You can decorate cocktail cherry. Serve with a straw.   Asteroid 0 Ingredients:
100 ml of orange juice
100 ml pineapple juice
30 ml melon syrup
30 ml of syrup Monin Blue Curacao
How to prepare:
Beat vigorously juices and melon syrup, then strain into the glass. Stir blue syrup Curacao with crushed ice and carefully pour in over a glass of juice.   Ice giant 0 Ingredients:
800 grams of fresh watermelon
500 ml of Apple juice
2 tablespoons mint
How to prepare:
Cool Apple juice. Minced fresh mint, chopped watermelon and remove the seeds. Mix the juice and berries in a blender until smooth. Put in a glass of crushed ice. Pour a glass of drink and pour chopped mint.   Morning star 0 Ingredients:
300 ml of the mango juice
200 ml of kefir
1 tablespoon white honey
1 teaspoon coconut flakes
vanilla pod
How to prepare:
Put in a shaker all things except vanilla. Shake well and place in refrigerator for 1 hour. Then pour a glass of drink. Put there pod spices.   Nirvana 0 Ingredients:
15 ml coconut syrup
10 ml vanilla syrup
50 ml strawberry puree
50 ml cream
How to prepare:
A large wine glass to fill crushed ice. Add components to the queue, and then mix thoroughly. Decorate a glass of raspberry. Serve with a straw.

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