Спортом достаточно заниматься всего раз в неделюAccording to the researchers from the canadian Royal University in Toronto, sports not become less effective health to reduce them to a one-two times a week.
The most important thing – so to calculate the total weekly amount of time for exercise, that it is at least 150 minutes, that is, two and a half hours.
According to the professionals, adult, it is better to start lessons with moderate training, gradually increasing the intensity exercise. In General every week on sports load must spend 2.5 hours, but when it is desirable to their do – not mentioned.
Physicians of Canada conducted a study, volunteers which was about 2 thousand people in the age of from 18 till 64 years. As it turned out, and those who did physical exercises every day, and those engaged in sports at least, but with the same intensity, are equally affected one or another disease.
Professor Ian Janssen, author of the study, says that all those who exercise on weekends for 150 minutes, earn the same health benefits as and people doing every day for 20-25 minutes.
A little before scientists knew that by the moderate physical exercise men can extend its life by 2.4 years and women by as much as 3 years. Plus, sport sharpen the intellect.
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