Пляжная мода 2013Summer is here and that means it’s time to get fashionable clothes for the beach! Fashion experts of the Internet-store ShopTrus.ru will tell about tendencies of men’s beachwear
Long gone are the days when men on the beaches were dressed in some sort of унивормы – or dark trunks, or shapeless colorful shorts. Now mens swimwear diverse and intricate.
First of all, the revolution among the materials of which are modern men’s suits. They are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritation contact with skin, dry quickly, and not to «paint» body. In addition, representatives of a strong half of humanity now you can choose the colors to your liking: offers a variety of classic monotone models, and bathing suits with relevant drawings, inscriptions or interesting colour combinations. What colour to give педпочтения, only you can decide. It is worth considering that light colors highlight a tan, although they have washed more often. Relevant various camouflage pictures: they combine plaque masculinity and the latest fashion trends.

The assortment of models released in the collections of 2013 also please fans of very different styles. Those who prefer to substitute the rays of the sun as a large area of skin, will be to the liking narrow trunks and briefs, as followers of traditions can choose speeder appropriate style.

Going on a vacation, you should keep in stock a few options costume for the beach. This will save you from the question of how to attract the attention tanned Babes on the beach (Yes, for women it is important what a man is wearing!). Many акутальных models you will find on the website ShopTrus.ru in section For the beach
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