Татуированный овощLaser marking replace the labels on the products. While only in Europe. According to the new regulation of the European Union, to replace the labels come neat engraving made by a special laser. Now, producer data, price and expiration date will be burned out device to peel the vegetables and fruits. 0 Interestingly, «tattooing» fruit was coined in 1994 inventor Greg Дроллардом. However, for a long time, the technology is in doubt due to the use of chemicals such as iron oxides and hydroxides, I mean E172, thickener E464 and полисорбатов. 0 Nonetheless, the conditions of the modern consumer market have forced experts of the EU to reconsider, because laser marking will be able to protect the buyer from purchasing low-quality food from anonymous sellers. Besides, the innovation has an important environmental advantage is the absence of packaging waste can therefore affect the environment. 0 For the manufacturers of such a solution also looks advantageous. In addition engraving opens up new opportunities for marketing and advertising, the company can save on paper, glue and plastic. Internet resources: Tattooed vegetable

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