The Atelier d’Orient by Tom FordNew collection of perfumes from Tom Ford, inspired by Eastern Asia. This time a series of male perfume from home Tom Ford is devoted to the history and culture of the East. A new collection of Atelier d’orient, which is part of a line of Private Blend, making up 4 bottle Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais, Fleur de Chine and Rive d Ambre. Each of the fragrance library Atelier d’orient has a multifaceted and complex bouquet from spicy-wood to the flower exotic. 0   Plum Japonais 0Notes: Lao cinnamon, ripe plum, Japanese Camellia, saffron, cypress, agar, vanilla and immortelle. Sensual fragrance with fruity note – the mysterious, as she Asia. Fleur de Chine 0Notes: flowers tea, Chinese cedar, starry Magnolia, bergamot, Jasmine, blue, lilac, rose, peony, white peach, amber. Exotic floral fragrance inspired by the heroes of the Chinese fighters 30-60 years. Shanghai Lily 0Notes: bitter orange, pink and black pepper, carnation, tuberose, Laotian benzoin, incense and cashmere wood. A woody spicy aroma with a light floral scent. It was created in honour of the Great silk road. Rive d Ambre 0Notes: bergamot, lemon, cardamom, tarragon, mint, pear, cognac and amber. Spicy citrus perfume, reflecting the times of colonial elegance. All four songs from the new series of Atelier d’orient represented in bottles with volume of 50 and 250 ml concentration eau de Parfum. Buy fragrances can be in official shops at the price of from 7 000 to 19 000 rubles. Internet resources: The Atelier d’orient by Tom Ford

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