Первый трейлер GTA VThe cult series of games has a deserved continuation and new heroes. Rockstar Games presented the first official trailer with gameplay Grand Theft Auto V. Trailer gives an idea about the world of play and the way of life of the main characters, which will be three – Michael, Bank robber on pensions, Franklin starting a «career» a thief, and Trevor, military with the habits of the brutal psychopath. Users can switch between the three characters, each of which will have unique skills. Also known that in the GTA V will be available multiplayer mode with the possibility of creating gangs and improved sighting system. 0 Earned or stolen money now you can spend in different ways: «pump» wheelbarrow or invest in real estate. Place of action of the game has remained the fictional city of Los Santos, apparently copied from Los Angeles. Release of GTA V appointed on 17 September. The game will be released on consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. On the PC version and the other consoles are not yet known. Internet resources: the First trailer of GTA V

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