This year marks the 80th years of hot spring coffeemakers Moka – one of which entered the top five of the best examples of Italian design of the 20th century and at home is the home of 90% of families. Revision Trendymen loves coffee and appreciate the Italian design, so that I just could not miss such a case pay tribute to both.

Кофеварка Moka Express

The official history Moka coffee makers began in 1933. Then Alfonso Bialetti, the owner of the factory on production of aluminum parts, made the first geyser coffee. The idea to create this simple but effective mechanism of it, according to legend, inspired by primitive washing machine beginning of the century. It was a boiler with a trumpet at the center. Through a pipe water from the bottom of the boiler upward and soaked underwear.

Кофеварка Moka Express Mini 1 Tazza
Design coffee makers Moka Express Mini Una Tazza

Design created by Alfonso Bialetti coffee makers actually similar to this unit. Geyser Moka consists of three chambers: the lower one contains water, middle – ground coffee, the top is intended for finished coffee. When heated in the lower chamber of a vapour pressure pushes water through a pipe up in the cavity filled with coffee powder. From there, another pipe ready coffee falls into the upper reservoir. It seems just utterly. But for the 1930s it was a real discovery. Using such моки you can easily do at home sturdy as in a coffee shop, an espresso with the same flavor. To Bialetti this could not be achieved by anyone.

Кофеварка Cuor di Moka
Tea Cuor di Moka

The classical form of the coffee makers repeats silver coffee pots, in which at the beginning of the century drink was served on the table in rich houses. But Moka Bialetti was made solely of aluminium. Under Mussolini which was the most common in Italy metal. Stainless steel was embargoed, aluminium can be extracted on the territory of the Peninsula. However, Bialetti did not give up the metal and after the Second World war. Although now they do and steel, and even glass Moka, it is believed that aluminum is better. For example, in the process of use on their walls is formed coffee film, which makes the taste of each of the following cups richer and brighter. Therefore especially carefully wash the coffee maker is not recommended.

Кофеварка Moka Break

Inventor coffeemakers, Alfonso Bialetti, even when life has found nationwide, and then and world glory. His portrait many people see every day – a caricature of the inventor, drawn by his son Renato depicted on each Bialetti coffee maker.
The moustached man in a hat became the official logo of the brand in 1953. He became the embodiment of a typical buyer Moka – Italian, middle-aged father of a family, which before the war, went to drink coffee and discuss news in coffee shops, and can now do the same with your family and be yourself барристой. Family values and independence were at a premium in post-war Italy, so that the advertising campaign was perceived to cheer.

Кофеварка Moka Mia

the 1950s blossomed for Italian design. Moka Bialetti not stay away from success. Miniature tea spread across the planet along with Nutella, Vespa and Fiat. As these 3 brands, it has changed little since the beginning of its history. Although over 80 years since the invention of the Bialetti, brand, new, more modern designs, other materials and technologies, but classical aluminium remains the main and most popular.

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