Феномен ВудиComponents of creativity woody Allen, who made his masters of modern cinema. Woody Allen is one of the most prolific and popular filmmakers, 14 times nominated for «Oscar». Despite the modest budget of his movies with him dream of working the best actors, he put the monuments in life, and the largest European producers persuaded to shoot a movie in their city. To the output of the first documentary on woody Allen and his new work, «Blue Jasmine» we remembered, and that made the 77-year-old Maitre cinema famous and favorite all over the world.
– I don’t know what I believe. Strange instance, probably. 0

Irony The main thing to understand about woody Allen on his screen he always plays himself: ridiculous and inappropriate human endlessly falling in comic situations. In life he was 17 years old and wears the same horn-rimmed glasses, speaks with a Brooklyn accent and everywhere brings the atmosphere of nervousness and caustic intellectual pessimism. 0 Frame from the film «Sleep», 1973

– Not old age is a sign of maturity, and the ability to not get confused waking up in underwear middle of the street.

Starting his career stand-up comedian, shy boy from a Jewish family had, of his own indecision, bad luck and a constant confusion can make a unique chip-generating profits. The audience laughed at jokes guy, who seemed now would faint from the excitement – and thus began his ascent to world fame. Frank and fearless self-irony has become his main ridge, a source of inspiration and a way of dealing with the horrors of the surrounding world. The life of Bohemia unlike many others, woody Allen is not taken shoot about what you do not know – that is why almost all his films, he somehow describes the environment that he is close and clear: the intellectual and Bohemian crowd of new York or Europe. The character of the Allen – almost always artist: Director, writer, artist, whose deeds are going very badly from mild неудачливости to the brink of despair. 0 With Diane Keaton in the film «Annie Hall», 1977

– The universe is just an idea, barely seen in the mind of God – a very unpleasant thought, especially if you have just made a downpayment for a house bought in installments.

Woody Allen even attribute the invention of a new genre that never existed before in the movie: intellectual ironic Comedy, and it seems that it is really so. For such sincere (and humorous) poeticizing of talk about Хайдеггере and secular chatter at exhibitions woody Allen and stuck an unofficial title of «хипстерского» directed by number one. Sex, complexes and psychoanalysis
Photo session with Scarlett Johansson

From very early woody Allen was not ashamed of his numerous psychological problems. Of his phobias and manias can make encyclopedic article: Allen afraid of heights, confined spaces, insects, dogs, bright colors, does not travel in the elevators, walking through the tunnels concerned about sex and own greatness.

– Not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to attend.
  Both in life and on screen, he does not get out of the Cabinet of the psychoanalyst. However, this is not really helps: woody Allen’s character then forced to flee from giant female breast («Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask»), to hide from the all-pervading control mother hovering in the sky over Manhattan (Hell’s mother»). Not surprisingly, with companion woody Allen went wrong: every relationship ended in the collapse of the scandal. Individuality and the author’s approach All the scripts to your movies by woody Allen writes from the beginning to the end of himself, and he serves as a Director and he often plays a major role: perhaps, in the history of world cinema, there is hardly a few such examples. The exceptional diligence and perfectionism, Allen dismiss all colleagues, Muse, and even ex-wives.

0 With Penelope Cruz on shootings of film «Roman adventure, 2012

– I think, in the modern cinema no Directors, working under my influence. Everywhere I see young people that influenced Francis Ford Coppola, very much – Scorsese and Oliver stone. But I? No, I don’t know.

Someone thinks woody Allen narcissistic neurotic with a bad sense of humor, someone touching and charming crank, but one does not divide: woody Allen – almost the last of the pillars of the great author’s cinema, raised in the American independent cinema of the twentieth century on one level with the European.

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