Not so long ago on краудфаундинг-platform Indiegogo project was launched LiveMap, which the authors ‘ aim to adapt the technology of augmented reality not only for pedestrians and motorcyclists. The essence of the project consists in creating a motorcycle helmet, «visor» which will be projected all the necessary in the way of information: the route, speed, information on weather, accidents on the road, etc. 2 Development team under the guidance of the author of the project Andrey Артищева already won three grants on creation of a working prototype and the continuation of studies: from the SKOLKOVO Moscow city government and Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific and technical sphere.

At first glance, the projection of the image before the eyes of the rider may seem dangerous solution, but, in fact, it will occupy a small area, not overlapping review. At high speeds, the data will be kept to a minimum. A similar technology is already being used in the latest developments in the automotive industry, where the image is projected directly onto the windshield. 0 Management system will be using voice commands. By the way, the developers to help engineers from Nuance, working to improve the Siri the iPhone. Outwardly helmet practically will not differ from the standard models, except that there will be several more. However, the weight is not affected: it is made with the use of carbon fiber – solid but light material. 1 Now the creators are engaged in obtaining international certificates of security, which will motorcyclists helmet use around the world, and the collection of funds for debugging mass production. As said Andrew, the first production sample of LiveMap will be ready by the end of this year. Despite Russian «roots», massive sale of the unit is scheduled to start in 2014 in the us, and in 2015 start selling in our country. Andrey Артищев explained it by the fact that the technology of voice control now the most adapted for English language support Russian has not been implemented properly, allowing to manage smart helmet».

The expected cost of a helmet LiveMap is 2000 dollars, with the pre-orders on the platform Indiegogo it can be purchased for $ 1,500. There you can make an appointment for a test drive device, having invested in the development of the project $ 100.

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