Сегодня весь мир празднует День шоколада11 July is the official world day of chocolate bHanks French. For the first time this day is celebrated in 1995, and since then, many countries have decided to join the annual celebrations.
Literally “chocolate” is translated as “bitter water” – so the beverage of cocoa beans called the Aztecs. The first who learned to cook it, were the Olmecs, inhabiting Central America in ancient times.
Long chocolate endowed with unusual and even magical properties. So, Maya believed that the beverage of cocoa is the food of the gods. But the famous women, such as mother Teresa and Madam Pompadour, attributed to him aphrodisiac properties. Spanish aristocrats be sure to drink a Cup of hot chocolate every morning.
Here are some facts about your favorite all delicacy:
– scientists of America proved that more mouse just love chocolate, but no cheese or sausage;
– Mexicans are served to a bird chocolate piquant sauce with bitter chocolate and spices;
– only in the XIX century invented the solid chocolate, and before that it was always considered to drink;
– the composition of chocolate there are substances similar in action with caffeine and marijuana. Combined with sugar, it can dull pain;
– in the past, the population of Central America’s cooked “chocolate beer” from забродивших cocoa beans;
doctors from Harvard University found that people consuming chocolate three times a month, almost a year prolongs his life;
– the temperature at which the cocoa butter melts, coincides with the temperature of the human body, because the chocolate melts in the mouth;
– the main component of chocolate is chocolate liquor, and white chocolate he absolutely, because it is another treat.
There is an opinion that chocolate can fight cancer and aging. But the fact remains that a delicacy made from cocoa beans is not conducive to weight loss, but on the contrary, helps to gain weight, thanks to its nutritional composition.
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