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that will be in another country. Going to another country it would be good not only combine in a suitcase all the necessary stuff but a load three-another useful applications on your smartphone or tablet. Trendymen.ru chose the 10 most popular applications designed to ease travel and related inconveniences. 0   Converse 0 Every time during the trip you will encounter a language barrier, we recommend to resort to the help of this app for the iPad, designed to solve just this kind of task. Convers turns the screen tablet in two keyboard with разноязычной layout and two dialogs. Input, for example, the English text is automatically translated into the language of the opponent and Vice versa. Application currently «owns» the English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. Trendymenplaces 00 Use this application before you book a room in the country where you are going. Even if you decided where to stay spent on examining the contents of the Trendymenplaces 10 minutes can fundamentally change your choice. Careful selection of luxury hotels around the world to gather in the application directory are only luxury places which leave the best impression. Trendymenplaces will also help to organise your stay, offering to visit the most interesting exhibitions, museums and galleries. Vivino 0 An indispensable during gastronomic tours Appendix will help you to choose the wine, and it will find your favourite brand in the nearest store. Enough to take a picture label and the application will find this wine in your database, and you can see its rating, cost, read the comments, or to leave a note. Now directory Vivino has more than half a million of wines from 48 countries, and continues to be regularly updated with new data. WhatsApp 0 Application available for most mobile platforms, designed to save its owner connected during international travel. WhatsApp sends text messages across the network at a price of Internet connection and not the cost of SMS in roaming. In addition, the app lets you share an unlimited number of photos, video and audio files, creating groups for dialogue. AllSubway 0 This pocket guide iOS contains more than 160 schemes of subways in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. AllSubway no Internet connection is required to specify the desired branch of the subway in an unfamiliar city. Maps are regularly updated, and the application becomes compatible with an increasing number of i-gadgets. Wi-Fi Finder 0 Using GPS on the iPhone, this app will help you find the nearest place where you can use WiFi. More than 650 000 places in 144 countries around the world already are in the directory WiFi Finder. Among them you can choose a hotel, restaurant or cafe with wireless Internet access, for example, to socialize with friends on Skype. Google Goggles 0 Google Goggles is, in fact, the mobile version of the software for Google Glass and allows finding the description, composition or properties of the object in front of you. Just point your mobile device camera to the object and the application will find information on the web about it. Google Googles can translate most popular languages, scan the barcode and QR codes, recognize the well-known Museum exhibits. TripIt 0 The application allows to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, tables in restaurants or cars at the box office, by just using the network connection. TripIt is a great choice for those who exactly knows what he wants and does not want to spend too much time in order registration in the specialized web-resources. XE Currency 0 Simple and clear pocket calculator will help you quickly bring the cost of goods in the national currency of the country where you come from, in the currency of your country. For the functioning calculator XE Currency does not require a network connection. If you want to keep abreast of the latest quotations of the exchange rates and prices on precious metals that you can independently configure the desired data update interval. Skype WiFi 0 This tool Skype will pay to use the Internet from your account at this popular application. More than a million WiFi zones around the world provide free connect, but with tremendous speed. Paying the same high-speed communication channel using Skype WiFi, you can easily talk with partners and close, waiting call. In addition, if you plan to regularly use the Internet in the hotel, you should pay only for the time you spend there, and not all the service entirely.
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