Тренировка для внутренних мышц животаWant to make a relief press? Then get ready for thorough work on the internal muscles of the abdomen! MEN’s LIFE easier task you and tell you how to perform the most effective exercises.
The abdominal muscles: a bit of anatomy
The entire length of the stomach stretches rectus, beginning in the area of the pubic bone. On the front of the abdomen, flanks and partially chest is external oblique muscle, considered to be the greatest width of all the muscles of the abdominal region. Below is the internal oblique muscle of the abdomen, the second the muscle layer of the press, and under it is anatomically transverse abdominis, which tightens the ribs and makes less the amount of the abdominal cavity.
How to swing the abdominal muscles?
If the internal muscles, due to the lack of training, too weak, they are not enough to keep the internal organs, in connection with than the stomach is rounded and becomes prominent. It gives considerable discomfort to the person, forcing it to resort to all sorts of exercises. What are some of the muscles to work harder? First of all, it is the rectus abdominis is the place that all referred to as «the press». It was her coached most of the exercises. This muscle is divided into «blocks», to get that dream of all men.
To develop the external oblique muscle of the abdomen, it is necessary to involve any variants of slopes in hand and side twists. Only do not lose sight of the fact that, first, it is too active work on the muscle give the figure disproportionate view due to the increase in the waist, and secondly, exercises with twists, not trained internal slash and transverse abdominal muscles.
How to make a tight stomach
If you wish to acquire not only cubes, but also a relief tucked up belly, then we need to further develop the internal muscles of the abdomen. It is with their help create muscular frame, and torso looks more sports due to contraction of the housing.
Exercises for internal muscles differ statics, and that is the main difference between them and exercises on the external muscles of the abdomen. First of all, you must learn to feel those muscles, and then learn to keep their strained as long as you can.
Exercise «Vacuum in my stomach»
Starting position: lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and put on the floor, hands put at the seams. Now we need to breathe out air from the lungs and much drag the stomach. As long as you can stop in this position, then breathe in and duplicate exercise. Strive to ensure that turned out not only to tighten your belt on the exhale, but to breathe the «small SIPS»while you’re in suspense. Each time’t strain your muscles are longer, and still try to do exercises while sitting or standing.
Exercise «Plank»
Starting position: lie on the belly, based on three points: elbows, parallel to each other, knees and toes. Tense area of the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the housing and buttocks, and tear off his knees from the floor to the body back into a straight line. For a few seconds pause in this position.
Alternate should be and ways to exercise (without a lath with stretching hands or side of the strip), and load level: use the simple repetition maximum time for load interval (10 seconds doing exercise and 2 seconds of rest), trying to do more repetitions.
Complex approach to treatment of the press
It is best if you will be working on the internal muscles of the abdomen every day during the morning warm-up. Just a few weeks of regular exercises will become visible changes have occurred in tone the muscles of the body, and the abdominal muscles thoroughly catch up.
Do not forget that no exercise at the press will not be able to burn the fat in the abdominal region. If you want to really improve the quality of the relief belly, then first pass a complex of training for fat burning. Training the internal muscles of the abdomen with the help of static exercises, you can find the result of a more athletic figure and toned muscles. Train daily for 5 minutes, and a positive result is not long in coming!
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