Двухразовое питание способствует похудениюAccording to the experts, wishing to lose weight, you must stop to supper.
Long since it is accepted that three meals a day is normal for a healthy person. It is for this most nutritionists recommend thinner eaten every day Breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, as shown by recent studies, the excess fat is much easier and faster to get rid of those who reduced their daily diet to morning and afternoon meal.
American scientists conducted a two-week study involving 54 volunteers. Each suffered from overweight and had a body mass index 32. One group of people consume large portions of food in the morning and at lunch and the second a little bit, but 6 times per day. As a result of the first part of the volunteers got rid of approximately 1.2% of body mass index, and the second – only 0,8%. But the study confirmed one of the most important rules: Breakfast is extremely important for a man. All doctors unanimously urge be sure to eat in the morning and not skip this meal.
Obesity contributes to the development of various kinds of violations of human organism functioning, signals the emergence of which are shortness of breath and difficulty in performing physical activities. Fat people at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. That’s why doctors from all over the world are doing everything possible to ensure that obesity was not one of the main reasons for the extinction of mankind in the future.
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