The concept of a Bicycle from two смыслящих in them is producers. Manufacturer of custom rental arent van Dijk (Arendt van Deyk) never ceases to amaze his quest to create the perfect bike. The last of them, made in the workshops of the company Vandeyk with the support of Cycling brand Rapha, received the name of Continental and «hyphenated name» Vandeyk x Rapha. 0 0 The basis was a frame Columbus XCr stainless steel with a massive 44 mm steering pipe and tapered with a fork. Classic track wheel on the long drawing at the upper point is equipped with two handles. Increased clearance between the wheel surface and plug allows you to easily overcome obstacles in the form of gravel. And elongated saddle makes the passing of irregularities virtually invisible to the rider. Multi-speed command system makes pedaling enjoyable even during the passage of the long distance, and disc brakes provide instant stopping. 0 Bike Vandeyk x Rapha Continental released until in a single copy, reported by the inscription #1 on подседельной pipe.

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