Кем стали потомки знаменитостей: от Сталина до трансгендераDescendants of famous people are forced to live with a burden. For someone with a big name — an eternal sentence, well, and some even proud of the relationship. You probably ever wondered how these people live?

  • Edda Goering

    Father: Hermann göring Little Edda baptized at the time, Adolf Hitler himself, and she left without a father only seven years. In his memoirs, the Edda often mentioned both, that looked pretty strange compared to all other descendants of Nazi war criminals, trying to disown them by any means. In the early nineties, ed moved to South America — according to many conspiracy theorists, his father miraculously survived and escaped from enemies to Hitler.

  • Brigitte Hess

    Father: Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant of the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was brought to the place of work, my wife and little daughter. Brigitte grew up in beautiful, long worked as a Spanish model, while others do not know the history of her family. The girl dropped everything and went to live in the USA, never many people.

  • Chris Evans

    Grandfather: Joseph Stalin, Svetlana Alliluyeva moved to the United States in 1967, changed her name to Lana Peters and had children here. Youngest, Olga, grew up and suddenly became Chris Evans — have seen her only grandfather.

  • Oona Chaplin

    Grandfather: Charlie Chaplin Career beauty moon in the beginning of the heyday. You may recognize her from her role in “Game of thrones”, but hardly realized that the screen gets naked granddaughter of the great Comedy actor of all time.

  • Nicoletta Romanova Console

    Paperprepared: the Russian Emperor Nicholas I Romanov Family still exists. Moreover, one of the direct descendants of the sovereigns of the Russian Empire even in the movie: Nicoletta starred in the 2003 film “Remember me, my love.” She is now working on a collection of jewels “Romanov”.

  • Diane Widmaier Picasso

    Grandfather: Pablo Picasso the great artist was a great Walker on the women’s side and what his heirs is not known. Diana has dedicated his life to finding all of the famous ancestor.

  • Ilaria Stieler-Timor

    Great-grandfather: Lev Tolstoy Eldest daughter of Leo Tolstoy dreamed of the stage, but the family gave the girl married an Italian count Leonardo Albertini. Ilaria belongs to this branch of the descendants of the famous writer.

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