Винная жестьFrance uses a new format-sale of wine in cans. Earlier wine in cans sometimes produced in limited quantities in Germany and Japan, however, large-scale production was not. Now the brand Fabulous Brands hopes to make a revolution in the market of alcohol, having started a large-scale creation of canned wine Winestar. First sales will begin in France, the famous art of winemaking, and then all over Europe. 0 According to producers, tin can fully protects a drink from the environmental impact and even light that will preserve the quality of the wines on the highest level. Besides, the novelty should considerably increase the level of sales, as the new format will be much more convenient in transportation. 0 The cost of jars Winestar 187 ml – white, red or rose wine amounting to around EUR 2.5 across the EU. Internet resources: tin Wine
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