У женщин память на лица лучше, чем у мужчинAccording to the results of research by canadian scientists, women are much better remember face than men.
According to researchers, women take more time to study the features of the face of his companion or ordinary passer-by. Often, this process takes place unconsciously.
Canadian scientists used a technology that tracks eye movements at the moment when people learned about the eyes, nose and mouth of different persons on the monitor. The participants of the experiment it should be parallel to remember the names of these persons. this is how researchers learned that women spend more time learning new persons than men.
This significantly enriches their memory on a subconscious level, women are much more carefully record the individual features of the person. Thanks to the results of the research it becomes clear why the difference in the field strongly affect the quality of memorizing persons. People can also make your visual memory better, if you change the method of «scanning» the interlocutor.
A little earlier researchers at Cambridge University have been able to find out that the woman’s memory works better than men’s, and age does not affect anything. Women always remember important dates, events and disputes, what often resemble their husbands.
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