Ukrainian designers continue to conquer the hearts of fashionistas across the country, not giving way to the famous designers.

Quality, comfort, style – components of each of things that offer us designers.

NAMES’UA decided to make this month even more beautiful, presenting the most striking news from the guru of Ukrainian fashion.

Shirt MariOlli, Pants – Petra Shoes – TUTO

Suit – SKAKALSKA, Shoes – TUTO

Suit – VLAS NA, Shoes – TUTO

Blouse – LTG, Culottes – LTG, Cloak – LTG

Dress – KAPTSOVA, Shoes – TUTO; Skirt MariOlli, Blouse – LTG, Mule – TM Dasti

Dress – TIO, Skirt MariOlli, Backpack – IRIS by PrimRose


VAПлатье – Malininy, Shoes – TUTO

Dress – VLAS NA, Shoes – TUTO

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Ever since man invented clothes, he constantly needed to cover the face too. The reasons for this each time was different, from functional and useful to mocking and even funny. Nowadays, some of these masks are impossible to see without the unpleasant sense of fear, due to their purpose, and sometimes just appearance. We found 10 of the most terrible things that man ever put on my face, and told in detail what made him do it.

  • Mask samurai

    The so-called “of menpo” or simply a mask to protect a samurai was to protect his face just before impact. Besides its main function, and she played even and supportive role for a fairly heavy helmet warrior.

  • Mask tank of the First world war

    For the first time this mask was used by the British army at the battle of Cambrai in 1917. Its task was to protect the face of the tanker, in which through a breach in the armor of flying shrapnel and shards of ricochetti.

  • Mask of murmillo

    One of the most heavily armed gladiators in Ancient Rome was murmillo, who had in their 15-pound gear and even a massive helmet. Its distinctive feature was a large slit for the eyes, protected by large mesh, which is not allowed to inflict a mortal wound with a Trident or a sword.

  • The mask of the plague doctor

    This mask, along with other not less terrible outfit doctor during the plague was developed in Paris in 1619. A long beak serve as a repository for fragrant herbs and flowers, as people believed that the disease spreads through the unpleasant odors of decaying flesh, everywhere vitusia in the air.

  • A bridle for the witches

    One of the forms of public punishment for women in England and Scotland XVI-XVII centuries was wearing a similar mask with a grip for the language. A “volume control” is intended for persons Kabalistic noisy and sometimes even suspected of witchcraft, but apparently not enough to immediately send them to the stake.

  • Bag-hood

    This method of concealing the face was used in one of the most famous prison in Australia, operated in Melbourne from 1842 to 1929. The most dangerous criminals are kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, and the hour walks in the yard were removed in the caps of coarse cloth, which prevented them to communicate with each other.

  • The mask for the dirt eaters

    There is dirt, to make the time to lose efficiency or even to commit suicide for slaves from Africa was a common practice. Losing the same money the owners have not invented anything better than to give the rebels the masks that prevented those handfuls are ground.

  • Gas Mask Mickey Mouse

    Fearing a massive gas attacks after pearl Harbor, the American military suddenly found out that the masks for adults children very high. When you create a scaled-down version of protection with the permission of Disney was the image of the iconic image of the cartoon character Mickey mouse. The only batch of 1,000 samples, each of which was to make a game element in the process of protection, now disassembled on collections as one of the most horrible interpretations of a mouse.

  • Mask for Halloween early XX century

    Before rubber and plastic permanently capture the market, in preparation for Halloween, all people did not go to specialized departments in the supermarket, and made costumes with masks on their own. Some of these creations come from the 1900s are truly frightening, especially given the careful sketches these days.

  • Masks

    These fully black masks, in which, moreover, was very difficult to talk to women of the XVI century wore completely voluntary. The objective of these “masks” were protecting white skin from sunlight, which gave her plebeian tan.

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Today, many have become accustomed to the fact that chronic fatigue and drowsiness accompanies modern man almost the whole day. The reasons for this were looking for in an unfavorable environment, crazy hours, lack of oxygen and poor quality food. But just enough to slightly change your diet to get rid of it.

Start your day the specialists advise oatmeal. This porridge is an excellent stimulant for digestion and permanently retain a feeling of satiety.

The second product that you want to include in your diet is yogurt, and use it at any time.

The third product that help to combat the chronic fatigue doctors called spinach. The amount of vitamins and minerals contained in it help to quickly replenish the body’s energy reserves.

The fourth product, get rid of fatigue, are seeds and nuts. These products, in addition to a large amount of vitamins, rich in nutrients.

And the fifth product that effectively fights the chronic fatigue is the beans. This kind of bean allows for a very long time to produce energy needed to maintain normal working ability.

And some Svetlana in the blog noted that “the fact that a proper and balanced diet helps fight not only obesity, but also with many other issues, has long been known, so everyone should think about that”.

In General, we can conclude that the health of each individual in his own hands. Moreover, to resort to the help of doctors, not necessarily because helpful advice today you can find easily.

The main thing is to be able to distinguish the truly useful advice from pseudopostega. So read about health and be fit and happy!

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Beauty is not eternal, and this is especially obvious when you review the photos of Hollywood and Soviet beauties, comparing them with current images. Someone able to age with dignity, and many do not admit that their main wealth very quickly destroys the old age. In the end, you can’t beat nature, and age becomes visible and those and others. Only the grimaces of old age, the worse, the more to interfere with them. It is the experience of aging these beauties.

  • Audrey Hepburn

    This actress, no one is old because we knew her young. Nevertheless, the film black-and-white Hollywood had become old actress before she killed the cancer. Somehow terribly sad to see her like this.

  • Ornella Muti

    Longtime companion Adriano Celentano surprisingly well preserved, although many have already managed to forget it. Although how to forget such a hot hottie, which she continues to this day.

  • Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren — long screens, but I must admit that she has changed beyond recognition. Exacerbated if the plastic surgery is not for us to judge, but we remember her young.

  • Vera Alentova

    And here plastic surgery has played a fatal role, completely destroying the features which so loved men and women of the Soviet Union.

  • Ingrid Bergman

    Here on who was a powerless old age. Or death just took Ingrid Bergman before we could see the horrible features of aging on her face. In any case, almost to the last days of this age the actress has already got marry women.

  • Maggie Smith

    Most people know Maggie Smith from old heroine of the famous Saga about the boy wizard, but it once was the standard of beauty in Hollywood.

  • Goldie Hawn

    How I want to remember this actress as a young girl, receiving an Oscar for best actress in the old Hollywood masterpiece “cactus Flower”. But since then, passed many decades and Goldie hawn now looks like this.

  • Meryl Streep

    A rare example of harmony in any age — Meryl Streep. It gets old, even a genius, can not be said about most of her colleagues in Hollywood, with both sexes.

  • Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren, which without exaggeration can be called a Russian beauty because of its origin and present surnames Mironov also became known not at the peak of its beauty, but much later. Nevertheless, we can see how she looked when she was young.

  • Natalia Oreiro

    Quite at the end of the 20th century Natalia Oreiro loved by the Russian public, but since then has passed enough time to marvel at the change in appearance of the star. Though Natalia and tries to keep in shape, all of its 40 years clearly visible on his face.

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6 best folk remedies from deep wrinkles


To stop the aging process people have not yet learned, but every woman can make changes in the age less noticeable. Despite the large range of cosmetic products in stores, it is a folk remedy from wrinkles is preferred by many women. These tools are readily available and environmentally friendly. This article offers recipes natural creams and masks from wrinkles.

6 лучших натуральных средств от глубоких морщин

Folk remedies from wrinkles under the eyesand


Bread mask is very effective folk remedy for wrinkles under the eyes. To prepare the mask you will need: a crumb of white bread and warm melted butter. To moisten the crumb and oil to apply on the skin around the eyes, spreading evenly. After half an hour you can wash off the mask with warm water. This mask should be done regularly twice a week.


Cream from wrinkles around the eyes


One teaspoon of dried lime mix with a teaspoon of dried chamomile pour 100 g of boiling water. Strain the infusion should be 20 minutes, add a tablespoon of butter and mix well. The resulting cream is applied before bedtime around the eyes daily. Keep the cream up to five days in the refrigerator.

6 лучших натуральных средств от глубоких морщин

Folk remedies from wrinkles on a forehead


Yeast mask is very effective folk remedy for wrinkles on forehead apply. In yeast high content of vitamin, toning our skin. Recipe: yeast should be good to mash, adding in milk. The obtained homogeneous mass should be applied two times a week for 20 minutes in wrinkles. This mask smoothes the skin and makes wrinkles less visible.


Beans from wrinkles on a forehead


Boil the beans, grate, add a little lime juice and apply on wrinkles. Regular application of this mask twice a week will help get rid of wrinkles for 1-2 months.


Aloe with honey


A tablespoon of honey to warm to a liquid state, add two tablespoons of aloe juice and mix until smooth.

6 лучших натуральных средств от глубоких морщин

Deep wrinkle natural oil


Take on a table spoon of oil of wheat germ, jojoba and avocado. Mix and add four drops of oil of rosewood and three drops of essential oil of frankincense. Stir again. These composition need to lubricate the areas where the wrinkles appear several times during the day and at night.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

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The standards of female beauty are changing almost every decade. Men, too far gone — it turned out that a strong floor is also inclined to follow the many imposed by society’s ideals.
First photo of British artist Nicholas Lehmma dated 1870, the year. From this moment begins the project itself: Lamm decided to show how varied over time, the “ideal” male body.
In the late nineteenth century, food prices were still very high. That is why the extra weight was seen as a kind of indicator of social status — crammed belly, so wallet full.
In the period from 1930-ies to 1950-ies the cost of food in America has declined significantly. Hollywood actors at the same time set a new standard of beauty: lean, toned, but not raskachennyh bodies.
The rebelliousness of the 60-ies introduced a new fashion — West rebelled against the corporate bureaucracy, many men have got big eyes, a small volume of Castaneda and persistent aversion to work and exercise. Take a look at the rock stars of the time, these guys repeated the entire civilized world.
The heyday of bodybuilding peaked in the 1970-80-ies. It was cool to rock banks as the Schwarzenegger — who, incidentally, played a quite significant role in promoting a new ideal of the male body.
In the 1990-ies it hypermasculine addition went out of fashion. The standard was a lean, muscular body and strong hands, and judging by the fact that the body is still in Vogue, the men finally found their ideal. Read More →

Pay attention to the list of foods that can be eaten in unlimited quantities at night and not be afraid that in the morning the scales show plus two to three kilograms.

“A lot of people to lose weight, stop eating after six in the evening. But it’s not quite right. If you go to bed late, it still can slow down metabolic processes in the body. In this case you can safely 1-1. 5 hours before bedtime to have dinner, but not too tight. Prefer not fatty foods, steamed, stewed or boiled. And then you won’t be haunted by hunger and the severity. And remorse that you ate a few pounds,” says nutritionist Maria alisova.Protein products

Fish (it is desirable that it was white: halibut, cod, striped bass), seafood, meat (Turkey, chicken, beef), egg whites (the yolks contain a lot of calories), cottage cheese (fat 5%), milk (organic or soy to 25% fat), cheese (fat content of not more than 25%). All of these products quickly satisfy hunger and not deposited on the sides.

Green vegetables

Asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, peas, zucchini, avocado.

Foods rich in fiber

The body spends more calories on splitting fiber than it brings. So add in your diet corn, carrots, cabbage, lentils, rye and wheat bran, figs, apricots, almonds, rose hips.


Replace dinner with a Cup of hot tea without sugar. The only time in tea (especially green) contains caffeine which has stimulating effects. To still you expect to sleep at night, I advise you to brew some herbal tea.

Kefir or yogurt

If even after the tea party you still want to eat and it keeps you awake, then drink a glass of 1% kefir or eat natural yogurt.

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Purchase delicious drinks strong and not too, and plastic cups… Stop! But the cups let’s talk separately.

Cheap and plentiful

When the disposable tableware is only beginning to emerge, few people do not appreciate the convenience that it is able to give. Take at least the same picnics: few people want, drinking and eating with friends scrubbing until you’re blue stained dishes. And plates and plastic forks can simply be collected and thrown away. And they are almost cheaper detergent.

Disposable cups made of transparent or colored plastic won people’s love is not only cheap, but also compact. A set of such vessels for 20 people can easily fit in a small bag, and plastic cups weigh nothing at all.

Meanwhile, drink alcoholic beverages out of plastic – a thankless task.

A plastic Cup that was too lazy to carry to the trash, poisons, and even the environment.

Small letters

Buying, say, yogurt, or sausage, people look at the expiration date – not to purchase would be overdue, but then so poisoned for long. Buying dumplings, look at the ingredients: if they have soy protein and by-products, hardly they will be delicious. Buying plastic cups, usually no one in the markings looks: why – to eat we these glasses are still not collected, use and throw.

But to look worth. For example, if the bottom of the plastic tableware flaunt bukovki PP, this means that it is made of polypropylene. This material perfectly withstands temperatures up to 150 degrees – and then, polypropylene cups with a clear conscience to drink hot drinks.

They can even be used for reheating something in the microwave. But fluid containing alcohol, in a glass should not pour: polypropylene in contact with alcohol starts to produce formaldehyde and phenol – substances that beat to the liver and kidneys, as a player, the ball, and in large quantities and is able to lead to visual impairments including blindness.

If the bottom of the pot inscribed with the letters PS, then it is made of polystyrene. These cups are good for drinking cold juices, lemonades and other soft drinks.

The hot tea they pour not: already at 70 degrees, polystyrene is allocated a toxic styrene, which accumulate in the body, can lead to liver and Central nervous system.

However, with hot tea and coffee, it’s simple – high temperature polystyrene cups simply begin to crack; something like built-in protection from the ignorant. If you pour a glass of alcoholic beverage, no visible change will occur. But will the invisible: the alcohol will begin to stand out all the same polystyrene.

If on the bottom of plastic tableware do not caused no markings, it is better than nothing at all to pour – who knows what it is made.


It is, as always, is there. First, it is possible (don’t laugh) is not to drink on the nature of alcohol. Secondly, can the old fashioned way to bring reusable utensils – for example, folding field glasses and tumblers from the set of the tourist; they are made of stainless steel, and they are nothing toxic to the alcohol is not isolated. And third, you can buy paper disposable cups – they are cheap, easy and absolutely safe to use.

Have a great holiday and take care!

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Life energy nourishes our whole body. When a lot of it, I want to roll. But different aspects of modern life – lack of sleep, stress, long journey – can greatly reduce the tone and a bad influence on a feeling of cheerfulness. When the power is low and appears tired, even the simplest things are difficult. But there are a few tricks that will help quickly boost your energy and feel full of energy.

  • The correct fuel

    Not for nothing they say: you are what you eat. Food is fuel for our body. From what foods and what time of day we eat affects how much energy will eventually produce our body. Usually one meal is enough for a couple of hours, so nutritionists recommend eating regularly – every three hours. Portions should be small and balanced – proteins, fats, fiber and a little sweet. The fats are digested longer, so to feel more energetic, it is better to consume less fatty foods. Pure protein while it is best to charge the body.

  • Glucose for recharging

    Glucose is the main energy source for humans. It nourishes nerve cells in the brain and stimulates the heart. If glucose enters the body in insufficient quantities – there is a lack of energy. To avoid this, you can use to maintain strength supplements and special drinks with glucose or include it in your diet with more sweet foods. To maintain the desired glucose level is especially important for athletes.

  • The power of the mitochondria

    Another generator of energy in our body is the mitochondria. You can about them know nothing, but these particles are cells responsible for energy production throughout the body. To stimulate growth you need to eat enough protein to minimize the impact of toxins on the body and exercise regularly. Swimming, Cycling, brisk walking – if paid to exercise just half an hour three times a week, the mitochondria pozabotitsja that would feel fresh and energetic.

  • Posture like a rod

    Correct posture is the basis for growth vitality. Hunched back prevents flow of energy and can be a cause of fatigue. If to straighten his back, the forces are distributed evenly throughout the body and nourish the brain – cheerfulness is guaranteed.

  • More light

    Darkness and insufficient sleep the body and cause a feeling of fatigue. To awaken your inner strengths – spend more time in the light. Walking on a Sunny day and the right light in the room will help recharge your batteries.

  • Massage the ears

    Sounds weird, but massage of the ears can really add vitality. On the ears there are many biological points. Pressure on the ears and massaging the lobe, you can activate the whole body. Just a couple of minutes of this massage, you feel energized. For best results, you can do it several times a day.

  • Douche

    A contrast shower will help to boost your energy for the whole day. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and rejuvenates the body. Two minutes under hot water, then half a minute under cold. There is no better way to feel good in the morning.

  • Vitamins

    Constant fatigue can be a symptom of lack of vitamin B. Also the efficiency decreases, if the blood receives an insufficient amount of iron. So, in this case it is better to enrich your diet foods with high contents of these nutrients or to replace them with a multivitamin complex.

  • Breathing using yoga

    Different types of breathing exercises will help to regain strength and energy boost. Yoga breathe so deep breath in and twenty to thirty quick jerky exhalations. This exercise should be repeated several times – then the brain will become saturated with oxygen, which in turn will bring the body in tone.

  • Music will set the rhythm

    Good music can not only lift your spirits but also increase efficiency. According to a recent study listening to your favorite tunes activates brain activity and helps to cope with the tasks. So, energetic music can give a good energy boost.

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Beard dramatically changing the face of men, but gradually you get used to it. But the shave is getting close to a real shock, and many just don’t recognize their friends on the streets. Before you pictures of the guys before and after shaving is really hard to believe that it’s the same people!

  • This guy believes that now his face looks childish. Not seen it yet, baby-face
  • So real baby, out of competition. A pacifier to him now!
  • Harold shaved so people could see his new tatuirovka
  • Joe Silva decided to experiment with the filing of his girlfriend. After a week, the couple broke up: “You stopped being masculine,” said windy beauty
  • A beard is wild and brutal, without a beard — perfectly normal
  • If this guy decided to Rob a Bank and then shave — it would simply be no one would know
  • But Harley Mornstein from Norway transformation happy. He really don’t need a beard
  • Roy lost his beard to a friend and now he was sorry. Of course!
  • Brad had raised a beard for three years and shaved a half hour. Upset? Even as

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