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They say happiness comes under different guises and it is not so easy to learn. The misfortune to know easily. Unhappy man understands that he is unhappy, but doesn’t always know what to do with it. A man suffers himself and causes suffering to others. Eighty years researchers from Stanford University studied unhappy people and their loved ones. It turned out that being around an unhappy person adversely affects health and shortens life. Another study showed that happiness is little dependent on life circumstances. The opposite way things are with misfortune: it is very often driven by how we think and what we do. In other words, our habits can make us unhappy. Check out the list of pernicious habits and try never to succumb.

  • The habit of living for tomorrow

    Tell yourself “I’ll be happy when…” – this is the quickest way to feel unhappy. Telling himself that happiness will bring external objects, be it money, relationships or a spacious house, you shamelessly deceive yourself. Because, first, happiness depends little on foreign objects, and second, you spend your life on pointless waiting for something vague. Instead, it is better to focus on the current stage of life. Because the present is the only thing you can be sure. The past is gone and the future – not the fact that will.

  • The habit of chasing material goods

    Living in poverty to quickly become happier when their welfare improves. But the happiness level plummeted once their annual income exceeds 20 000$. This is confirmed by numerous studies. The pursuit of material makes unhappy because at the time of receiving the coveted things a person finds out that he had paid too dear a price. The same time, money and energy he could spend on what makes you happy: Hobbies, unusual experiences, friendship, family relations.

  • The habit of sitting at home

    When we feel unhappy, we don’t want to see anyone and chat. This is a serious error, since communication improves mood. The desire to retire at some point naturally, and even useful, but if this happens regularly, you should pay attention to it and by all means resist the temptation of asceticism. Get out to the people even against their will, and soon you will feel better.

  • The habit of playing a victim

    Unhappy people tend to speculate how few in this crappy life depends on the person and how powerful the blind forces of fate. The problem is that this philosophy instills a sense of helplessness that inevitably leads to unwillingness to act for the sake of improvement. And there is no action – no result. Yes, poor you, and trouble happens to everyone, but all is not lost, yet man continues to fight.

  • The habit of thinking pessimistic

    Pessimism is a breeding ground for unhappiness. It is a vicious circle of dark thoughts and grim events. Here one follows from the other, because pessimistic people attract troubles and troubles, which constantly says. To get rid of this attitude difficult, but possible. You need to realize how illogical the dark thoughts and to see that it is actually not as bad as it seems.

  • The habit of complaining

    Sometimes to complain, it relieves irritation and soothes. But constant complaints will not bring anything good. They make you see everything in black and light engendered negative thinking. The man whose complaints become a habit, to notice only the flaws and only sees the negative side of things. Nobody likes complainers, they are annoying whining and spoil others mood.

  • Habit to exaggerate

    Troubles happen to everyone. The difference is that happy people realize that it’s just a bad moment, unhappy the same person blows every little thing up to the tragedy of universal scale.

  • Habit of running away from problems

    Happy people are responsible for all their actions, including mistakes. Unhappy people try to hide their problems and never to forget all about them. However, this is impossible. Room is clean, if debris is not removed, but to hide under the carpet. The accumulation of unresolved problems leads to anxiety and a constant sense of dissatisfaction and life. And problems that are ignored, prone to sprawl and increase. When the time comes to solve them, and sooner or later it will come, it will not be so easy.

  • The habit does not develop

    Unhappy people are pessimistic, so they just expect that it will bring them life, instead of actively act. They don’t see the point in setting goals, learning and development. From year to year, their life is a monotonous viscous quagmire that sucks in deeper and deeper. And they continue to expect things and wonder why nothing good never happens.

  • Habit to compare yourself with others

    Constant comparison to others causes confusion and anxiety. It fosters envy, jealousy and hypocrisy. One study showed that people do not mind being poorer only if all, too, will become poorer. The need to compare themselves with others is so great that people sacrifice their own values and interests. This leads to a latent dissatisfaction with oneself, others and life in General.

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As they say, you can take the girl out of the village, but the village of girls I get. This applies to everyone who uses the style “hick chic”, not even knowing that the issue yourself in the foot. Usually so stooshie want to emphasize the richness and abundance as well as the commitment to fashion trends. The result is what comes out. Instead of scoffing at such “fashion” instances, you can gently hint that “now is not wearing”.

  • Socks and sandals

    A classic example of “collective chic”, which has just fell in love all in the teeth, it is impossible to get rid of only one reason – so really convenient. However, wear socks under sandals is like wearing pants over pants. Sometime the mods should understand this.

  • Shiny cell phone

    The case is not something which should Express his magpie’s love for sparkly – too often it is necessary to get out of pocket and keep everyone’s mind. This is a good attempt to show how you are rich and noble, but no.

  • Leopard manicure

    If your girl loves colorful nails, try to explain to her that in this case, hands it is always better to keep in the pockets. The manicure was not invented to ensure that on each nail you can draw a picture from the comic, but just so that they Shine with a natural Shine. Why when the love to a screaming manicure and to use the colored concealer?

  • Suit with shimmer

    Favorite outfit of the grooms of all the Russias – a gray shiny suit. He seems the epitome of consistency and style. Dude, look prettier than the bride at the wedding you will not succeed anyway, so better wear something less like a plastic bag.

  • Thick chain

    Faith in God is commendable, but believe me, your a wonderful cross to the stand and the chain is a little thinner. And it won’t break, honestly. Another thing, if a gold chain is your investment. But in this case it is not necessary to demonstrate that you have enough money to buy this amount of gold. Remove and put in a Bank cell.

  • The zeal with perfume

    If you pour yourself palakona Cologne, you will cause some suspicion: whether to take a shower do not have time, or took the Cologne inside. So if we use the perfume, strictly following the dose. But it will not enter in the Elevator after you.

  • The fringe

    Hairstyle – it is not eternal, sooner or later, hair will grow back. But if you once saw with such bangs, the further questions about your origin will disappear. All will be clear – it’s a boy, brought up by muggers in the working area remote province.

  • Sweatpants in the city

    Few people know, but a tracksuit can be worn only in one case – if you are doing sports. And immediately after it must be removed and washed. But no, this simple little knowledge of who is available, because those who like to go in gym shorts to the movies, metro, cafes still abound. What they don’t need ironed and they sit great.

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Few of us have heard the story about how the Russian pilots managed on his own plane to escape from the captivity of the Afghan Taliban. It has been over 20 years since that day happened these exciting events. Nevertheless, the story still continues to excite many blood. This topic was even made into a film, the audience were able to see firsthand all the details of the incident. However, the events of that time are so amazing, that probably everyone wants to understand them.

  • Why they went to Afghanistan

    The liner of the air company “Aerostan” Kazakhstan is not the first time he was flying, Laden with ammunition for the Northern Alliance. De jure, the supply of fuel and shells for the conflicting parties was banned, but an agreement was not always respected. In August 1995, the Kazan IL-76TD was supposed to fly in the Afghan capital, through Albania and to deliver small arms ammunition. The crew of the aircraft were seven members besides the commander of the V. I. Saratov on Board was another pilot, portenier, two chief engineers, Navigator and radio operator.

  • Who captured Russian IL-76-TD

    On August 3, the plane took off from the Albanian capital and had to fly to the airport in Bagrame, which is located 60 km from Kabul. Small arms ammunition was to be delivered for the Northern Alliance, however, the Afghan airbase was under the control of a grouping “Taliban”. A similar flight was done not for the first time, and before the goods have been delivered twice without any problems. When a commercial airliner had entered the airspace over the Afghan capital, he was intercepted by a MiG-21. Taliban fighters forced the captain of the cargo plane to land near Kandahar, citing his requirement that they need to inspect the cargo. When viewed, the Taliban found the shells, which are forbidden for transport. This was the motive of the capture of the crew of a cargo aircraft.

  • In what conditions were the pilots during the captivity

    Russian pilots lived in captivity for more than a year. A few days before the escape, the prisoners were in one of the outhouses of a summer residence of the Governor of Kandahar. Prisoners were poorly fed, they were often dying of heat and thirst. Russian pilots every day felt any threat, as for the carriage of prohibited weapons with them could easily quite severely crack down. The situation for Russian officers was complicated by the fact that the authorities did not show serious attempts to free them from bondage. The Taliban had pilots on additional pressure, inducing them to accept Islam. If that were to happen, to release from captivity there would be no hope. At some point the Russian pilots failed to establish contact with their compatriots. The representatives of Tatarstan Republic have achieved the chance to occasionally visit the pilots. With their help, the Russian soldiers could receive and send mail, as well as the Essentials. Representatives of Tatarstan also offered the Afghans the Russians to exchange for parts to ship, but the radicals have not agreed to such an exchange.

  • As they hatched an escape plan

    The escape plan was drawn up only after the Russian pilots were able to establish contact with the official representatives of the Russian services. The prisoners wanted to escape from captivity by using his own aircraft. Intentions were pretty brave on the one hand and desperate on the other, but thanks to a happy coincidence, their implementation is successful. Initially, the pilot convinced the Taliban that they need to be put on Board the vessel for maintenance work. Pilots were regularly taken aboard, but they were always accompanied by armed guards. Into the hands of the pilots was the fact that in the tanks of the aircraft had fuel, as it is fueled with the expectation and on the way back. The day and time of the escape has also played into the hands of prisoners, as it was a Friday evening, and for Muslims this weekend especially revered. Pilots on the day of the escape was guarded not reinforced, so the escape failed.

  • Ran away together with his guards

    In mid-August 1986 the Russian pilots together with the Taliban have carried out regular maintenance of the vessel. The ostensible reason was a damaged chassis. On Board the aircraft climbed all seven of the prisoners, accompanied by three of the Taliban. In technical terms, the take-off of the liner does not hurt, and the pilots were set in motion all the engines. So how was the Friday night services of the airport could not prevent the departure of the Russian vessel. At the airbase was left virtually none of the military staff, including pilots of fighter aircraft. The Taliban panicked immediately after the metal bird rose into the air. One of the guards grabbed a gun with the intent to shoot the Russian pilots. At this point the aircraft commander pulled the wheel, and the plane sharply lowered the altitude. The Taliban were dumped down, and the Russian officers, taking advantage of the situation, were able to twist and bind. The aircraft flew over the airspace of Iran and crossed the border of the UAE. There, he landed at the airport of Sharjah, and already a day later the heroes were taken to Kazan.

  • That was then

    The commander of an aircraft and the second pilot was assigned to the award “Hero of Russia”, and other members of the crew were awarded the order of Courage. There were rumors that the pilots managed to release due to the secret bribe Taliban, but officially this information no one was able to confirm. History was reborn in 2010, when the screens of the Russian cinemas there was a film “Kandahar”, loosely based on this true story.

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Football has been transformed from a sporting contest into a real religion. The national team of his country to support millions of fans: the finals, much less win celebrate even those who are usually not so passionate about football. The departure from the championship plunges the country into deep mourning — but modern players (at least if we are talking about our national team) do not care deeply for the feelings of the fans. Money still pay! We sincerely hope that sooner or later this small material will catch the eye of someone of the coaches of the Russian team. Let’s see what happens with careless athletes will be frightened and will, in the end, it’s okay to play!

  • China’s national team

    Thailand beat North Korea in 2013. Big score 1:5 so enraged XI Jinping that the captain of the company of the President of the football Federation of China went to prison as soon as he returned home. Seven more players get 6 years each.

  • Nigeria National Team

    The world Cup in South Africa has not brought the Nigerian national team glory. Brave guys managed to take only the last in the group place, losing to Argentina and Greece and barely pulling a draw with South Korea. The whole team at full strength now has the right to take part in any Championships, even Amateur.

  • The DPRK team

    After losing against the DPRK in South Africa, Kim Jong-UN just wanted to go and shoot the team in full force. Found guilty coach, Kim Jong Hun, and thereby saved the whole team. Now the former coach is trying to smooth it out in labour camps.

  • War of Salvador and Honduras

    In 1969, the national teams of El Salvador and Honduras was found to compete for the finals of the 1970 world Cup. At that time both countries have sharpened each other a hefty cleaver and the loss of El Salvador was the cause of the escalation of the conflict. June 24, 1969, El Salvador announced the mobilization began the real war. In 6 days of fighting killed more than a thousand people — a disproportionate fee for a losing team!

  • The USSR national team

    Joseph Stalin had high hopes for the match USSR-Yugoslavia, held during the Olympics in 1952. At that time, was starting to show teeth Broz Tito and it was required to urgently put in place. But the first match of the team has reduced in a draw and the second lost with a crushing score. The home of the CDSA team was disbanded forever, most of the players and the coach, Boris Arkadiev, has lost the title of masters of sports. And could shoot, of course.

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Stars know the best way to liven up a dull event with red pathways and awards. And this way is not to wear underwear and thus cause a range of emotions from admiration to condemnation. This is a classic trick that is used not only successful beauty, but those who are will not prevent a new surge of popularity. But there’s a certain danger, because when you do not wear panties, there is a risk of small mistakes that will turn spicy innuendo in the vulgar demonstration of all its charms.

  • Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway beautiful in lingerie and without underwear. But looking at pictures of her in similar dresses, always want it immediately removed. Not because they are ugly. But because they do not have a bra.

  • Sharon Stone

    Well, from this actress always expect something like that, because it is associated with the absence of underwear. So let’s say thanks to Mrs. stone that even at the respectable age successfully supports the image.

  • Natalie Portman

    Star-intellectual is also not shy of anything human and feminine. When you can demonstrate off their charms so subtly and strongly, Natalie shamelessly enjoys the moment.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s

    Nothing indecent, just an infinitely ongoing the feet of Gwyneth.

  • Serena Williams

    Recently announced her pregnancy a great tennis player never hid their charms. Another issue is that some did not consider their virtues, accusing Serena of museotopia. But we all know that true beauty can be different.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer and her Golden Globes have long concerned both fans and ordinary viewers. But the girl keeps a light of intrigue, removing the underwear, but only if worn on top is not very transparent t-shirt.

  • Miley Cyrus

    While Miley Cyrus again and again postpones the wedding with my handsome fiancé Liam Hemsworth, her photos without underwear go network. There was no relationship, you ask?

  • Lady Gaga

    Meat dress would not be worn on top of underwear. So the trends, asked Lady Gaga, quite consistent.

  • Rihanna

    Riri is generally better without any clothes not to mention linen. She understands this as a self-critical and ironic girl and sometimes gives the fans here are now reasons to rejoice.

  • Amber Rose

    American model, actress and artist amber rose looks very harmonious not only with a naked skull, but with translucent piringovye nipples. Girl knows a lot about this overt sexuality.

  • Eva Mendes

    Heartfelt speech Ryan Gosling at the Oscars about his girlfriend Eva Mendes does not reflect many of its advantages. In particular, appear without underwear in public to be the most stylish and sophisticated.

  • Uma Thurman

    Bare Breasts under the transparent dress for all ages. And Uma Thurman knows a lot about. I want to say that we love her for it. But not true – for that, too.

  • Emma Watson

    How long have we remember this girl innocent girlfriend of Harry Potter? But, Hey you grew up and learned to ignore some items evening dress. The conclusion is clear – the British actress is the only benefit.

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In a recent interview the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk told reporters that indeed developing a new project to create neural interfaces. The businessman plans to implement the first prototype of the gadget, which connects the brain and the computer in the next 5-7 years.
Now on the development of the interface is one of the companies of the group, Neurolink. Musk believes that soon people will be forced to implant electrodes for telepathy directly into the brain — reactionaries same risk to spend the rest of his life in isolation.

In my head there are a bunch of concepts, but your brain is forced to squeeze this information to the incredibly low speed of data transmission, called speech or typing — Elon Musk

Interestingly, a similar statement was made recently the founder of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg. Ambitious and goal-oriented innovator also announced the beginning of the development of neural interfaces and even called about the same deadlines, and Musk. Read More →