The new season offers so much in a variety of shades that every fashionista will find in the actual palette something for themselves. We get acquainted with the most fashionable colors of spring and summer.



In this season of the white colour will not play the role of so many “must have each of the summer”, as an important instrument for the support form. We practically do not see this spring and summer of traditional white slacks and a mini-shorts. The white stuff summer of 2013 – this pencil skirts complex textures, parks and short coats оверсайз, laconic tops made from silk and Jersey without decoration.

True Black


The black colour of the summer it is also worth in the service not of the image, and forms. With the help of black we will allocate sharp corners and a geometrical details of the cut.

Electric Blue


The most simple and laconic forms will look fresh and relevant, if you choose a bright saturated color. If you have decided that in your wardrobe should always be direct slacks, a traditional blouse and simple dresses – choose Electric Blue.

Monaco Blue


Another blue color in the palette of the season. Perfect for everyday and business wardrobe. To wear this color correctly, feel free to combine it with more vivid shades of blue and light-blue. Also, for a combination of a perfect black. And the white is replaced by the more soft creamy shades.

Dusk Blue


Blue this summer became softer and deaf. The best way to wear this color will change to its combination with other relevant shades – of Honey Gold and Lemon Zest, Emerald, Nectarine and Tender Shoots (see below).

In Fire


The red color is unlimited in its figurative content. Just like last winter, boldly use red in a variety of forms and styles.

Poppy Red


Bright coral shade of red – perfect for summer wardrobe. Skirts-Maxi, draped dresses and severe cases will look at this shade is topical and very stylish.

Tangerine Tango


A bright orange stayed in our contemporary wardrobe. As in the last season, we will be wearing tight pants and classic jackets made in this color. Also, do not forget about the most recent forms – jackets оверсайз, dresses and skirts free silhouette.



In many respects, this shade is able to replace a bright orange for those who like a more subdued palette. It is also worth noting that it is soft Nectarine will be appropriate in combination with the traditional colors military style, with bright shades of blue and green. And one more plus – Nectarine looks good in a plain summer images.

Olive Агму


Color is the main thing that we have this summer style from the military. And all the more often it will be used completely different styles. This does not mean that traditional jacket-military and trousers-cargo away from our wardrobe. But these things will be represented in the new colors and with unusual decor. The traditional color of the style of the military this summer, the more frequently you will see in dresses with Drapes and skirts-Maxi in the fold.

Summer Green


Wonderful bright shade! Looks good solo in a variety of styles. Must have this summer – coat, trench or a jacket in the color of Summer Green.



Rich and pure shade natural precious stones. Despite his cold notes, this color looks very soft and feminine. Be sure to try on a dress that tint. And do not forget about accessories – shoes-boats or small handbag color Emerald perfectly match as in the everyday, so and in the dressing room.

Grayed Jade


Grayed Jade – more light variation in shades of Emerald. The possibilities of the tint is simply limitless. It refreshes, gives the ease and creates a special mood. And still Grayed Jade is an integral part of the most actual prints of the season.

Purple Sunset


Bright and deep Purple Sunset perfectly complement the set with the use of pastel purple, blue or khaki colors. In the print looks well to bright contrasts with the white, orange and actual shades of green.



Fuchsia returned to us in his very bright version. We will be wearing фуксию solo and in conjunction with other active bright colors. In print fuchsia occurs less frequently and in a more soft shades.

African Violet


Gentle shade of purple looks well as in the most severe forms, and in the light textures. If you want to use this color solo, then it’s worth the try concise dress or pants, if combined with other colors – it is necessary to reflect on the complex combinations and bright accents.

Pink Pearl


Choosing the most gentle light and gentle version of pink, look at the cold, like a pearl, shades. It is in this color will look perfect concise dress-case for a cocktail.

Tender Shoots


Chartreuse in this season looks more clean and bright. This shade is perfectly combined with the bright colors of the basic and auxiliary palette of the current season.

Honey Gold and Lemon Zest



Both actual shades of yellow in the current season well act as a solo, so and in combinations and prints. And, of course, and accounted for one-look don’t forget to try to build it in yellow, but then you should pay special attention to the retro style and smart casual.



The neutral connotation of the current season deserves more attention, than it can seem at first glance. It is he will be indispensable in the creation of complex images. Feel free to combine different textures of the same colour, if we are talking about the tender shade of Linen.

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The Swedish scientists from the University of Lund shared the results of unusual study involving almost 300 women. They all day drinking coffee, while researchers meticulously recorded the measurements of their Breasts.

The result was discovered regularity: the more coffee drink representatives of the weaker sex, the less is their bust. According to the researchers, first of all, this applies to women who drink three or more cups of coffee a day.

His discovery Swedish experts shared on the pages of the British specialized journal devoted to the problems of cancer.

According to their observations, women who drank more than three cups of coffee per day, on average, lost 17 per cent of the volume of the chest. Moreover, the strongest effect of coffee effect on the size of the member States with a solid bust.

According to scientists, the coffee can have a positive impact on the health, reducing the risk of development of breast cancer. As is known, at women with big and thick chest risk of getting them is especially high.

Besides, produced earlier studies coffee proved that this drink is able to influence the level of male hormones in the female body, which is also associated with increased risk of cancer of the mammary gland.

Photo: stefano valle/PantherMedia/Scanpix

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Classic style and modern graphic prints in the new collection Adidas Originals Blue. The new spring-summer collection Adidas Originals Blue actual graphic patterns in combination with the classic silhouettes became the main themes of the male and female lines. In the collection are presented as t-shirts with prints only on the pockets, and options with a complete picture. Symbolic models of the new line – bright-sided jacket and a backpack, the design of which is inspired by street style of Tokyo. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 New collection is now available in branded stores Adidas Originals.  Read More →

Ученые: от кофе у женщин уменьшается грудь
Excessive consumption of coffee may become the reason of decrease of the size of the breast, believe Swedish researchers from the University of Lund.

The study was voluntary participation of 300 lovers of coffee. The researchers found that women who drank more than three cups of coffee per day, on average, lost 17% of the volume of the chest. The greater risk of being subjected to participants with a respectable size. Experts believe that the reason may be the fact that about half of the women are carriers of the mutated gene, which responds to the excessive consumption of caffeine, which, as a result, reflected in the size of a breast.
In addition, the experts found that caffeine may affect the level of the hormones estrogen and testosterone in a woman’s body.


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Как сэкономить на свадебном бюджете?
I won’t tell you America, saying that what was really pretty, bright, catchy, original wedding is a costly triumph, and the couple for lack of experience is often do not understand the scale of wedding budgets, even modest.
So the total cost of the wedding dreams can at times differ from what you expect to see. First of all, my advice is think of how much real money you with her fiance are willing to spend for the wedding and then, on the basis of the amount organise the wedding. It’s better than the first schedule the Grand celebration, and then, in connection with the lack of budget, cut down on all the most interesting ideas that form the unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday.
And yet I have prepared a list of items, which should be adopted by those who want to cut the budget without loss of quality. The most reasonable way to save is to have the wedding in the not-the wedding day, and that is not a Saturday, Sunday or Friday. When planning your wedding in not traditional for the feast day,you will have more chances to agree on a discount from contractors who all the same is unlikely to be used for some other project.
Be proactive
Decorating you can not only develop together with decorators, but also partly to create it. For example, if you are planning a wedding in a vintage style, then in the course can go household items of which long-dust in the closet of the old house sets, decorative statuettes, even wine bottles in the correct filing can be an excellent candlesticks. The main thing to be able to and not be afraid to dream and find new use of familiar things.
Choose the flowers of the season
Exotic flowers will be more expensive. Also an excellent option for the registration ask guests to bring a flower (the specific type, or one of the flowers), and then presented bouquets can be part of the overall presentation of the festival.
Make Furshet
Wedding is a celebration of love, and not a dinner party to the marriage. Of course, the wedding menu is an important component of the festival, but there is a small trick which will help you to save. The usual Banquet can be replaced by a buffet. This type of restaurant service implies that the food is placed on the buffet tables, the guests can come and themselves take food. Also between the tables are moved waiters. It is important to know that when the Banquet service of the calculation of the food is 1.5 kg per person, when фуршетном is 1 kg.
Calculate the amount of alcohol
Very part in the planning of grandiose events of alcohol buy more than you need because of ignorance or to insure, but if the task is to optimize the budget, then this issue must be approached carefully. Alcoholic drinks, as a rule, are calculated according to the scheme: up to 0.5 litres of strong alcoholic drinks per person and up to 0.7 litres of wine (including a sparkling) per person. Depending on the weather and season from 0,5 up to 1 liter. Water and the same amount of juice per person. This knowledge will help calculate the optimal amount of alcohol required on your holiday.
Optimize the number of guests
Not necessarily making a feast to the whole world, the wedding of a family personal holiday, and the guest list should be formed on the principle of ” whom do you want to see in this day, and do not collect a maximum of familiar people.
Variety of entertainment
I’m sure that some of your guests have talents that can become a highlight of the wedding. For example, if one of your friends professionally singing, dancing, juggles, a magic show, I think that they are happy to show their talents at the wedding, thus, diversification of the program.
Refuse from the services of a wedding motorcade
Is it so fundamentally coming whether you’re in the image of a very expensive car or not? Believe me, no one and did not pay attention on what car you arrived.
But if, even using all of the points listed above, you know, that all the same budget is beyond the scope of, the surest way is to sign and go celebrate together with the beloved one to the exotic Islands or in any other corner of the world. Beautiful you wedding!
Always yours, Sasha Дергоусова

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Add some colors in your image!
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Marine sharing, which is sometimes also called “sea knife” (apparently, it is a loan translation from Spanish navajas) – clam unusual form. As for me, the appearance of the marine sharing reminds not a knife, but something like a cigar – quite thick stick-sink, which is a mollusk. What’s more important for us – with the help of a number of very simple manipulations bundle of marine cuttings turns into a tasty dish, which will be remembered by all. A few of the less good news is that we have to buy these marine slips-knives almost nowhere else to go, except that the suppliers, which are widely employed with seafood. But if you find yourself in Spain or somewhere else on the Mediterranean coast and see in the market these unusual shellfish – not-pass, buy a few sea cuttings for ridiculous money and make myself another unforgettable evening.

Roasted sea sharing

navajas 2 Жареный морской черенок
2 servings
12-18 marine Cherenkov
2 cloves of garlic
a bunch of parsley
juice of 1/2 lemon
olive oil
black pepper

A good heat in a pan a few spoonfuls of olive oil, add the sliced thin ломтками garlic, and after a few seconds after it starts шкворчать – add the marine cuttings in the shells. Fry, stirring, for two-three minutes, depress the pan juice of half a lemon, add the finely chopped parsley and remove the pan from the heat.

navajas 1 Жареный морской черенок

Season with shellfish black pepper and, if desired, chopped spicy jalapeno Chile, and serve, while the slips have cooled. Don’t forget to necessarily accompany this dish white bread, to вымакивать tasty sauce and wine. Of course, also white.


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Модниц будут штрафовать за покупку подделок
Following Italy,in new York are going to adopt a law providing for severe penalties for the sale and purchase of imitations of famous Fashion houses.
Now, in the case of the adoption of the law, women of fashion will be fined in the amount of $ 1000 per counterfeited handbag, or jewelry, or clothing. The Chairman of the new York city Council Margaret Rank thus decided to instill good taste lovers of fakes – it is much better to buy the real thing, than to pay money to the police for a copy of it.
A penalty in each case will be considered separately and especially wholesale buyers could face a prison term. In court must be proved that the offender was informed that, what is fake, first of all based on its quality and price.
The project will be rejected or adopted in a few months, after a series of public hearings.

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R”P»USB R I ‘ РµРЅС Economic РеРЅС‹ поездкРdegrees MESSAGE degrees РєСѓСЂРѕСЂС‚ – СЌС’Рѕ СѓРЅРеРєР Degrees R»СЊРЅР DEGREES PERCENT of РІРѕР·U I ‘ РЅРѕСЃС’INCLUDING РїРѕС Equipment СѓРІСЃС’РІРѕРІР Degrees C INCLUDING себPERCENT of сексуРDegrees R»СЊРЅРѕР No, РїСЂРевлекРDegrees C ельноРNo., P I ‘ елP Degrees РЅРЅРѕР no. All РґР»USB РјСѓР Interrupt With other РеРЅС‹… Read More →

In the season of spring-summer 2013 men’s collections open for modnikov rich chocolate color Read More →