On Friday, March 29, at 19:30, in the Moscow club ХLIБ (str. Frunze, 12) hip-hop team Without Кордонів presented video for the song Падає star of his new album FM.

This is already the second in a row music video of the group, taken in cooperation with the atmospheric production AVI Brothers.
Support of friends in the evening Bagati Boys, Blaxta and XLDELUXE, DJs Mack and SERJUNGLE, a leading MC Grant.

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With the advent of digital technology, at weddings began to make photos of all who are not lazy. Good-bye, academic style, set the focus, properly selected angle and the other wisdom. Watch and make conclusions: no photo is better not to do.

Forget about Photoshopе, watch out for those who is in the frame, do not take photos of drunk people, avoid obscene scenes and the right to choose the subjects for the pictures. In General it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, to the other couple did not have to learn on your own.
Although…, on the other hand, but there is something to remember and something to laugh at.
Source: WANT to

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The famous Russian actor Alexander Домогарова, apparently, the strong effect came spring, let and only astronomical. The other day he wrote in his microblog, that is looking for a bride. And added to the recording of the strange photo Nude girl with long blonde hair.

“Again boring Tweeter …may look for a bride?!))))))) And where to find it.,$(((???! The whole WORLD WOULD PUT ON his KNEES……!!!!!!! (here and below the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — MixNews.lv)”, – has signed a picture Domogarov.

Of course, the readers of the microblog immediately responded to the call of the actor. And asked what girls like artist is beautiful or smart?

“I would like to combine these qualities, but if not – then choose beautiful, and then teach you everything that you need))))))) Talk to me I can and at work, and at night, I do not think that you are doing the interview…..)))))) In the beautiful dolls, too, there is a CHARM!!) In my situation it is ONLY a BEAUTIFUL AND YOUNG!!!))))”, – said the actor.


When in the “Twitter” a few pictures of potential applicants, the actor replied: “Not my type”. And put this picture of his “image”.

Domogarov also shared his thoughts about what he, probably, it is necessary to dial the actor’s course with an attractive female students. When подписчицы actor decided that he simply has the aggravation of the spring, the artist said that time of the year here at anything, and is he resolutely: “Not in the SPRING of the case., just search for and FIND….)))”.

Let’s remind, that officially Alexander Domogarov been married three times. The first wife of the actor became Natalia Сагоян, with whom he met while still in their Teens in the country. They had a son Dmitry, who died at the age of 22 in the accident.

The second time Domogarov married костюмерше Moscow Theatre of the Soviet army Irina Гуненковой. The couple has a son, actor Alexander Domogarov, Jr.

The third wife of the artist was actress Natalia Громушкина, after her divorce from which Domogarov lived in a civil marriage with another actress — Marina Alexandrova.

Source: woman.ru

Photo: MixNews.lv, ITAR-TASS/Scanpix, Twitter

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Лучшие смс-розыгрыши с 1 апреля 2013
As practice shows, in any other day it is possible to play a greater number of people than the 1st of April. However, try all the same it is worth. We are preparing to send SMS for tomorrow’s celebration:
The remainder of your funds transferred to the account of the organization al-Qaeda. Thank you for the contribution to the development of world terrorism!
Your account for a call to the service of Sex on the phone was $26.
1-I SMS: I love you! 2-I SMS: I’m Sorry, wrong number!
Nothing press! Your unit attacked the virus! The phone is locked. Please check with your operator.
Dear subscriber, Your account charged 10 UAH for charging your phone at night.
Thank you for your order. Vibrator will be delivered to you tomorrow at 15.00. Ero-service.
Expensive, time goes on, and the girl waiting. If you’re not to call me after 10 minutes, the father of my child can become someone else!
From me to you one very important thing. I am very worried and don’t know where to start! Only you do not worry, sit down! It will be better, if you shall know that from me! The fact is, that Santa Claus does not exist!
Wipe, please, the screen of a mobile phone you can see bad! The service of observation.

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A resident of the TV show Comedy club Alexander Revva March 26, again became a father.

Spouse star Angelica gave him a girl in weight 3.3 kg and increase to 50 cm. The baby was born in one of the Moscow clinics. Now the mother and her daughter feel well. In the nearest time they were discharged from the hospital, informs “ЕвроСМИ”.

“We are exceptionally not advertise. I am a happy father, that’s what I can say”, – quotes the artist Heat.ru.

Alexander and Angelica have already brought up in the family of a daughter named Alice. In September she will be 6 years. Revva admitted that the girl was a long-awaited child in the family and the desire of her appearance they even proposed with his wife in the New year.

The pair met in Sochi. There is a future spouse of a resident of Comedy Club came to rest from abroad relax. Lovers were married in April 2007, and already on September 25 they have been born Alice.

photo Mix Media Group

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Is it worth to torture himself g-strings, risking earn vaginal infection, or it is better to choose is no less beautiful lace underwear? I WANT proposes to examine the most harmful to the health of fashion inventions and decide for themselves, how to reduce the damage to a minimum.


Thong. A thin strip of tissue that hides between the buttocks, makes Thong not only sexy, but also extremely dangerous for the health. Bacteria from the rectum to enter freely at the sexual organs, causing vaginal infection and inflammation of the small pelvis, that, in the end, can even lead to infertility. Thong recommended to wear no more than 2-3 hours a week (when without it can not do), choosing a model of natural materials.
Jeans-skinny. The constant pressure, which have реродуктивные bodies, encased in tight pants, can also lead to infertility. In addition fans jeans skinny risk earn stomach ulcers, heartburn and other digestive disorders, associated with the constant squeezing of the stomach. Damage is increased if the wear skinny at the same time with the shoes on the heels of the change in the tilt of the pelvis pressure on the nerve endings become stronger. Instead of a skinny is better to wear out джеггинсы, not to mention the fact that the best option is safe spacious pants.
Stud. The Italian designer Salvatore Феррагамо himself on the heels walk is not going to. Creating a high heel, he thought, rather, about the beauty, than about the practicality of his invention. The victims of his imagination began to millions of women, отваживающихся wear high-heeled shoes. These shoes leads to deformation of the foot, the emergence of calluses and corns, varicose veins and arthritis. So don’t wear studs each day, try to reduce the height of the heel to a minimum (optimally 5 centimeters), choose the shoes with strong супинатором and soft insoles, and if possible let’s feet rest.
Antiperspirant struggling with sweating with the help of active chemicals хлоргидрата aluminium and парабензоатов. They clog the sweat glands, which can lead to disruption of the kidneys and even to the development of cancer (the latter is, however, not officially confirmed). It is not recommended to use deodorants more than once a day. While at home, усмиряйте sweat with aromatic oils. As a long-term option struggle with sweating, you can use Botox injections, blocking the activity of sweat glands in the local areas.
Earrings and clip-on earrings. Clips squeeze the lobes of their ears, breaking the circulation of the blood; earrings, pulling the earlobe down, cause swelling and irritation of the tissues. Clumsily made pierced for earrings, повредивший active point, can lead to serious health problems such as the long-lasting decrease of view. But professionally and punched holes threaten dermatitis and нагноениями. Especially, if worn massive decorations with close clasps. If you have decided to pierce ears, entrust this task to a professional. Wear earrings in silver or gold. Clips wear for no longer than a few hours, and removing them, well massage your lobes, to restore blood circulation.
Author: Maria Lukina
Photo: privilegiul.info, fotki.yandex.ru, liveinternet.ru, polskieradio.pl, diva.by

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We have prepared 5 miraculous recipes for hair!
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Рейтинг самых популярных пластических операций
Every year plastic surgery becomes more accessible, and more and more women are brave enough to go under the knife of the surgeon. The American society of aesthetic plastic surgery collects statistics and periodically publish the ratings of the most popular operations.
In the first place breast enlargement, on the second liposuction (liposuction). The third place was abdominoplasty (excision of the excess skin and fat, with a view to restore the aesthetic proportions of the stomach). Blepharoplasty (correction eye shape) occupies the fourth place, and in the fifth place, the operation to tightening of the chest.
In age from 19 to 34 years of age, women are most often treated by surgeons with a request to increase the chest. The 35-50 years of the most popular liposuction, from 51 to 64 blepharoplasty. After 65 years of age is an actual face-lift.
Author: Maria Lukina
Photo: grandwallpapers.net

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Как научить кожу обходиться без косметики?
If you constantly use cosmetics with ready bioactive additives, the skin loses its ability to produce the required substances. To do this, have to arm a couple of large bowls, plush towels, лоточками for the preparation of the ice and start a religious rite. We will teach the skin, always be in a good shape.
Will also need a t-shirt with a big aperture, which at the end of the course is to be discarded, ланолиновый cream, a bottle of olive oil, oatmeal and ready broth of a succession of or chamomile (from calculation tablespoon of dry grass in a glass of boiling water). Herbal decoction frozen cubes, a glass of olive oil boil in water bath, and oat flakes grind in a coffee grinder (instead of them you can use the bran).
The morning starts with a clean face a piece of orange (if not allergic to citrus), kiwi or applied on the face a little Apple puree. After the juice gets dry, the skin is rubbed with ice cube and 15-20 minutes to cause ланолиновый cream. Then the excess cream removed the cloth. After such a procedure (mandatory for every morning) a person is ready to any make-up.
In the evening prepare two bowls of hot and cold water, in which soaked Terry napkins. Make-up are removed olive oil. After that good clear skin scrub with ground oatmeal with olive oil (for best effect, you can add a few drops of lemon juice, a little bit of honey, cream, fat cottage cheese, and avocado or banana). Clean skin rinsed with warm water and begin to alternately impose Terry napkins: the hot, then cold. After three-four time, apply to the party balances scrub as a mask. After 15 minutes, wash off excess herb decoction and finish the evening the procedure of applying ланолинового cream.
Author: Maria Lukina
Photo: nevsepic.com.ua

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