клубничный десертStrawberry in chocolate “it’s very simple and elegant. With a minimum of effort obtained is excellent dessert. Strawberry in chocolate – it is a perfect dish for a romantic dinner.

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This is the first in a series of periodic posts where someone tells the story of one of their relationships in exactly 100 words. I’ll start.


“Hi, do you have Wi-Fi in here?”
She said nothing and pointed to the sign.

“I normally don’t date younger guys.”
I said nothing and ordered an appetizer.

“That was amazing, I think I love you.”
I said nothing and kissed her.

“hey u still wanna hang this weekend?”
She said nothing kept drinking, probably.

“I thought you’d like to know I’m moving.”
She said nothing and cried.

“I miss you, call you soon.”
I said nothing and laughed.

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”
I said nothing.

Thoughts? Reactions? Does this resemble any of your relationships?

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The legendary Chanel handbags, blonde and horses
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Man with a sense of humor can safely give odds of dozens of bores. To such conclusion scientists Read More →

Yes, friends, I have the names of the products (via tweet) makeup artist Melanie Inglessis used to create this smoky eye on Olivia Wilde at the The Incredible Burt Wonderstone premiere. Rejoice!



The three key products she narrowed it down to: Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black, Photoready 3D Volume Mascara, and the ColorStay Palette #501.

Looks like she used the eyeliner all the way around her eyes before piling on the purplish-red eyeshadow shade in the palette, then went back in with a shimmery copper shadow to add a little depth. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

Photos: Getty Images

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Women have periods of life in which they can gain extra weight, so you need to be very careful and monitor their appearance. And so, let’s consider some periods of the fullness of: – the Period of adolescent maturation. In this moment there is a puberty – … Read More →

Irresistible appearance has always been the reason for the special trepidation on the part of women, the more brides. Ladies with great pleasure перелистывают piles of wedding magazines in search of the perfect dresses, inspired by the abundance of the fashion trends of the season. This year the designers focus on the simplicity of … Read More →

Last week, while I was getting a gel manicure (I’m rocking—and loving—Miami Beet by OPI at the moment) on my lunch break, I overheard two girls around my age (25-27 range) talking about how their dads still pay for their apartments because they don’t make enough money at work yet. And it made me wonder: Do your parents still help you financially?


Glamour’s recent salary survey found that most women are shy when it comes to talking money: only 43% have talked to a best friend about what they make at work. Odds are, that number’s about the same when it comes to what you are or aren’t paying at home. I don’t talk to anyone but J, my parents and my sister about money. It just doesn’t feel right to me. But you know what? I’m going to lay it all on the table for you guys.

I know a lot of twenty-somethings who are still relying on their parents for help with rent, groceries, or spending money here and there. I also know a lot of 25 and 26-year-olds that are still living with their parents since graduation and saving money until they feel stable enough to afford a place of their own. That… or until they meet a boyfriend or girlfriend to split rent with. Heck, my parents were still helping me when I was at NYU and living in New York City. They even helped pay for part of my rent when I first moved to Hoboken while I was figuring out my whole job situation after graduating and getting my feet on the ground. I felt lucky but still sort of ashamed. I didn’t want anyone to know that I wasn’t doing it by myself. Money is a weird enough topic on its own, let alone adding in the sensitivity of who pays for what in your life. I just didn’t want to go there.

By the time I met J, I was finally independent from my parents money-wise. Honestly, that’s when I really felt like a “grown up” and ready to take any serious steps with a guy. But I also felt like I had my job situation pretty much figured out so my life felt steady. I feel like having that contentment with my social life and work life and feeling comfortable with money was when I could finally really open the door to my romantic life. But that’s just me.

How many of you still rely on your parents for help money-wise? Do you think there’s a certain age or time when you should stop? Is it OK if they help with rent but not for shopping… or does it not matter? And, if you do receive help from your family, do you feel comfortable discussing it with your friends? Even now that J and I are together, both of our parents would help us if we ever needed it… but I doubt either one of us would really talk about it with our friends.

Photo: Thinkstock

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Learn how to create make-up and hair models
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Proceeding from experience, we can define that during the winter season of our body accumulates excess fat and a couple-three kg Read More →